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Saturday, June 29, 2013

47-The Return of My Disciple John

Here you will see how the personality changes sharply in the Reincarnation due to the Karma. An event came to me early when I was a cadet in the M.T.College to remind me with John. In that time I had no idea about John or Christianity. In 1970 the section decided to make a journey to the pyramids of Giza. We made a date to meet at the first pyramid. When I reached the borders of the area of the pyramids a man with a white horse applied his horse to me. I agreed and get on it to carry me to the first pyramid of Khufu.
     On seeing me approaching my friends shouted in appreciation and raised their hands welcoming me. Then they joined me and took a photo for us while I was still on the white horse. I see now that this view brought to us a similar view from the Revelation to John. The interpreters said that the one on the white horse is Christ in his second advent.  I looked at the huge pyramid and felt the greatness of the ancient Egyptians who had built it in a time when they had simple tools. We sat on its blocks and a European man called Foster or Noster joined us and we took a photo.
    Then we moved to different places and took many memorial pictures. One of the photos which passed without notice aroused my fellows in the college after printing. The picture showed that one of my friends was leaning on my chest as if he was firm friend. This friend was by a name which might mean (Thousand days). They argued that this friend couldn't be with that attitude of passion. They had known him as a solid military person and they couldn't believe the photo and saw it as incredible. During the argument we kept laughing as if it was a big joke.
     Later I knew that this picture gathers two kinds of knowledge about John, one from the past and the other is for the future to come. In the gospel of John 21:20 we read," whom Jesus loved, the one who had leaned on his chest in the time of supper."  Thus was written in the Arabic Bible. But in the English Bible it is, "the one who had leaned close to Jesus at the time of supper" The difference in the translation was not the point which busied my mind. But it is the saying of Jesus,"If I want him (John) to live until I come what is that to you?" I found out that this saying didn't pass without effect in my events. It will appear as destined in the return of John.
     You know that I received the inspiration I am Christ in the year 1979. Then I spent about two years studying the matter until I reached a good amount of faith in my subject. Then Mubarak became president of Egypt and the people shouted his name which is exactly the word Blessed. This same word was told by Jesus about his coming,"You won't see me until you say blessed ( Mubarak) is the one who comes in the name of God."  It was a brief sign in connection with the return of Christ. Here the effect of Jesus saying " If I want him to live until I come.."  The matter appeared as if  I (Christ) had left John in the past and I came to find him still living. 
     The early sign given about him was given in the argument about the photo that he is a solid military person without passion. This was a description of Mubarak who led a long military career until he became a president. We know that his previous president Sadat chose him to be his deputy because of his success as general of the air forces to strike Israel in 1973. Since that day he became famous by the expression ( The leader of the striking from air). Sure John was the one who wrote the Revelation in the Bible. Because the Revelation is mainly striking from the air. 
     There is a hint about him in chapter the Cave in Quran," It is said to Zulkarnaen,  you have two options either you torture them or you use ( Hosna) which means good treatment. It is the second name of Mubarak. According to the Heavenly Algebra these verses means that the people after Sadat were before two options one of them was using Mubarak to rule them or to torture them. However the name Blessed was a sign to the return of Christ to rule the globe. The new relation between Christ and second John was not in the same level of the past. During his ruling I sent him many letters but he didn't respond, that's why he was rejected from the people of Egypt. In previous article I asked God for mercy for Egypt. God said, Those who are merciful God has mercy upon them.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

46-The Sea and Nile in Prophecy

Now I am going to show you a wonder related to the prophecies of the Old Testament. Egypt is troubled nowadays by the idea of Ethiopia of building a big dam on the Nile. I will show you two prophecies from Isaiah about Egypt:
     "The Lord will destroy the tongue of the sea of Egypt." 11:15 
This prophecy is taken from the Arabic Bible. The English Bible which I have translates it differently. As this prophecy had come true according to the Arabic Bible I feel I have no need to show the English translation of the same verse. 
     This prophecy had come true in the years (1859-69). The Red sea was with two tongues, one at the borders and another inside the land of Egypt. After connecting this tongue with the Mediterranean Sea by Suez Canal the tongue lost its description. It became no more a tongue. Although the normal mind takes the word destruction as something awful it was carried out in unexpected way. The tongue was destroyed and it brought great benefit to Egypt and the whole world. 
      Didn't I tell you that the art of prophesying is very great. The people who recited that prophecy reincarnated in that time to make it come true. Those who made it were divided in three parts. The high caste people, the low caste people and the descendants of Egypt. Many died in digging the canal and many won great wealth from dealing with it. 
     The second prophecy is about the River Nile.
     "The water will be low in the Nile and the river will gradually dry up. The channels of the river will stink as they slowly go dry.."
It is the problem of the hour. The dams which Ethiopia will built on the blue river will make the prophecy come true. Egypt is in need of the mercy of God to stop the carrying out of this prophecy. This should teach the people of the Globe that they shouldn't pray or prophesy against other nations. Because you reincarnate to get it unless you were wronged.