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Saturday, March 3, 2012

32-Prophecy from Ancient China

From the book, " The History and How they Interpret" by Alban G. Wedjery we read about Chuangtsee' question and prophecy. While he was sleeping he saw himself a butterfly hovering here and there following his inclinations. When he got up he wondered and asked, " Am I Chuangtsee who dreamed I was butterfly or  am I the butterfly who dreamed I was Chuangtsee?"  And said," There will be a great awakening and we will know that this present experience is but a great dream. But most people believe that they are in wakefulness now because of their personal knowledge which might take the shape of a prince or a shepherd. It is but a dream. Hundreds of generations will pass before we meet the wise man who can interpret all that. If we meet him it will be the end of a small day on earth." 
   * Related to that experience I got this. One day, I was sleeping before 12 AM and I saw my self diving in a deep water as a clever diver toward the bottom. It was not clear if it was in a sea or a river. And then I felt that something was blocking my throat and turned to reach the surface. At once I found myself on my bed feeling with something in my throat and I cleared it. At 7 PM I was before the TV and I wondered to see that they brought a young man and said he tried to commit suicide at 12 AM by throwing himself from over the bridge on the river Nile; but the people saved him; he came out unable to speak or remember his name. And they asked the audiences to come to the TV station if any one knew him. I concluded that that accident was given to me to understand something in relation with the spirit. When I got the newspapers of next day I read," Most people who watched the view wept for the situation of the young man."
    Related to that I also read a book about, out of the body experience, by Oliver Fox. He was gifted to make out of the body  touring far from the body. He wondered that one day he found himself as an officer in a visit to the tomb of the unknown soldier and he saluted it and left. On his way a soldier met him and saluted him in military custom and he replied him in the same manner. The author said I had never been in the military life and I had never hoped to join it. 
     If I am to interpret these three experiences I should conclude that the astral body has the ability to share the body of another living being temporarily. Also the prophecy of Chuangtsee came true as follows:
When I was a cadet in the fourth year in the M.T. college they said be ready to meet a great visitor to the College.  So the teacher in our department of signal prepared a TV and Camera in a closed circuit to receive the visitor. The visitor was the president of Sudan Nomery. When he entered he noticed his picture on the TV and moved a small stick in his hand to the right and left and smiled and shook his head in satisfaction. We cadet said, he moved the stick to be sure that he saw his instantaneous picture. All that means that the reincarnation of Chuangtsee became face to face with the answer of the question of his past life and the realization of his prophecy as well. 
   A wonder happened in relation with writing this article years ago. I was in a visit to my cousin in his military unit of Radar. While I was sitting with him and other officers we spoke of the radar and at once a butterfly entered and collided with the face of one of them and his strange disturbance made me think of the astral projection as something that works like the ray of the Radar.