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Friday, April 25, 2014

52-General of Security

After I was prevented from attending the days of duty I kept waiting for the orders of moving to another unit. One day the chief of security of the Navy summoned me to his office in the base. Before going out of my home I took a book with me. Later I discovered that the book was necessary to pass the time of waiting outside the office of the chief. I spent two or more hours sitting outside his office waiting for him to call for me. So when I entered his office I was calm and fresh. I entered the office uttering the word of Peace but he didn't reply.  There I saw another one in civil uniform. I stood before his desk and saluted him. He ordered me to sit down.
     "Didn't you sign a paper here last year," he asked, " and you promised not to speak against religions in the college?"
      "I kept my promise sir" I replied. "But the matter now is different."
      "What do you mean by different?"
      "I am not speaking against religions," I said. "I confirm the religions. I am the Messiah."
      "Do you say you are the False Messiah?" he asked.
      "No, I am not the False Messiah." I replied. "The False Messiah according to the Big Signs of the End as told by Mohammed has come already and did his part but no one discovered him except me."
      "Who is False Messiah?" he asked.
     "The False Messiah whom the prophet spoke of was Sarter." I replied. "The prophet described him as one-eyed man and Sartre in his book the Words explained it."
The civil man interfered and asked,
"Do you read?"
The chief of security looked at the man and replied, "He reads more than enough." Then the chief looked at me,
      "What are you going to do?"
      "I am going to unite all religions," I said. "I will defend the faithful people and confirm that God exists."
      "Okay." he said and stood up stretching his hand to shake hand with peace. 
I understood that the interview finished and I stood up and shook his hand.
      "May God make you lucky!" the chief said. "You can go."
      "Thank you sir!" I said and saluted him and went out.