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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

107- Quran Tells Future

"Sir, you said before that angel Gabriel was Jesus in the time of Mohammed (PBUH) and he was his heavenly master. Did Gabriel lied to Mohammed about Jesus? The matter is very dangerous.  I don't believe that you wanted to say that Islam was false religion," he asked.
In the beginning of my experience I thought wrongly that the Quran was authorized by a man that built it on rumors and self thinking. It made me concentrate on studying the Bible as the book of facts. But later I was led to get a book full of Talks of Mohammed. When I read it I wondered greatly that many prophecies told by Mohammed came true in me and in the world. However I was in great bewilderment that the prophecies spoke of a false Christ that must come before the coming of Jesus. When I read about the description of the false Christ in the Talks (Hadiths) that he would be one eyed I felt pleased that it wasn't applied to me.  But the problem of the coming of false Christ before the coming of Jesus kept as a problem for me for a while.
In the gospels there is warning of the anti Christ or false prophets. But there are no signs in their bodies or shapes. That seemed as advantage for those who wanted to claim to be Christ. But Islam gives detailed description of the false Christ.  Mohammed spoke of thirty false Christs the last one is the one eyed.  However I didn't like to seem to people as the false Christ.
I kept for months thinking of that problem. For my astonishment the chances made me unusually see many one eyed people on the roads and public means of transportations. That bewilderment finished after getting a book titled by The Words, for the famous philosopher Jan Paul Sartre.  It was like an autobiography translated to Arabic from French. In his book he explained how he became one-eyed and how the existentialism became the task of his life. He even spoke of himself as a liar. He was an international famous philosopher that affected the culture of the people of the world in every country and his effects remained even after his death. The World' Wars pushed many to follow him.
According to Islam the chief false Christ is one eyed and works against God. He has no children and belongs to the Jews. He uses magic to perform miracles. Sartre said, "I worshipped the magic in Cinema."  
It meant to me that the false Christ came true according to a prophecy in Islam and Islam is a true religion. Jesus said, Elijah already came but you didn't know. The same is applied to the False Christ Sartre.
        I was to research why the Quran tells about Jesus, "They didn't crucify him and they didn't kill him, but he was made seem so."  The first idea that occurred to me was that God had known that Jesus would get his birth in Islam and saw that it would be better for Jesus to discover the truth unaffected by the known knowledge. So I don't tell that Jesus was crucified from the known knowledge but from analyzing the actions in my present life as shown before.
It seemed to me that it was impossible for a man born in Christianity to speak about the actions like I did without being accused that it came from his sub consciousness as grown up in Christianity.  So it was necessary for me to be born in any religion rather than Christianity. It was like testing a pupil by showing him the wrong and right to choose the correct only.
The second idea was that the verse about Jesus was not given to tell the past but it was given to shape the future in the return of Jesus. So it means that when Jesus returns people won't crucify or kill him, but others will be killed instead of him if he deserves to be killed or crucified. That is going according to the heavenly Justice.  The Quran in many stories about the past holy history added some different knowledge about the future.

You will see in my manuscript how a prophecy told by an ancient Chinese master called Schwangtsi came true in me. He dreamt he was a butterfly and prophesied that a master would come after many generations and interprets its meaning. It came true in me.  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

