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Thursday, January 31, 2013

39-Danger You Don't See!

     The subject in this point is very critical because the world today is moving like a ship that has lost its pilot. When Christ ascended to heaven he became the leader of the history to make all his promises and prophecies come true. Not only this but also he managed to fulfill the prophecies of all the prophets. The Holy Spirit registers the prophecies as it comes without filter. And when the time comes He helps in making them come true. He didn't tell the prophets don't say the destroying prophecies. So the building prophecies come together with the destroying prophecies. 
     The holy path moves by investing the teaching through different minds of prophets. So every one translates the inspiration in different understanding to make the picture clear. You might say why Christ didn't warn against the destroying statement. He didn't wish to disturb the religious path knowing that he would come in the end and make the necessary correction. He trusted that he would come in time and wipe the destroying aspects of the prophecies. 
     The prophecies about the end have become very dangerous. People believe that there will be an end for the material world and misinterpreted the holy facts. This belief creates power to accelerate the process of destruction. The destruction which you see now on earth in different places came through complicated path. People of countless number had read the holy books and died believing in the pictures of the final destruction. This had been kept in their souls and when they reincarnated they tended to share in the embodiment of the pictures of destroying in two ways. Either to destroy or be victim of destruction according to what they deserved due to their past deeds. This idea was explained in previous article but for how man created the modern tools by the help of the word of God. 
     Christ in this matter was like the one who jumps by a parachute from an airplane. He opens it after jumping and descending a considerable distance. But if there was trouble in this process the matter would become dangerous to  life. So the correction is necessary this age of the second Resurrection. Because all the souls of the faithful people will ascend to return to live and do more powerful destruction in the third Resurrection. The belief in the End of the material world has become very strong in this age. And the pilot is to do his job before leaving. Humanity should forget these destroying prophecies to keep surviving on the globe. God is not crazy to destroy the earth and heaven then rebuild them again. Let's make a new start and understand that the new earth and new heavens told in the Revelation means a new place on the globe. 
     The end of time really means the end of the time necessary for making the kingdom of Heaven come true.I explained it before and showed you that it aims at uniting all the peoples of the planet earth under one governor and one government. Why should you refuse that union? Isn't it the ever peace promised in the holy books? It is but you don't know.