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Thursday, June 30, 2011

9-God's Plan

Imagine that you are administrating the whole people of the globe and you want to make them disregard the barriers among them and start a new era under one flag to live without wars and disagreements. What the plan could be? The Creator initiated the solution as follows: In the beginning he chose Jews. They awaited him to be the king of their kingdom. He came and they refused Jesus and kept awaiting for another Christ. By Jesus Christianity spread in a wide area. They awaited Christ to return to repay and added the old Testament to their holy work. Then loved the Jews. Then Islam appeared and spread in another wide area and it shared Jews and Christians the awaiting of Christ on another basis. So three big religions are connected with one and await him. Then the communist believe in the machines. They didn't know that all the machines came from holy verses. They were supposed to return to God when they know the facts. Then the people of the Far East who deny other Heavenly religions believe in Reincarnation and repeated birth. Now Christ returned to tell that he came by that new birth. So all believes come together and all people should be grateful to God and His Christ and accept him to be their ruler. This is the broad lines of God's Plan. Isn't it so perfect. This is the perfectness of God. Be fair and say thanks God.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Armageddon is a name for a great battle that appeared in the Revelation to John. Some people think that this battle is something Spiritual. Most of them take it as a sign for the End of Time and the end of the material world. I am going to explain the Knowledge which I got from the Holy Spirit of God. The name Armageddon Or Harmageddon consists of two parts, Har means hill and Mageddon is name of real place in Israel. So the matter is real battle. This place has historical significance and it saw wars. The pharaoh Thutmose drove away the Hexes invader across that place. In his time the basis of the city Salem was built as a sign for the start of Peace. This was great event so that the people of the area kept it in their historical memory.
   The experts who come to explain the verses know that the realization of the prophecies has some aspects of selection, modulation, creation of new addition and literal. They say that the role of Jesus fulfilled more than 300 of the old prophecies. However the remnant prophecies were delayed to the next role of Judgement. That's why he said, Heaven and Earth can pass away but my saying does not until all come true. Now I am going to explain some verses from the Revelation 16:12-16 which include Armageddon. But keep in mind that every prophecy contains a brain and body. The idea is the important thing in the subject and the prophecy can be fulfilled in different ways and God usually uses the way which keeps the matter covered as a secret to surprise us in the end. Now come to the text:
   "12 Then the sixth angel powered out his bowl on the great river Euphrates. The river dried up, to provide a way for the kings who come from the east.13 Then I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs. They were coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the mouth of the beast and the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are the spirits of demons that perform miracles. These three spirits go out to all the kings of the world, to bring them together for the battle on the great day of Almighty. 15 Listen I am coming like a thief. 16 Then the spirits brought the kings together in the place that is in Hebrew is called Armageddon."
   In 16:12 the prophecy came true considering providing a way is the idea. This came true in history in relation to the prophecy in Ezekiel 38. The Tarter came from the east from Mongol and invaded the north countries including Russia. They stayed there a period then came to the south until the river Euphrates. To cross the river they filled it with countless dead bodies and passed over them to the other side as if they were moving on dried land. 
   When you read Ezekiel 38, you know that God intended to drag Gog and Magog to invade the deserted land of Israel to destroy them there. So we know now that they were the Tarter who after taking Iraq they advanced and invaded the land of Palestine/ Israel. Then at the border of Egypt they were destroyed and their legend with their leader finished in 1260A.D
   But there is another idea about Gog and Magog in Rev.20:7"Satan will bring Gog and Magog all together for battle, as many as the grains of sand on the sea shore. They spread out over the earth and surround the camp of God's people and the city that he loves. But fire came down from heaven and destroyed them." This prophecy came true in the war of 1948 between the Arab countries and the born Israel. The number of the Israelite was like the number of a camp. But the number of the Arabs were like the number of the grains of sand on the sea shore. They were defeated by the modern weapons which throw fire from afar. This is the battle of Armageddon because in the next verse Rev.16:15 "Listen! I am coming like a thief."  That came true by the birth of the Son of Man in June 1948 just after The birth of Israel. That was the coming not the appearance.
   Did that finish the subject of Gog and Magog? No. Because God spoke of them in the Quran and in Mohammad talk they were a sign of the ten big signs of the Last Day. In the Quran ch. the Cave read:" They said:O Zuel Karneen! Gog and Magog are spoiling the land. So, may we pay you tribute to set a barrier between us and them... He said, yes help me with strength of men, I will set it between you and them... So Gog and Magog were not able to surmount nor pierce it...He said: This is a mercy from my Lord, but when the promise comes to pass, He will destroy it. The promise of my Lord is true." 
   This prophecy came true by the events of the wars between Egypt and Israel. When Israel took Sinai she made a high barrier on the east bank of Swiss Canal and called it the line of Bar-lief. It appeared very difficult to surmount and pierce. But in 1973 Egypt army could destroy it. In that time the son of man was an officer in the armed forces living behind 73. 
   Now come to the Rev.16:13 of the three unclean spirits. This is applied to the false teaching about Jesus Christ.  A man appeared hundred years ago claimed to be the awaited Christ and initiated a big group that now have a channel on TV.  By his claim to be Christ he took the place of real Christ and made a lot to lose and escape the plan of God. He set three unclean sayings about Jesus, that he didn't die on the cross, that he wasn't raised to Heaven but died later like any man, that he was a prophet with a national mission and not like Moses or Mohammad. His follower on the TV channel speak with good logic but failed to know the truth. May God forgive him and them. If Jesus was not raised to Heaven the preaching of the gospel would be nonsense, as Paul said. They need to know the secret of the raising to Heaven. To be continued.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7-Reactions from other periods