106 - The Memory of Lashing

During the period of having sensitivity I suffered the stings in my body accompanied with red spots and human faces. I wondered that the stings were severe in the middle of my two hands. It meant to me that Jesus was crucified. I wanted to understand the meaning of the stings all over my body but I couldn't. Later after months and after gaining the Kundalini I realized that these stings brought to me the memory of being lashed by the soldiers.
"What's the Kundalini Sir?" he asked.
"The books of Yoga mentions a branch of Yoga called the Kundalini Yoga.  It tells that the body contains seven centers connected with the backbone. There is stored power in the bottom of the backbone. When this power of Kundalini awakes it passes in the backbone and hits a center after another until it reaches the crown center at the top of the head and makes man connect with Universal Spirit and get visions. Someone said, "The Kundalini Rise for once might help man to discover something great and makes him a great scientist."
I realized later that this saying is true. I got the rise of Kundalini countless times and I discovered things that no man knew.  It deserves to mention that in a period later I was busy to research the famous names in the world that are connected with my present story and I found out that the Kundalini rise was among the famous names. Such knowledge like many others always came to me in the due time to be sure of my identity.
"Did this Kundalini give you the same power of Jesus?" he asked.
"In the beginning of my experience I was longing for acquiring the same powers of Jesus to prove my task. But when I understood that the nature of the task of Jesus led to the nature of my task in accordance with heavenly Justice my bewilderment finished. Jesus served people and saved them by sacrificing his life for them; now according to Justice the reverse should be. They should return the service to him in me as his reincarnation, because man is an eternal spirit in temporary bodies.   
The searching for the relation between my past and present actions was one aspect in the process of proving my identity as reincarnated Jesus. Show me any action of Jesus in the gospel and I show you its reaction in the present.  The next aspect in the proof which I found out was the fulfillment of the holy prophecies in my present life. Some prophecies which came true in the time of Jesus came true again in me by another way.  
In the gospel of Mathew you can read how Jesus was born and lived according to previous prophecies in the Old Testament. This idea is not stressed in Islam. So when I read it for the first time I wondered. The matter seemed to me as if Jesus' life went on according to a pre destined program made of prophecies.  Jesus was born from a virgin because a prophecy in Isaiah said so and he came to live in Nasserite according to a prophecy too. And he was to escape to Egypt because the prophecy said, From Egypt I called my Son.
I wondered that the same prophecies are applied to me this age in another way.  I was born in Egypt; when the Nasserine Revolution rose all Egyptians were called Nasserians.  More over when I joined the high school its name was changed to be Nasserine School. These things made my understanding for the fulfillment of prophecies elastic. When you read the prophecy of the birth from a virgin you find out that it tells that they would name her son by Emanuel. In reality they didn't name him Emanuel but they named him Yasua (Jesus).  The meaning of the name Emanuel is God is with us; this meaning appeared later when Jesus showed the authority of God in his deeds and words.
These remarks were very important to me because I had to gather all the prophecies applied to me this age and study them. I wrote a chapter on the characteristics of the prophecies in coming true. The problem of the people of this world is that they keep by heart one explanation for the prophecies disregarding the idea that any prophecy can come true by different ways.
Let me show you how I got my present name from the word of God in the gospel. Let's get the Bible, here it is. In the Letter to Hebrew chapter 7:1 you read, "This Melchi Sadek was King of Salem and a priest of the Most High God."  Here you notice that my name as Abdo Sadek Salem seems in mysterious relation with that holy statement. However in English they translated the name as Melchizedek joining the surname Melchi to Sadek and put letter z instead of S. However the Arabic Bible translates it correctly.
Now let's read the lines before that statement to see clearly its meaning. In Chapter 6:20 you read, "On our behalf Jesus has gone in there before us and has become a high priest for ever in the line of succession to Melchi Sadek."
Sure you notice that my name as Abdo is in the line of succession to Sadek. The whole saying is about Jesus who went to heaven and became in there like Melchi Sadek who had met Abraham. No more explanation to this point so that it bewildered many scholars. However it shows that the verse behaved as a prophecy and it came true in me. You might say it is a coincidence. But there are two other points related to it applied to me too.
In chapter 7:3 you read, "There is no record of Melchi Sadek's father or mother or of any of his ancestors."  This statement behaved as a prophecy and came true in me. I was given a name of father different than the written name of my father. So when you search for my father's name as Sadek in the records you don't find it. The same is applied to my mother. There is no record for both of them to get the ancestors.
In chapter 7:3 you read, "He is like the Son of God; he remains a priest for ever." Notice that the verb remains is in the present. You might wonder as a Muslim that there are strange titles like Son of God or Priest of the Most High God as we don't use them in Islam. For me I didn't stop at the titles because I believed in the evolution of religions and its expressions.  However you can't think of the coincidence after all that.