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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

31-The New Hope

   From all previous analysis I proved that I am really Christ and I am the father of the humans. And I am responsible for you forever. I am to give you the necessary instruction to continue in Survival. The main instruction in all my teaching before, all over the world, is that the human should live considering the next life after death. All beliefs which go by this fact are correct. When I was in the role of saving I offered you the hope of the next life as the coming of the kingdom of God. I made it in Islam as the going to the paradise to live in peace and prosperity. All have come true this age and we should reap the results.
   The kingdom of God is to be done here. I am your actual ruler in heaven or on earth. We have made the centers of the UN for that purpose. The world is full of qualified people that can help the work of the Super High Government. By this we can improve the life of all peoples through clean climate of no wars or dispute among countries. Some clever people objected this project as not suitable. There motive comes from their sincere thinking in the benefits of their own country. But if they see the eternal facts of reincarnation they will know that next life they will incarnate in the other countries which they reject. 
    They refuse mixing their rich economics of their country with the poor economics of the others. But if they meditate a little they will know that they will have their new birth in those poor countries and they will exchange their positions with them. So it is necessary to think of the matter again to know how to prepare for your next life. Others reject this project fearing of the total governing which creates the tyrants giving the USSR as an example of the failure of the union, because of the central governing. 
   All these evidences comes of the presupposing minds. They don't suppose that we can make ideal constitution to avoid all the mistakes of the past governing. I tell them let's start with the International Government as a tool to watch all presidents and their governments without mixing the economics. Then every thing else can be in union under one head system. Gradually every thing will come to a compromise. The time is open to eternity to improve the new world order.
   You have asked for the coming of the kingdom as I taught you and I came to help you in doing it. You should catch this chance before it escapes. If it escaped you would keep asking for it in vain. Your survival won't progress toward more. Remember that the people who didn't consider the chance that God was with them were prevented to enter the promised land and God kept them lost in Sinai 40 years. I was kept in heaven in hard work for this moment. So I hope we succeed to progress in a new project.
    I know that man can't live without hope. And now the scientific men hope of great things and I can continue aiding the humans for greater accomplishments. Look at the loaf of bread and learn the example.   The people will increase and they will need more space. After the fulfillment of the kingdom I can promise you to create the life in the planets of Space. The Space Saucers and the time gates can be yours. But if you couldn't make the required kingdom of the globe the heavenly system will wait and the new hopes will be delayed. There is rules that govern the heavenly system. 
     Some silly people think of me as the anti Christ because they studied the prophecies and misinterpreted them. I told them the thing which I call for is good and it works for the human kind and so it belongs to God. But the anti Christ belongs to the Devil and can't work for the benefit of the humans. They wanted to make compromise between the kingdom of Christ in the heavenly world and the earthly world. So they missed the fact that when we call now for something to come true in the future we are to think of it as to come by heaven with the heaven. So we are in the heaven now which the ancient people looked forward for it.
     Some people who works in the field of religions fear to lose their jobs from which they lived. They presupposed that I would neglect them. They don't know that I believe that the temples and holy books and the holy men are necessary as establishments to work for teaching the morals and  the primary conscience in the humans. However I will load them with new books and I will disclose some hidden secrets to keep them far from the reach of the Devils. I will guide them to make all religions come together without forcing the people. If the previous facts were appeared not enough to prove my identity I can show you more.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

30-Reactions From Krishna and Buddha

   After I studied most of my reactions related to the Bible and digested the idea of reincarnation I got the Bhagavad Gita to be acquainted with more about Indian worship. I wondered to see in that book some reactions to remind me by its events. The matter appeared as if I was living in that period and took part in the main events. Follow me:
When I was a cadet in the Military Technical College in the second year this event happened. I returned from the vacation of the weekend to the college late. The train from Alexandria to Cairo faced troubles and made me reach late after the finish of the date of the gathering of the college. The officer on duty who was called Severe received me and he questioned me. I told him my excuse but he insisted to punish me and ordered,"Go and prepare the military bag and return to me; dismiss!"  I obeyed and did what he wanted. I stood with the bag on  my back before him knowing that this is the military life. He approached and said," Did you put the stone (Zalath) in the bag?" I replied," No."  He asked in a mocking way," When will you complete the bag?"  I got very upset and I didn't consider my future. I replied." Al Sanagaya ( Next Year)  At once he dismissed me to the prison cell. Next morning I was applied to an investigation because of that big mistake. 
    When I read the Gita I was met by the name Sanjaya as the one in the opponent tribe against Krishna and Argona. So I concluded that my spirit recalled that officer to tell me that he was Sanjaya of the Gita. I thought of it deeply then I recalled another reaction related to the same period. When I was an officer in the Navy College I used to receive some officers from my department and other departments in my office to discuss on religions. I used to criticize and analyze their defense. Most days a fellow from my department attended the discussion. His name was Peace and he was tall and with mighty arms and he was older in rank  than me. Many times he stood up and cut my speaking by saying," The lay today was Heavy", then he left to his class. When I read the Gita I noticed that the expression " The Lord's Lay" is the topic of every page in the book. I noticed also that this fellow officer used to smoke cigarettes named Gitan. And he had a car and I get on it several times in going out of the college. So I believed that this fellow was Argona in a previous life. I asked was I Krishna?  The answer appears in the following event:
   When I was a child of four years, once I was standing in the street among other children and a boy pushed me severely. I fell on the ground and cried and walked away to go home. All the way I was weeping. My cousin Gabr ( from Gabriel) met me and said,"What happened?"  I replied him with weeping. He said," Don't weep. Don't weep at all, You are a man. If any one hit you hit him and don't weep lest I tell your father to punish you."  I stopped weeping and a strange power entered me. I ran toward the children and pushed the boy who had pushed me and ran home. The matter appeared as if I got the permission to use my strength.from now on. I didn't let any boy conquer me. And I didn't weep whatever pain I felt. This reaction proved that I was in heaven in the time of Krishna and I inspired him the permission to tell Argona to do his duty and fight to defend his tribe and his honor.
     When I was a student in the MT College, once I was in the train to Cairo and found a younger youth sitting beside me. He spoke to me and I spoke to him until the end of the journey. He told me that his father was a high rank officer in the Navy Forces.  And I told him that my father was a policeman. Later I received letters from him while I was in the college. We became friends and I met him many times in the weekends. After my graduation I could meet him many times. He introduced me to his parents and they welcomed me. And the same I did to him with my parents. I thought that this one represented the second Buddha because one day we were at the beach and he insisted we enter the Circus. And when we were beside the big wheel we let the photographer to take a photo of us. I recall also that he accompanied me to a shop of clothes by the name Minerva as to approach the name Nirvana. I recall also that he used to call me Buddy as derived from Abdo. But it reminds by Buddha. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

