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Saturday, May 28, 2016

93-Hidden Knowledge

The text of the Quran contains several dimensions; one of these dimensions is designed to be understood by Christ only in his return. The separation between religions made it difficult to be understood by the people of one religion alone.  The Quran is based on the stories of the Bible but the Jews and Christians couldn’t approve it because when they read it they found different details. And the Muslim who read the Bible couldn’t approve the bible as it is now because it differs from the Quran. This problem can be solved as God promised in the end, “You will return to me and I will show you what you differ about.”
When I was young youth, an atheist criticized the story of Adam in the Quran and said, Mohammad introduced to us envious angels and unfair God. And he brought the Quran and started to read (Cow: 30).
“God said to the angels I will make a successor in earth, they said: Will you place therein one who will corrupt and shed blood, while we pray and sanctify you? He said: Surely I know what you know not.”

The atheist commented: Do you notice how the angels showed the comparison between them and Adam? They thought they were better than Adam and they were worthy of his position as a successor. This is the nature of envious beings not the nature of ideal angels. Let’s complete:
“31 And He taught Adam all the names, and then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform me of the names of these, if you are truthful. 32 Be glorified! We have no knowledge saving that which you have taught us. You are the only knower and wise. 33 He said O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth? And I know that which you disclose and which you hide.”

Again the atheist commented: It means that God took Adam from behind the angels and taught him all the names, and then He held an exam among all. Is that fair? It is like when a teacher gives the contents of the exam to one of his student from behind the others. Sure God is greater than to behave like that. The story is man made, nothing more. God is perfect and we see his perfection in the material construction of every thing in the world.
I was young and he could open my mind to search for more in the Quran to prove his viewpoint. I couldn’t deny his reasonable logic. And I went deep in criticizing to prove that Quran was a human thinking claimed to be from God. After several years I became an atheist proud of my intelligence and my ability to free myself from the bonds of religions. I couldn’t deny that this cosmos has a Creator who built it on laws. And I tried to create a philosophy built on the natural rules. I wrote before about that in the name of Survival Call.
Later I understood that I was rose up in the image of God and it was necessary for me to wipe the home religion from my mind to be ready for getting the new knowledge. So it was not by accident that I met that atheist who was one of my teachers whom I admired in the primary school. When I see that I couldn’t convince the religious people around me by my new position I understand well how it was necessary for me to live long period as nonreligious. The old religions block the mind against any knowledge that seems different from the known by heart.   
The above story of Adam is a revelation of what will happen. Quran is mainly a revelation; it borrows hints from the stories of the Bible to build on it some events which will be shown in the future in the end day. Most of these future events match the return of Christ. Here, the story of Adam is about Christ. In the gospel the expression second Adam is applied to Jesus Christ and thus the story is about Christ in his new advent. In the Christian prayer they say “May your kingdom Come!” and here is the idea of the successor of God in earth. Successor in Arabic is Caliph; we met that idea in the Arabic history when the Islamic nation was ruled by successive rulers called Caliphs.
  The angels in the story represent the ideal learned people of religions who don’t know except what God taught them in their holy books. Christ the new Adam was destined to understand what those religious people didn’t learn. They didn’t learn the reincarnation or how God would judge the people for their deeds in the end. They didn’t learn that saving was instruction and judging is instruction too to learn.
In Quran God says:” We decorated the lowest sky with lamps.” This point was one of the points which I criticized in the past. It seemed that the author didn’t know the construction of the cosmos and the stars couldn’t be some decoration to please the human. The same critic is applied to the prophecy in the gospel that the stars would fall from sky. It seemed that Jesus didn’t know the true volume of the stars; it seemed that he thought that the stars were very small and would fall like the fall of apples from tree.
Now it is clear that God in the Quran was prophesying that the prophecy of the fall of stars told in the gospel would come true by spreading the electric lamps all over the earth. And now when we look at the earth at night it seems that it became full of the falling stars. The learned religious people couldn’t know that from the knowledge they have. Only Christ could know it although the exam is open book.
In the Quran God says: “Man should look from what he was created. He was created from gushing water. God is able to make him return.”
The verses are trying to explain the reincarnation. As man comes from the gushing water he will return by the same way. The Bible in Genesis mentions two trees, the tree of Knowledge and the tree of life. The first tree was handled by Adam. The second tree was guarded by flaming swords. This tree of life is the tree of believing in the reincarnation. It makes man know that he has a spirit and he reincarnates in endless births. This knowledge was prevented in the three religions. Now is the due time to get this knowledge. All I hope of is to attract a few of those learned people to adopt this new instruction and become the majors in leading the rest of the people of the globe.