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Friday, August 3, 2012

36- The Return of Prophet Abraham

Here I will show you how I could recognize the return of the ancient prophet Abraham. Of course this will surprise you. I will prove it by comparing his reactions with the actions of his past life which was written in the Bible. Also the Quran has a role in recognizing him by telling an event not from his past but from his future after his reincarnation. Because the Quran manged to tell the future in telling the past stories.
     Abraham was promised by God to have a nation for him and his descendants that extends from the river Euphrates to the river Nile. I told you before that this promise came true to his descendants by the rise of the Islamic nation which exceeded these borders. The ex-president of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1958 could unite both Syria and Egypt and became their president. So he gathered between the Nile of Egypt and the Euphrates of Syria. In the 1960s he authorized a book by the title "The Covenant"  This book was among the books which the students of all secondary schools studied. I was to study it when I was in the Nasserian Secondary School. These reactions were given to him to remember his past as every man else. 
     The Quran tells us that Abraham was saved from the fire. This event is not mentioned in the Bible. So I knew it was about the future. Nasser, in 1954, while he was giving a speech in Alexandria  someone shot fire by a pistol against him but the bullets missed him and he was saved. He was saved from the fire as God hinted in the Quran. This president struggled much for uniting the Arab countries and he created the expression The Arab Nationality as to approach the memory of the Old Covenant. The Quran tells us that Abraham destroyed the idols but kept their chief. This symbol came true when Nasser made the revolution of 1952 and destroyed all the symbols of the king' system but kept the king alive. Finally I suggest to you to try to analyse your reactions may you succeed in knowing your past life.