29-More Reactions From Jesus Role

a- The hidden Treasure:Mat.13:44,
"The kingdom of heaven is like this. A man happens to find a treasure hidden in a field. He covers it up again, and goes and sells everything he has, and then goes back and buys that field."
***When I was in the M.T.College in the third year, once I was in the section sitting in the rear of the class reading silently a novel during the lecture. The prof was standing at the blackboard explaining and writing but I was reading " The Treasures of The Pirate". I did so because it was a lecture in military tactics which I heard and saw many times until I got bored of it. All of a sudden I heard the shout," Attention!". I raised my face. My blood escaped. The General of the College entered the section. The prof greeted him and he looked at the blackboard a while then he started to move among us looking at our notebooks. Of course I hid the Treasures of The Pirate under the desk before he reached my place. He looked at my notebook and turned the pages and without questioning he hinted me," Go out and wait at the office of the colonel"  I obeyed," Yes sir" and hurried to go to that office. There I found several cadets like me and I stood with them in two lines. My mind was busy what might be the punishment as I was caught by the highest level in the college. After a while the colonel got out of his office and roared," What did you do?" They replied," We did nothing, but the general ordered us to come here"  Soon the bell of the telephone rang in his office and he hurried to reply it. Then he came out and said," You are lucky, there is an official visit to the college now, don't do it again! Dismiss!" Thanks to God it passed.
 b-Riches in Heaven: Mat.6:19-,
"Store up riches for yourself in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy, robber can't break in and steal...:"
***One day, when I was a high school student a friend invited me to visit him home. He was of rich people and was living near the beach of Alexandria. His mother was generous and offered us a good lunch. After eating we had our tea and went to sit in the balcony. After the tea we entered and I admired the library in the room. I saw a book with the name"Grown Mind" and asked to borrow it. He agreed and stressed on that I should return it back after a week. Then I shook his hand with thanks and returned back home. I took of my shirt and told my mother about those rich people. Next day my mother noticed a lateral line on the shirt. I said, sure it came from the chair of the balcony. She said, wear another shirt until I wash it. So I went school and returned to know that the line didn't come out from the white shirt and it was rust. This annoyed me that it was the only white shirt I had. In a few days one of the neighbors working in a big factory of silk brought us a bottle of liquid to heal the shirt from the rust. When my mother put it on the rusty line it cleared it like magic and I restored my happiness.
***One day my wife complained that the moth infected the door of the flat and the furniture. Soon we changed the door with the help of my father. But the problem of the furniture of the dining room kept busying my mind seeking for a solution. Then in a few days I was in the Navy College on the day of duty and while I was checking the points I saw the big door of the chief hall of meetings opened. I hurried to see the matter. I saw several soldiers there,"What do you do?" " We had orders from the chief of management to smear all the wood of the hall because it was infected by moth." " I wonder of that! I have the same problem in the wood of my dinning room." " Sir, you can get some of the remedy we use in here, we have more than enough" " Okay, good, fill a bottle and send it to my office. I am going to complete my round." " Yes sir!" 
***Later after the transformation I understood the meaning of " riches in heaven" as related to the rebirth. The activities of the past define the gift of the present. I chose and borrowed the book of the "Grown Mind as a signal to my present gift. Others were gifted in other things like music, singing, writing, playing,etc.These gifts can't be stolen because they are natural in the lucky man who is promised by the paradise.
c-The Parable of the Growing Seed: Mark 4:26
"The kingdom of God is like this. A man scatters seed in his field. He sleeps at night, is up and about during the day and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing. Yet he doesn't know how it happens. The soil itself makes the plant grow and bear fruit."
***In the day of offering my file to join the college in Cairo I spent good time with my cousins intending to catch the last train. At 11pm I got on the train and I sat on the chair and looked through the window. It was dark and there were no views to please the eyes. So I slept and I was up and about and found that we were still in the beginning of the journey. It was the train of the press which moves slowly and stops at all stations. At last it reached at 7am. I was very exhausted. Of course we see now that fruits which Jesus had pointed to are the planes, TVs, etc all the the modern progress of this civilization which appeared to make the word of God come true.
***A similar clarification came in this. One day I went to the Miami Beach of Alexandria. I saw a big rock at the horizon and I decided to swim to it. That I did and jumped in the water. I went on swimming long then I raised my face to see where I was and found I was still in the beginning. Many times I raised my face and found I was still in the beginning.  I thought before that the rock was very near but in reality it was very far. At last I reached the rock very exhausted so that I lied an hour to restore myself. It was impossible to decide to return swimming again. I waited hours on the rock until a boat came by chance and his owner accepted to carry me to the shore. 
                                 To Be Continued