I found out many reactions in my autobiography for the older ages as if I am the carrier of the holy history. But the reactions are not orientated according the time axis. The matter appeared that most holy stories and words projected on my life from the beginning. We know that the projection of a vertical line is a dot but the dot can't show the length of that line. And the projection of a rectangle is a line and the projection of a sphere is a circle but always the exact dimension is not shown. That's why the reaction is not the same as action but it points to the essential action.
   When I was of about 12 years old I went with other boys to the near Gleam Beach. We took off our clothes and jumped in the water. Most of us were unable to swim; so we stayed near the beach taking care not to go deep in the sea. When I saw the older boys of our area riding a boat I jumped behind them. This appeared pleasing. But after minutes they became a bit far from the Beach and I felt afraid. I throw myself in the water thinking we were still near the bank. At once I got under the surface of water and I was unable to reach the surface. I kept struggling but in vain. I knew I was going to die. Mentally I asked God to forgive me and lead me to the Paradise not the Hell. Then I noticed that every thing around me was immersed in green light. Then I was seeing my body from above squatting inside the water. I felt that a ray of light is pushing my body. After a while my feet touched the land. Soon I got up and stood. Others said they saw me fainting among them. They carried me to the sand of the bank and made the first aids to discharge the water. But there was no water and I stepped up soon. I put on my clothes and searched for my firm friend. They said he went home. I accompanied the other firm friend and went home. There we found that our friend made our mothers in tension by his story. But when they saw us they thanked God and relaxed. Is there any doubt that this event appears as reaction to the story of Jonah in the Bible?  
   Jesus in the gospel spoke of himself as different from Jonah. So the reactions here are not from Jonah but from the One who was in Heaven leading the events of Jonah. That's why Jesus said I am from above. He had the quality of living with a foot in Heaven and another in Earth. This is true event meditate and comment.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6-Reactions from Periods before Christ

