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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


In this article I am going to lead you to catch the general idea of the whole work. The previous 36 articles contained a real story of a man that his mind told him he is the Messiah. It appeared to him as incredible. And he started to search for the reason why his mind got that notion. Revising his past knowledge he didn't find any interpretation, that he was brought up as a Muslim knowing little about the Messiah; he had never read the bible; then he became free from religions believing they were man made. He was a scientific man believing in material facts. 
     He followed the thread of being Christ and started to search about Christ in the bible. He wondered to find details not known in Islam. And he wondered  to notice in his events something in relation with the events of Christ such as the stab, the name rising, the twelfth, and the Jonah. He thought of it as resonance with the spirit of Christ. But the events continued to tell more in the events of hitting the soldier and the pain of the jaw due to being in the Fig-Tree Hospital. The matter appeared as if there were restoring of the events of Christ in twisted way or certain unknown code. By meditating in more events the mind reached the principle of Reincarnation. Every action has a reaction. The soldier hit him in the past so in the return he hit the soldier. And Christ hit the fig tree in the past so in the return he was to suffer for it.
     It was clear that there was an idea for the prophecies in the religions. They were made to come true in great events. So we discovered that the airplane, TV, and Satellite were made to make the prophecy of the coming of Christ on clouds and being seen by all eyes come true. He saw that this is a great victory for god and Christ and the religion. He as an engineer appreciated highly that discovery and came to the conclusion that the human beings can do impossible things by following the same way. He in spirit can prophesize by words from God and by waiting the prophecies can come true. We can invade the whole space and we can know more and more. The recent civilization is debited to the prophecies from God by Christ. 
     He continued searching and by reading the Old Testament he found reactions to its events in his own life. So he deduced that he had lived all the past ages even before being Jesus. He thought that God gave him these events of the past in the way of acting in compromise with the bright activities of the present age. Then Later he came to the conclusion that he had a life in heaven after rising and the rising in the time of Jesus was not the only one. If we considered God is like the sea we would wonder how He recognized the reincarnation of Jesus from his birth from among the billions in the globe
     Then he came to study the Quran and the Talks of Mohamed and he found out that he while being in heaven was the master of Mohamed as all the apostles. And many prophecies from Islam came true like that of the Space Ships and the Computer and the Bombs. It means that Islam is an official religion and it came from the same God of the Bible. This rediscovering of the past religions is very interesting. The Quran was given as a Revelation of what will happen even by using the past verb. When you read in the Quran," We decorated the lower sky by lamps" you wonder. But by it we understand that He wanted us to discover how the prophecy of the gospel of the fall of stars will come true. The lamps which fill the cities at night make it like stars in the sky. 
     What is the mission of the Christ'Return? It is to make the Kingdom of Heaven come true. The UN was prepared to be the center of the super high government. By unifying all nations the ever peace can be attained. Nothing in that idea came out of the bible. However the second role of Christ is not the same like the previous. The Reincarnation according to the heavenly justice doesn't allow the repetition of the task or personality. It states that the servant reincarnates to be served. The slave becomes a master. The poor becomes rich. The bad comes to be punished and the good comes to be rewarded. As the role of saving was not predicted the role of end judgement was not predicted. It is the role of Christ to explain it. And he gave himself as an ideal model to describe how man is judged for his deeds in every new birth.