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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10- Resurrection is Real

     As you have seen in previous posts starting from month May I was chosen by God to describe for you the nature of the Day of Resurrection. Most people, specially the faithful, believe that they will stand before God to judge them. That is correct. But the method is not clear in minds. Some think that they will stand before the throne of God who will be sitting on his chair and orders his angels to take some to hell and some to paradise.Some think there will be questioning in the trial and that needs to be seen and judged one by one. Some think that God will destroy the whole material world and make all die including the angel of death. All these ideas have their origin in some holy books. The fact is that God hid the secret of that subject. That's why Jesus Christ said,"I am the resurrection" He meant by it that no one will no the truth of the resurrection except when he returns back. He spoke about one type of resurrection in replying to the Pharisees when they asked him about the seven husbands. He said to them, in resurrection they become like angels and angels don't marry. Yes this is the first type of resurrection as all the souls of the dead go behind the veil and stay there as angels waiting for their time to return to live in flesh again on earth.
     So when they reincarnate again they start a new life. This is the second type of resurrection which God planned to explain it with the return of Christ. So where are the fancies of people about the judgement of God in the End Day? Really God is every where and we come and go by His permission. For judgement He created a tool in every man to judge his self by his self. This tool is told in the Quran as, Every man is tied in his neck by a bird, and in the day of resurrection he will find his book published openly and We will say to him read your book, it is enough that you are a witness on your self by your self. This verse declares the truth but in a secret way. It means that every man has a spiritual tool inside his soul to judge his works. Jesus Christ returned to explain that fact by showing it by his own experience. This is his main mission in this world. You are born forgetting that you had lived before and you think that it is the first time you come to live among people. The truth is that you have a soul that reincarnates many time. Every time you come you live according to the reactions of the actions of past live. Let me show you an example of this from my own life:
     You know that Jesus Christ cursed a Fig Tree when he didn't find fruits in it to eat, and it dried at once. Many criticized this act from Jesus. But he made it on purpose knowing that the strong actions appears clearly in the reactions next life. Now see the reaction of that action. I wrote it before and now I tell you a brief. The dentist took off my wisdom tooth. After days my right jaw became rigid and inelastic. It was difficult to eat without pain. I returned to my doctor and he dug in the gum with painful tools then he prescribe antibiotic. After the finish of the antibiotic the same pain returned. I had to return to him and he again dug the gum. This procedure repeated many times along about three months until another doctor gave the correct advice. This is the idea of the way of judgement. Every action has a reaction even the word we speak.God sent me to explain this subject to you. Believe me to come to the next holy level.