In the previous blogs I showed you a small part from the reactions to the period of Jesus. As a Muslim not knowing  the details written in the gospel I didn't notice the relation between actions and reactions. Later after reading the Bible I noticed that relation. And I thought of the reactions which I didn't find in the gospel. Later when I read the Old Testament I was astonished to find many actions that had reactions in my recent live. The matter appeared as if I had lived in the ancient ages. Come now to see how the actions of the period of Moses  were performed in my reactions in recent live.
   I was about ten years old and I got out of my house to play with others in the adjacent wide area. I saw the boys playing by the ball at the far end of the area and I ran to join them. But one of them on seeing me approaching raised his arm toward me and shouted, go away. I insisted to play and joined them. He came to me angry and tried to push me out the playground with his hands. I became angry too. I caught his neck. Then I didn't know what happened. He was in the middle of the little canal beside us trying to stand up. The canal was empty of water but it was filled with black mud. When I saw the boy covered from head to feet by black I felt worried and I ran quickly to my house. I sat down on the couch silently afraid of the results.
   The mother accompanied her boy and came to our house. At the front door she shouted for my father to get out for her. My father went to the front door,"What?"  She angrily said,"Are you pleased with this" and showed him the view of the boy. After he knew what happened he comforted the child and his mother and she left satisfied with his reply. He came to me and said,"That's why I saw you sitting with yellow face. Don't be afraid. Tell me what happened. Why did you throw him in the canal?"  I replied,"He directed bad insult against me and we quarreled."  My father said,"Well, you did right. Yes, do not let any boy overcome you."  Then he walked away smiling saying,"Lion son of lion."  Many times later he was proud of it.
   In the same period I was fond of getting a can full of water and trying to let the Razor float on the water. I liked to do that many times to see the iron floating against the usual rule. To understand the meaning in this reaction you should know that the razor in Arabic is called Moses. There is a verse in the Bible about that action.
   I was in the primary school sitting in the classroom among others and the teacher of drawing entered. He said,"I opened my drawing room for all in the period of the long break. If you love drawing you can come and practice your hobby; don't be afraid; you are not to pay any money; you will be given the papers and colors freely. Who of you (hobby) drawing?" I raised my hand. The teacher said,"Okay; come in the break. That I did. I joined there a few students. Later the days proved that I and another were the best so that the teacher took some of our works and hanged them on the wall of the school.
   Sure it is difficult to see what I meant in this reaction as it is written in English. In Arabic we know that the word hobby is a verb and is pronounced exactly like the name Yahweh. So when the teacher asked (Who?) the matter appeared as if he asked (Who is Yahweh?)
   In the same school; one day the teacher spoke in the loudspeaker,"We are going to make a trip to a village near Alexandria. Who of you want to go should register his name now. The trip will be on the coming Friday and we will gather in front of the school to take the private bus at 9 o'clock. Don't come late."  On Friday we traveled to the village. While I was standing beside the teacher I saw him raising his stick toward the sky and at once it shot a bullet with big noise. The stick which he used to walk by for years converted to a gun in a moment. In the story of Moses the stick converted to a Snake. But here it converted to a Gun.
   When I was a youth of 26 years I met by that teacher by chance. I introduced myself to him and he welcomed me showing his proud of me to see me a successful man as an officer in the Navy. He accompanied me to his house. There was no usual furniture in his flat. It was filled with chairs. I wondered and asked,"Where is the wife and children?"  He said,"We separated. We didn't get children. I am happy that she took all the furniture but left me my books. I don't need except them."
   Later we met together several times and I knew that he married twice and he was unlucky. One day he said,"When I was of your age I attended a show for a magician. He said to the audience,'I can convert the potatoes to apple' and caught one potatoes in his hand, then looked at us as searching for some one. At last he pointed with his hand and addressed me to come to the stage. I went and sat down on a chair. He looked into my eyes and said,'Look at me. This is an apple. Catch it and eat. Tell us about its sweetness'  I took it and gnawed it by my ironic teeth. But I didn't find it sweet. And I said loudly,no, it is not sweet; it is still potatoes. All the audience laughed and made great noise. The magician felt great embarrassment."  He told me this story with self proud and added,"My teacher how could the potatoes become an apple? No; the potatoes is potatoes and can't be anything else."  He laughed and I laughed. He used to call me by his teacher and I didn't object. Sure you can see the reaction here to an old event in the time of Moses. This man replaced the reincarnation of Moses. Later I found out he was the reincarnation of the pharaoh. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

5-Central events 4

During the period of suffering because of the wisdom tooth I went through strange case. Red spots came with stings on my skin allover my body. They increased gradually to make larger spots. When I meditated in the place of the sting I saw human faces with pale lines but accurate. The stings in the middle of my two palms and left leg were severer than the others. I worried and went to my doctor in his civil clinic. He said,"This is sensitivity because of the overdose of antibiotic. Stop taking it and you should take anti sensitivity."  He wrote the name of this anti sensitivity and I thanked him and left. I bought it and take it at home. Soon the red spots vanished with the stings. But the stings in my two palms and left leg lasted for two days then vanished.
   After days a new case happened. I started to see circular waves of light getting out of my eyes toward the inner screen of my closed eyes. Every time I went to sleep I saw that light. After days I started to see very bright tiny stars before my eyes day and night. The light of these tiny stars overcame the light of the sun so that I could see them in the light of the day. After days while I was sleeping I saw a big golden ring filled with a big pentagonal star with two tiny stars inside. After days human faces appeared inside the big golden ring one by one by replacing the big star. After days I started to see pictures of human faces in every direction I looked at. So I saw them on walls, floors, clothes, papers of books, ground, and plants. 
   One night I saw them on the wall of my room and I approached and spoke to them,What do you want? They didn't speak. I returned to my chair and looked again. I saw some changes in the faces. I tried to find out the meaning of that. I recalled that the old people in my family spoke of people on the death bed that they saw their dead lovers. So it seemed to me that I was in the state of dying while I was functioning normally in life. I thought of the vision of the tiny stars and I recalled that the people had a parable about it. When they say, He saw the stars at noon, they meant by it, he suffered ultimately. I took this as a sign for spiritual progress as some creeds stressed on suffering to access that progress.
   After days I started to have slight sensation in the lower region followed by sensation in the region of the heart followed by sensation in the top of the head. As I had read before some books of Yoga I deduced that I gained progress in the Kundaline Yoga. The sensation at the top of the head in this Yoga means the connection with the Spirit of the Universe. Later I could understand that this was another name for the Holy Spirit. Always the new sensation came with new knowledge or idea. later most phenomena fainted except this one. It made me feel that the matter was going to be important and serious.
   I wrote a few papers and went to rest on my bed. In minutes I heard inside my ears as if from earphones,"Peace be up on you Abdelwahab!"  I listened to hear more, but in vain. As I was still believing in the theory of the Total Mind I got up angry. I said to him,"Why do you call me by that name after you have insisted on Christ?"  This was a very brilliant moment. I got the new papers and tore them. I decided to get the Bible to know about Jesus Christ in the gospel. When I read the first gospel I was surprised to see a mysterious relation between my events and the events of Jesus. Day by day I went through more events like that and I was to find out the meaning of that relation. To be continued.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

