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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

108- Throne of God

"Sir, can you explain to me," he said, "the meaning of the word Theology which I had heard of from Christians?"
Theology is the Christian' Studies about God. It contains theories about his nature and the nature of his Son and the Holy Spirit. It contains also studies of the prophecies and how they will come true.
"Of course you know that they call Jesus by God," he said. "Are you going to tell me or them that you are God?"
Remember that I was born in Islam which taught us that God couldn't be a human being and he had no sons. Remember also that no invisible authority dictated to me what I should say and all I have is inspiration and silent guidance from the Spirit.
 I faced this question in the beginning of my experience and I went through some ideas until I reached the correct answer. One day I was in the tram and looked through the window. I saw a tag written in Arabic on a shop of Fish as "Asmak Rb". You know that the word Asmak can be taken as named you and Rb means Lord.  It meant for me that I had taken the name Lord as a mere name or title. Later I went to that shop to see more about it. I noticed in another part of the shop the full tag. It was Askmak Rbah.  Rbah as you know is a name for a human. But when the two letters (ah) were taken the meaning seemed as Lord.   
I understood that the Holy Spirit made it to make me be satisfied by the tag he showed me. However, I couldn't accept to call myself by God or Lord at least because I didn't have authority on any thing. I thought, "Maybe this is something to remind me with the incident with Peter when he was on the boat for fishing. Jesus gave him the word and he got lots of fish; so he called Jesus by Lord.
I kept these ideas in mind and continued searching in other points. After months while I was in the Hospital the question appeared again to busy my mind. A weird psychologically patient approached me and insisted that I was God. I wondered of that surprise because he made like the mad man who called Jesus by the Son of God. Jesus ordered him to shut up. However I didn't take his claim seriously. I went on searching other points.
  I noticed that my autobiography brought to me some ancient holy stories of the Bible in a simple way. The matter seemed as if an invisible producer and director managed to make my life imitate many holy stories as happened in the past history. For example: When I was a boy of eleven years old I quarreled with another and throw him in a little canal near us. This incident was to bring to me the memory of the events of Moses with the Pharaoh who sank in the water of the red sea.  In that story my role was mysterious to me until I noticed another event from the same period.
In the primary school the teacher of Drawing asked the students: "Who has the hobby of drawing?" And I raised my finger to reply, (I am). You know that the verb of hobby in Arabic is the same word Yahweh.   But in the bible Yahweh is the name of God as told to Moses when he asked. Islam doesn't have this knowledge. I didn't even know the name of the Lord of Jews Yahweh before reading the Bible.  The story or say the reactions point to that I had played the role of Yahweh from behind the veil to the humans.  Of course this was weird knowledge to me. But by contemplating in different stories I found out that most of them put me in the position of God in the ancient world.  The ascension of Jesus alive to heaven and his disappearance made the picture clearer. It meant to me that the world has a human being that can live invisible and gets his human birth from time to another.  
It became clear that the invisible Yahweh incarnated as Jesus and the invisible Jesus incarnated this age as me Abdo. When we contemplate in the manners of Yahweh and Jesus we see great difference between both of them and we should ask why? The authority is different and the task is different. So those who stuck to the authority of Yahweh who worked for the Jews only refused Jesus who had different authority and worked for all humankind. The same idea is applied to the difference between the authority of Jesus and Abdo this age. Abdo is not like Yahweh or Jesus in the authority and this is a mystery I was to solve.
When you inspect the books of the bible searching for the prophecies which came true in Jesus you can find the source of every thing about Jesus. You can find how the holy words tell about the descending of God to live with people and save them. However you can see that many prophecies didn't come true in the time of Jesus as a process of selection. Some prophecies came true and others were postponed to the second coming of Jesus. 
After knowing the prophecies given in the Quran I knew the form which the Spirit chose to me. Jesus in the Quran is the Slave of God. That's why my birth name this age contains two parts Abd and Alwahab; it means slave of God whose name is Alwahab. So instead of the previous name which means God is our salvation or instead of Emanuel which means God is with us I was given the name Slave or Servant of God. That change is very important in doing my holy task. There is separation between me and the authority of God who is interested in repaying. However the sum total of my free word and the authority of God is more powerful than any power in the world
"Do you say you are stronger than America?" he asked. "If so why don't you ask God to destroy Israel?"
"You don't understand the deep point in the matter," I said. "Israel was born again as a sign for the return of Jesus in accordance with the holy promises given in the Gospels. Believing in another interpretation is the reason of the curse. However if my nation believed me and stood beside my task I would be of great help in making the ever peace. Well let's return to the main point."
There is a verse in Quran tells, "There will be 8 that carry the throne of God in the day of Resurrection." We as Muslims understand that those 8 are angels. However many tried to contemplate in the meaning of that verse and wondered that God who can't be imagined as a being in need of sitting on a throne will be carried by whatever.  Most of them left that verse unable to interpret. But the solution came as follows. The verse is a prophecy that came true around me in the following way.
After I finished the high school I joined the Military Technical College, Push number 8 and I graduated belonging to it as a first Lieutenant. By this I started to earn my life by working in the Naval Forces. After finding a bride the problem of getting a flat faced us because it was difficult. One day my father found out a suitable flat for me and we rented it. The surprise is that it is with number 8 in Janaklis which can be taken as (Came like a thief). This expression is familiar in the Gospels. So the throne appeared to be the two most important aspects in the life of man, the work and the place of living.
John in his Revelation saw God on his throne and saw Jesus with him. This idea behaved as a prophecy; it came true when John reincarnated as President Mubarak and sat on the throne of Egypt 1982. He lived in great palace and I came to live in his country in a flat facing a palace from the front and the back. So you see how the holy words do destines. The wonder is that I lived in a house owned by a man called Abu Alaa which is the same name of President Mubarak.