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Monday, September 18, 2017

102- He Sleeps

In this session he came anxious to know how the matter started; how I believed myself to be Christ. I made coffee and offered it to him, and then I started to speak: "You know what I mean by action; but I think you should know also what I mean by the reaction to the action.
"Suppose someone in his life is stronger than you and hit you causing severe pain to you. This action will be reversed next life so that you will become stronger than him and you might hit him or he will be hit by another person. We call the latter reaction.
"Suppose someone stole something important from you; next life he will be stolen as a reaction to his previous deed. This is the main principle in the theory of reincarnation which states that to every action there is reaction from the same category.
"We here in Muslim and Christian countries deny the reincarnation and we believe that man lives one life then goes to heaven for eternal paradise or eternal hell.  Frankly most people here can't accept any belief from those who worship the cow."
"Yes, add to this there is no evidence for the reincarnation," he said. "And I wonder of you that you take it as a matter of fact."
"I didn't take it as a matter of fact; but I proved it practically," I said. "It was planed by Jesus to make all peoples come along together in the end to establish his promised kingdom allover the globe."
"Please take me to your start or to your proof of reincarnation," he said.
"You are in a hurry," I said. "You don't know we are before a huge miracle. Even the great masters of the Far East didn't proof the reincarnation like I did. No one can prove it except one; because it needs the ascension alive like that of Jesus or Elijah or Enoch.
"This work of Jesus was planned to be the final holy lesson to all the peoples of the globe to show them that they fight each other for nothing. So it was necessary for Jesus to spread his story allover the world to prepare for his second coming. In his second coming it was necessary for him to find a record for his actions in previous life to compare them with the actions of his present life.
"If he was born in a country that didn't have the record of his actions in previous life he wouldn't become able to know his past identity even if he got his past name by inspiration. That's why Jesus looked to some of his actions with others as something memorial. Also he had to make some over reactions with others to appear clear next coming."
My friend slept during my speaking and I had to awaken him. He said," Sorry! I was working hard all day."
"Okay! You can go and wash your face and I will make another coffee," I said. "I told you before, you should read the manuscript."
After he washed his face I offered the coffee and started to explain again what he didn't get and I continued.
"I lived long period as an atheist denying the interference of God in the life of people. As I was born a Muslim I read the Quran and criticized some points of it which made me became sure that it was man made. I believed that God can't make scientific mistakes. I used this as a subject to deal with among fellows in my work as to attract them to my way.
"Oh my friend! You slept again?" I exclaimed and he awoke. "Sorry lets end this session and you can come tomorrow to start fresh."
"Sorry!" he said.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

101- He Asks About Angel Gabriel

 After about a week, the Muslim Imam visited me and asked,
"I'd like to know how the matter started."
"It is clear that you didn't read the manuscript," I said.
"Sorry, I didn't have time to read it," he said. "I need a push to start. Did angel Gabriel come to you?"
"By this question I know you try to measure my case on Muhammad case. Aren't you?" I said.
"We know that Gabriel is the angel who brings the missions from God to the prophets," he said. "The knowledge about this point is very necessary to know before any thing you want to say."
"This question is a jump in the knowledge which came to me in searching my case," I said. "Angel Gabriel is among the very secrets of the holy process. Neither Christian nor Muslim of any degree knows the secret of the rising of Jesus Christ completely. I wrote the details of it in my manuscript which you got. After the rising of Jesus Christ he became able to get the shape and form he wanted. Angel Gabriel was one of the shapes and forms he used to communicate the missionaries. You know in Islam that Angel Gabriel once appeared to Muhammad among his friends in the form of a man. Do you know the talk about that incident?"
"Yes, I know," he said. "But what is the relation of that to you or Jesus?"
"That man whom Muhammad knew by Gabriel was Jesus Christ," I said.
"But no one among the learned elders of Islam had said what you said" he said.
"This knowledge was not given to any Jew or Christian or Muslim," I said. "It is a special secret for Jesus only to reveal. That's why Jesus said, no one comes to the Father except by me."
"So how the matter started with you?" he asked.
"The matter started with me by the Holy Spirit who put the name of Christ in my mind to start with," I answered. "Then I went through several actions in my life, as I was Muslim I didn't notice its relation with the actions of Jesus except after reading the Gospel."
"I didn't get what you mean by saying actions in relation with the actions of Jesus," he said.
"Any one in his life goes through events and acts," I said. "You set with me now; this is an action; you drink coffee now; this is an action; you discuss with me; this is an action."
"Now I understand what you mean by action," he said. "But I don't understand what do mean by the relation between your actions and the actions of Jesus Christ. Do you mean you became able to heal or resurrect?"
"To heal is an action and to resurrect is another action," I said. "By the way, most Christians asked me to show the same actions of Jesus. They thought that Jesus would come with the same task and they don't understand the idea of the second coming. Really I was like them before getting the new knowledge. My task is to show how man gets justice in practicing his normal life. This is the task of the End Judgment."
"Please explain the relation you saw between your actions and the actions of Jesus," he said.
"In a short period of my life I passed by a short story full of actions," I said. "When I got the gospel and read it I found out that the actions in my short story are in mysterious relation with the last period of Jesus as told in the gospel. I noticed that some actions were reversed and others came as to make me remember. So my mind jumped to the idea known in India about the reincarnation. Every action I made in my previous life has reaction in the present life. By this way man is judged by being punished or rewarded according to the nature of his deeds in his previous life."
"Please show me details to figure out this idea," he said.
"Please let us delay it to next session," I said.
"Okay Esa!" he said.
"I know you call me by Esa as a complement," I said.

He laughed and said," You are very Intelligent."