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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

95- The Return of Muhammad

I will show now the return of the prophet Muhammad.  For our luck the autobiography of Muhammad is known in detail. This is not available for other prophets. So we can compare, in detail, his past life with his present life which is also known in detail. That will enrich the subject of reincarnation for sure. The life of Muhammad since his birth was written honestly and the same is applied for his new life in this age.
Before my transformation the spirit brought to me events about Muhammad such as this: My father was called by the name Sadek which means true which represent the famous quality of Muhammad so that they called him by Sadek.  My father was illiterate like Muhammad; and he was brought up as orphanage like Muhammad. He many times narrated to me how his father died when he was a boy of ten years and how his mother refused to marry after his father death to rear her children. On the death bed his father asked his brother (Sadek'Uncle) to take care of him, although there were others as brothers and sisters for Sadek.
The most striking memory was this: when my father was in the police they asked him to learn how to read and write. And they threatened him if he didn't learn they would fire him. As he believed he was unable to learn because he exceeded the age of learning he started to be depressed and said, "How I can return to be a farmer in my village. My land became in the hand of the renters and I used to live in the city."
In those days I was in the preparatory school. I said, "Learning is easy and I will help you to learn." He said, "I don't accept to waste your time with me; your success is better than mine." I said, "An hour for you every day will not waste my time." So he joined the class of learning in the police Department and I started to revise the lessons with him at home. One day he didn't return home and we were worried. Next day we knew that he was kept in the Gail of the police department with a friend called Jesus (Esa) because they attended the class very late.
After my father attended the exams he came and spoke of the difficulties he met and we asked God for him to make him succeed. One day he returned home very happy and said, "I succeeded. My name was the first in my police station." We congratulated him and a big agony passed. However I think that the spirit gave it to me to show me the nature of the illiterate clearly. Later I understood that my father was not the reincarnation of Muhammad but he acted some of his life to make me approach the memory which I had descried in previous chapter, that Jesus, while living in heaven, was the master of Muhammad.  
In previous chapters I showed you how the president Sadat played the role of Mahdi awaited in Islam. Now I show you how Sadat represents the reincarnation of Muhammad. Notice that Muslims pray for God to give Muhammad the highest degree in Heaven and to make him resurrect in the great position He had promised him. In the event of Alasra and Almearag we see that Muhammad was made to fly on a flying creature called Alborak to Jerusalem. And there he prayed with all the prophets as a leader of the prayers. This came true when Sadat flied to Israel by the airplane to start the steps of peace after war. Here the imaginary creature Alborak embodied in the airplane. It deserves to mention that any event in the holy subject changes to be a revelation and prophecy. The flying of Sadat to Israel was a big incident like the incident of Isra and Mearag. In the past many people left Islam after listening to Muhammad about his flying to Jerusalem. And in this age many Arabic countries cut their relation with Egypt after Sadat had flied to Jerusalem for peace.

In Almearag when Muhammad became in the presence of God he uttered the word of peace and he heard the reply of peace. Muhammad wondered because he heard a voice like the voice of his firm friend Abu Bakr and asked God, "Is Abu Bakr with us?" God replied, "You are in a very far place no one has ever reached." This incident came true as follows. Sadat spoke in the TV before the Parliament and directed his call of peace to Israel. Soon Begin the Prime Minister of Israel replied with acceptance. And both had to go to the president of US Carter who worked as a great agent of peace. We notice that US lies in a far place no one reached in the time of Muhammad. However you can find more points relating Muhammad with his reincarnation Sadat when you search their autobiography.