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Saturday, April 11, 2015

67- 144000 Piaster

Before the end of 1980 I was to attend the Military Medical Commission at Cairo. It couldn't happen if the General of the unit ignored me. This time they gave me an officer to accompany me with a letter to the commission. This officer was with the title Giar. He entered the interview before the commission which was consisted of three medical Generals of high ranks. The chief of the commission was unknown to me; on his right hand was another unknown General and on his left was the General of the hospital Alsudany whom I told you before when I was in the hospital.
The chief General of the commission opened a file before him. And the General Alsudany spoke to him in low voice. Soon the chief General asked me,
"What did you do in your unit?" 
         "I did nothing evil or wrong," I replied.  "Ask this fellow officer as a witness whether I did any wrong in the unit."
But the chief General didn't ask my fellow and said,
"You don't know what you did." Then he directed his saying to General Alsudany, "It is a case of Schizophrenia; it is not Paranoia as written here." Then he looked at me,
"You are to choose," he said, "either to be retired or to be kept in the hospital for two years."  I was annoyed to be given such a choice and said,
"I prefer to sleep on the pavement and not live in a hospital for two years."
"Okay put your signature on this page," he said, and offered me a notebook with a page in my name. I signed and left with my fellow. After a month I received the official paper of my retirement.   
I retired on pension, 144 pounds, in the last month of 1980. Later I could understand the result of that event, by contemplating in the several crises which happened in Egypt which followed 1981, such as the fall of the airplane which was carrying the leaders of the armies and the assassination of the President Sadat while celebrating the victory of October, 73 on Israel.
When I read the Revelation to John and met the number 144000 I laughed for it carries a sense of humor. The 144000 men who were saved and should stand with Jesus on the mount of Zion became comparable with the 144000 piaster (Cents) as my pension. Now I started to find enough time to research my subject to find the answers of the difficult questions, that religions appeared as a great puzzle.  Yes I have seen actions in my events comparable with the events of the gospels, but the exact meaning of Jesus sayings in his parables needed help from God to understand clearly. The kingdom of God or heaven is explained in different ideas difficult to grasp. It took several years from me to get it. But the branch of the signs of times was easy to know either in Christianity or Islam.