4-Central events(3)

Thursday went all right and I intended to return to my work in the college instead of going to the Fig Hospital as requested by the doctor. But on Friday I started to have increasing pain in my right jaw. The pain became unbearable at dawn. In the morning I got a taxi to reach the hospital quickly. The doctor of the Clinic refused to receive me because I didn't have the official form from my unit. I told him about the transform but he insisted to refuse because of the instructions. At last I got upstairs to go to the General. He listened to me carefully, then said,"Don't worry; I will write you a form to be seen in three Clinics. I thanked and saluted him and left. The dentist said," You should take off the wisdom tooth after the recover of the gum. I will write you an antibiotic. And come at the End of the Week to take it off." 
   The doctor of ears said,"Your ears are good. The pain comes from the nerve of the tooth"   The doctor of the Nerve Department said,"We have received your file from Jonah Hospital. What happened?"  The pain pressed on my brain and I told him about the soldier and my book. He wrote in my file Paranoid, and said,"You should stay here with us under therapy."  I said,"All right."  Then I went home to get my stuff. At home I left a paper to my wife with the instruction, I don't want visitors; don't worry. 
   In this hospital I was to stay alone in a clean room and I was to take several kinds of pills daily. In two days the pain vanished completely. My tendency to speak with others vanished too. I entered a great state of relaxation. The feeling which annoyed me and was new to me was that whenever I saw two or more speaking together in the corridor the thought came to me that they were sinners and evil. I had never thought like this before. The notion,"I am Christ" repeated attacking me many times. I was afraid to submit lest I become mad. Later I tried to find a suitable reason for it.
   I became ready to believe in spirits but I wanted a proof through the communication. So I directed a question toward the space of the room and closed my eyes to concentrate on receiving an answer. The question which I thought was very difficult was this: If the Spirit of Christ is here please answer me: Why did God create the world ;what is its benefit to Him? I kept silent expecting to get the answer. I received something started with, "No".  Later I understood that the answer could become perfect if that," No", was removed as this:"One in the history knew the answer of that question"  I knew that the German philosopher Hegel had been inspired the answer: As God is the Creator He is to practice creating. If He didn't create He wouldn't be called Creator.
   In that direction I didn't come to rest because of No. In another session I thought of the Total Mind of the society considering it the sum total of all brains in the society. I thought it contained the idea of the return of Christ and it influenced me by unseen power. I thought," May be he chose me for my book; maybe he wanted to reform among people by freeing them from their religions, as old thought." I thought maybe this was the same phenomenon which occurred to the ancient prophets. In another direction I thought of the known saying,"When a society suffers a crisis the people prophesies of the change then in the due time the hero comes for the change." All that rotated in my brain to explain the meaning of that notion to my self.
   In the last day of the week, I got up from sleeping deciding to accept my self as the notion required. At once I felt great joy inside and I felt as if I was going to fly over the bed. I went to the doctor and said,"I am now in good health; please release me."  He said,"Okay" and signed a paper before him. I thanked him and left. I passed by the dentist and took off the wisdom tooth. I went home and decided to add my experience about what happened believing in the idea of the Total Mind.
   In a few days I started to suffer pain in my right jaw. The muscle of my jaw lost its elasticity and became rigid. The eating was painful matter. Therefore I had to return to the Fig Hospital. A new doctor saw me. He dug in my right gum with sharp tools ignoring my pain. And prescribed an antibiotic. I left him thinking that it was the end of pain. But the same disorder returned just after the finish of the antibiotic. I had to return to the same doctor and same painful procedure many times along about more than two months. Pain in eating at home and pain in digging the gum at the hospital was the state those days. At last while I was under the hand of my doctor another high rank doctor passed and gave the correct advice. He said put a piece of cotton in the hole of the tooth to enable the gum to grow slowly. That I did and my troubles ended indeed. This high rank doctor was called Esa which is Jesus in English.           To be continued     

