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Saturday, June 23, 2012

35-Auto Guiding From Heaven

     In previous post I showed you the code of reactions from which the truth behind the veil appeared. Now I show practical examples to what I mean. Just after rising to heaven Christ managed to spread the gospels among the gentiles. His disciples were to show miracles to make people pay attention to the new testament. They could make the miracles by the authority which had been given to them from their Master Jesus Christ. He kept with them to make them succeed. Sometimes he appeared to them in angelic form. After a period of about a century or two the followers increased and they became able to prove their effect in the world. To maintain the success Christ behind the veil produced saints among people and enabled them to testify for him with miracles. Just read about some saints to know how they struggled against the leaders of idolaters and what kind of miracles they performed. In that period Jesus made his promise,"Be sure I have overcome the world."  The Romans who were the invaders of his country Israel and who crucified him by the help of the Jewish priests adopted his religion. They built temples for him and worshiped him. And denied their gods. They started to spread his call to all countries.
    During the previous 2000 years Jesus Christ devoted his heavenly power to make his previous prophecies come true and added new prophecies. In meeting his saints he promised them and he managed to make his promises come true. Every time he mastered a disciple he offered him prophecies. That's why you read prophecies in the works of his disciples. He invited Paul to get a revelation but Paul after going to the third heaven  couldn't express what he saw. But when Jesus invited John to get a revelation he got a master piece in the holiness. These remarks should be considered to get the perfect understanding that the raised one worked by the prophesies. He followed them and grew them to accompany his long path. When he found that some prophecy couldn't be done unless preparing for it he gave a new prophecy and made it come true. So if you want to understand the history of the world you should follow the prophecies considering them as laws of leading the people.
    This living in heaven behind the veil during the last 2000 thousand makes us deduce that the same process happened from the beginning of the history. In the 19 century I Christ made a role in India. They called me Babaji which means Respected Father and I accepted it. I made new type of disciples and taught them a new kind of Yoga.  This role was necessary to my own progress after returning from behind the veil. One day this Babaji could come from the unseen world and embodied in a closed room to reply the request of his disciple before his friends. No one could do this except Jesus Christ. The reaction of this event appeared among my reactions. Later I will show you the details.