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Thursday, June 9, 2011

5-Central events 4

During the period of suffering because of the wisdom tooth I went through strange case. Red spots came with stings on my skin allover my body. They increased gradually to make larger spots. When I meditated in the place of the sting I saw human faces with pale lines but accurate. The stings in the middle of my two palms and left leg were severer than the others. I worried and went to my doctor in his civil clinic. He said,"This is sensitivity because of the overdose of antibiotic. Stop taking it and you should take anti sensitivity."  He wrote the name of this anti sensitivity and I thanked him and left. I bought it and take it at home. Soon the red spots vanished with the stings. But the stings in my two palms and left leg lasted for two days then vanished.
   After days a new case happened. I started to see circular waves of light getting out of my eyes toward the inner screen of my closed eyes. Every time I went to sleep I saw that light. After days I started to see very bright tiny stars before my eyes day and night. The light of these tiny stars overcame the light of the sun so that I could see them in the light of the day. After days while I was sleeping I saw a big golden ring filled with a big pentagonal star with two tiny stars inside. After days human faces appeared inside the big golden ring one by one by replacing the big star. After days I started to see pictures of human faces in every direction I looked at. So I saw them on walls, floors, clothes, papers of books, ground, and plants. 
   One night I saw them on the wall of my room and I approached and spoke to them,What do you want? They didn't speak. I returned to my chair and looked again. I saw some changes in the faces. I tried to find out the meaning of that. I recalled that the old people in my family spoke of people on the death bed that they saw their dead lovers. So it seemed to me that I was in the state of dying while I was functioning normally in life. I thought of the vision of the tiny stars and I recalled that the people had a parable about it. When they say, He saw the stars at noon, they meant by it, he suffered ultimately. I took this as a sign for spiritual progress as some creeds stressed on suffering to access that progress.
   After days I started to have slight sensation in the lower region followed by sensation in the region of the heart followed by sensation in the top of the head. As I had read before some books of Yoga I deduced that I gained progress in the Kundaline Yoga. The sensation at the top of the head in this Yoga means the connection with the Spirit of the Universe. Later I could understand that this was another name for the Holy Spirit. Always the new sensation came with new knowledge or idea. later most phenomena fainted except this one. It made me feel that the matter was going to be important and serious.
   I wrote a few papers and went to rest on my bed. In minutes I heard inside my ears as if from earphones,"Peace be up on you Abdelwahab!"  I listened to hear more, but in vain. As I was still believing in the theory of the Total Mind I got up angry. I said to him,"Why do you call me by that name after you have insisted on Christ?"  This was a very brilliant moment. I got the new papers and tore them. I decided to get the Bible to know about Jesus Christ in the gospel. When I read the first gospel I was surprised to see a mysterious relation between my events and the events of Jesus. Day by day I went through more events like that and I was to find out the meaning of that relation. To be continued.