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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

42-Reaction from a Parable

In here I will show you how a few words in a parable I have said in the past transformed into deeds and events. In the year 1966, after I delivered my papers to apply to join the Military Technical College in Cairo I visited the family of my uncle at Almaady. Then I went to the railway station to take the last train to Alexandria. It was 11 PM and they told me that the last train was the train of the press. I got on the train and sat on a chair alone. There was no light except the light which came from the station.
     When the train left the station it became complete dark. I closed my eyes and went in deep sleep. After a little time I awoke with the stopping of the train. It was still in the beginning of the journey. It moved and I slept again. Again the train stopped and I awoke. It was still at the beginning of the journey. This sleeping and awaking repeated countless times. It was  a very exhausting journey. The train reached Alexandria at 7 AM. It was a hard lesson. I decided I would never take the train of the press again all my life.
      In the year 1972, I went to the Miami Beach in Alexandria. The shore was not crowded with people. While I was looking at the horizon I saw a rocky mountain in the sea. It attracted me to swim to it. It seemed very near. I took of my clothes and jumped into the water and swam actively toward it. After long time I raised my head to see where I had reached. For my surprise the view appeared the same as if I didn't swim any distance. I continued swimming. After long time I raised my head to see the view. I was still in the beginning. I tried all kinds of swimming. I swam on my chest and on my back but the rocky mountain was still very far. I repeated the swimming and the raising of my head to estimate the rest of the distance countless times. 
     At last I reached the rocky mountain very exhausted. I lied down to get the rest and went in deep sleep. After about an hour I awoke and I could stand up. I looked around. No body were there. I thought, impossible to return back to the shore swimming. I hoped of a passing fishing boat. After a while I saw a man on a boat coming to pass near the rock. I shouted for him loudly and waved my arm to him. He approached,
     "I am very tired," I said. "Please take me with you."
     "Okay," he said. "Can you swim to me or you want some help?"
     " I can swim to you." I said and enter the water and swam. He helped me get on the boat.
    " Thank you very much," I said. " I don't know what I could have done if you didn't come. Indeed you have gotten down from heaven to save me. I am grateful."
     " Are you ill?" he asked.
     " No," I replied. " It is the first time for me to swim to this rock. It seemed very near from the shore. But I realized now it was very far."
     " The distances on the sea are deceiving," he said. " You can't correctly estimate the distances by mere sight. It needs long experience."
     " Correct!" I said. " I can't forget this lesson."
     These events came to my life as reactions to a parable told by Jesus:
    " The kingdom of God is like this. A man scatters seeds in his field. He sleeps at night, is up and about during the day, and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing. Yet he doesn't  know how it happens. The soil itself makes the plants grow and bear fruit..." Mark 4:26
     Of course you know now what Jesus meant by speaking about the fruit of the planted word. All you see in this modern civilization have come from the Holy Words as shown in previous articles.