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3-Central Events (2)

I was in great tension those days considering myself a social reformer. I thought I was to teach my society the rational thinking. The other fellow had disorder in the so called in Arabic ( the twelve) in the abdomen. When my mind distracted in (I am Christ), I thought of publishing and asked my fellows " Do you know any publisher?" The Raised in Peace said,"My uncle is a journalist. Why do you ask?"  I said,"I authorized a book and I need to publish it"  He asked,"Is it political?"  I replied,"You can consider it so. It is about the reform of the Arabic nation by the fundamentals of Survival. Of course I escaped from clear answers because I knew it was not suitable for patients. He said,"When I come out I will introduce you to my uncle. Ask God to heal me."  I said following the customs,"May God heal you! and you do with the meaning of your name."  At that time I took the meaning of Raised as a progress in life, not as known in the gospel. We exchanged our addresses and I rose to my feet and said, bye, and went to my room.
   Later after about a month I visited this friend home. I saw him still lying in bed and some visitors were with him. He welcomed me and I offered him encouraging words. It was unsuitable to speak of anything else. The visitors spoke about a blessed Muslim Sheikh they had known, that when he read the Quran he flied toward the ceiling of his room. And he found money under his pillow every morning. I didn't take part in their talk that I was still focusing on the scientific facts.
   On the last day of the week the nurse informed me that my heart was found good and the doctor signed my papers to transfer me to the Fig Hospital to be seen in the department of Nerves. I wondered of that and my tension increased. I went down stairs to meet the doctor. The doctor under practice received me and I sat with him in the room. I asked about my case and he repeated what I had heard from the nurse before. As a godless man I discussed the matter of healing. It seemed that a Muslim soldier heard me. He started to direct mocking words toward us,"The people who deny God should be thrown in fire. I asked the doctor to order him to shut up and said,"Even when I am in the civil clothes I am still a major and this is impolite of him"  The doctor ordered,"Shut up Mohammed"  But he didn't obey and kept mocking in going and returning. I lost the control and rose to my feet. I beat him and he fell down fainted.
   It seemed I was out of mind repeating the word ignorant. The people crowded around us. They tried to make him recover; and tried to make me come down and they gave me a glass of water to drink. Now I was facing the stars and I saw a previous leader with the name(Two Lords) which is given to the one who leads a ship. The wondering of his name came to my mind. He passed to his affairs as soon as he got down stairs. I saw two doctors standing afar speaking together. I heard them clearly. One said, he should not have beaten the soldier. The other said, the soldier could have been died.
   A colonel came through the crowd and said,"The general wants you."  I followed him to the office of the general. He received me frowning,"Don't you know that beating of soldiers is forbidden?"  I replied," I didn't feel myself except after beating him. I lost the control for he was impolite."  The general looked at the colonel,"What is his case?"  The colonel handed him a file. The general raised his face toward me,"Deliver your self to the Fig Hospital on Saturday!" "Yes sir!" " Dismiss"  I got out of his office happy that it passed without punishment. I went upstairs and took my bag; said fair well to my fellows and left. I wanted to return quickly to my home. So I took a taxi which carried me to my home in 15 minutes.
   I found myself alone in the flat. I entered the bathroom and took off my clothes. I noticed red spots on my skin. So I got out and went to get a smear made by doctor Lazar from the wardrobe. When I caught the smear the notion,"I am Christ" returned to my mind. I wondered of that and said to myself,"No; I have just beaten a soldier; Christ wouldn't do that. He was known by his great mercy. No I am not He."  After finishing my bath I went to the kitchen to make tea. My mind distracted while watching the fire in what was happening to me those days. I took the tea and went to my room. When I saw my book on the desk I felt I became at home really. When I hold the book the notion of Christ came again. I felt as if something was telling me to make it in the name of Christ; it appeared as a good idea for publishing but I rejected it knowing for sure that my subject contradicted all religious subjects.           To be continued.