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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

38-Main Concept

The missed concepts in the works of God can be known now by deep studying of the past missions. In the time of Jesus Christ no one expected the aim of his mission as it happened in reality. Try it yourself by ignoring the New Testament and studying the books before Jesus. There you will see a mix of prophecies and promises. There you find countless statements about the end of times. I am sure that no one could crystallize the aim at the end as it happened by the coming of Jesus. When you study the opinions of the people of Israel at that time you find that most of them expected to get a prophet from God to change their situation. They hoped of a savior to free them from the Roman invader. So they hoped of a Savior that can lead them in aggression act and drive out the Roman ruling. They thought that the coming Savior would be like Moses and Yahshua who lead the Israelite out of Egypt to take the land of Palestine.
    But the work of Jesus was different completely from all expectations. All the holy words embodied in the time of Jesus to shape the saving in another unexpected way. The saving appeared to be new instructions in new holy book. This is the missed concept among all the people of the past and present. It means that the instructions of the Old Testament with the coming of Jesus changed to New instructions. The concept of evolution of instructions can be detected in that process. And the same concept appeared in the present mission.
     The End Judgement awaited to be done by God and his Messiah is expected to be an aggressive act against all the people. But the work of now appeared to be an explanation to the end judgement. How man is judged for his past deeds. As the saving came different from all expectations the end judgement came different from all expectations. As the people lived with the instructions of saving so many years they are to live with the instructions of the End Judgement in the coming generations. Of course the people should have more time to digest the new instructions.