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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

100-Interview with Muslim Imam

I am going to show you an interview with a Muslim Imam from Alexandria. We met by chance and I was astonished to hear him saying I know you. I asked how and he said, "I was a little boy in your area when you were in the MT College. You didn't take notice of me but I remember very well that my mother always praised you before us and always prayed for us to be like you. The elders of the area made us look at you as a very intelligent youth.
"Now after I became a man I saw you many times in the Café playing Chess. But I was afraid to approach you." I laughed for his last phrase and we had a date to meet at the house of my Family. I said, "I am going to converse with you about a very great subject you can't imagine what it is. He said, can't you give me a hint about it? I said, tomorrow and shook hands in peace."
He came in the exact time after supper. His name is K. A. He succeeded his father, after his death, in being the Imam of a mosque. He also was belonging to the syndicate of writers. He showed his great curiosity to know the subject I promised to tell him about. I said, "Let's make coffee then start." I thought to myself, how to start. I offered the coffee and said, "I had passed with a long experience that I am the Messiah Jesus."
He said," it is the last thing I expected to hear from you. Christ Return is one of the big signs of the end. And none of the signs which must appear before him happened yet. The appearance of the one-eyed false Christ whom Jesus Christ will kill didn't happen yet. This is a direct sign in relation with the coming back of Esa."
"I discovered much in this subject," I said. "The Old Testament, the holy book before Jesus, ends with the promise of God to send Elijah. It means that the Jews were to await the returning back of Elijah as we Muslims and Christians are to await the return of Jesus. But instead of the return of Elijah they saw Jesus. This problem was among the questions of the disciples which they asked Jesus about. They asked shouldn't Elijah come first? Jesus said Elijah had come already but you didn't know."
"What do you mean?" he asked. "And where from did you get that knowledge?"
"This knowledge is in the gospels. And I mean that the problem of the one-eyed false Christ is the same. He had come and did his destined role but people didn't know."
"Who is he?" he asked.
"You wouldn't believe it," I said. "He was an international philosopher known among most cultured people here and in most countries. He led many to hell. I wrote about him in detail in my manuscript. How I was affected by his thoughts in my youth and how I got his book of his autobiography."
"I should read your manuscript," he said. "But I want to know who he is."
"This manuscript is the only copy I have," I said.
"Can I get a photo copy of it?" he asked. 
"Yes you can," I replied. "The one who made the prophecy about the one-eyed false Christ come true is called Jan Paul Sartre."
"The prophecy says Jesus will kill the false Christ. Did you kill Sartre?" he asked.
"You know that Jesus can't kill. But the killing here came true in a way no one can guess. Sartre was a big caller for existentialism which denies the after life and the end judgment. So by proving the after life and the judgment the thoughts of existentialism vanish and die. And by killing of the thoughts of a thinker the thinker is killed. The prophecy came true in that way. However you will find more details about him in my manuscript. And you can obtain his book, The Words, to know more."
"I am surprised! It is the first time for me to know that," he said.
"My subject is new to the world. It is full of surprises. No one knows we are in the Day of Resurrection and all the signs of the hour of the end happened in a way different of all expectations."
"We are in the Day of Resurrection? No, it will be a supernatural day and didn't happen yet because we are still in the material world."
"It is supernatural day for the people of the past because they were to imagine it according to the sayings of the prophets. Every generation was to deliver the same sayings to the next in a long series. But now we are in the generation of realizing all sayings in the material world," I said.   
"I am sorry, I think no one would believe it," he said.

"This is not a subject to get all of it in one session. You must get all details to study and digest to reach my same view point. Let us postpone all to a next session," I said.