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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

51-Meetings With Generals

I am going to show you how the conversation went on when I was introduced to the generals as an officer claiming to be Christ in their units. In the previous post I narrated that the colonel of the day of duty led me to the office of the General of the Navy College. When I entered the office I saw before me the General Y.S. sitting at his desk and another General O.X. sitting in a chair before him. General Y.S. pointed to me and ordered me to approach.
     "What did you say yesterday in the day of duty?" Y.S. asked.
     "I said I am Christ." I replied.
     "Narrate to me how you got that," he said.
     "I didn't make any military crime," I said, " to narrate my story while standing."
     "Okay, be seated." he said.
I sat down on the other chair before General O.X. I was in bad mood not knowing how to start.
     "I ask how this claim came to you." he asked.
    "A notion emerged in my mind that I am Christ." I said. "I tried to reject it for two weeks but as it insisted I was to accept and search its meaning."
"I wonder, one gets many notions every day," he said. "Why did you submit to a notion like that?"
"I know myself." I replied.
"Do you have that much confidence in yourself?" 
General O.X. who was sitting on fire looking at me with stifled anger exploded.
"Don't you know that Muhammad is the last prophet?" he asked.
"This doesn't prevent Jesus Christ from the coming." I answered.
"I challenge you to know the five columns of Islam."
"Of course I know them at least because I live among Muslims."
"Tell them if you know"
"Islam is built on witnessing that there is no god except Allah, Muhammad is his missionary, Praying, Fasting, Giving alumnos, and doing the pilgrimage if we can."
"If so how do you say you are a prophet?"
"It is written in several talks of Muhammad that Jesus will come again."
General Y.S. interfered  to stop the conversation and told me to leave the office. I stood up and saluted him and went to the door. The colonel opened the door and I went out. He told me to wait for him and he returned to the General to know the new orders about me. Then he came out and said,"You are not to attend any day of duty from now on."  
                                                                   To be continued