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Saturday, August 29, 2015

79- Jesus Created Islam

After I read all the books of the bible and picked out all points which had resemblance in my own autobiography I asked, "Where did the other events, which have no resemblance in the bible, come from? One day it dawned on my mind and I could find some events that could be related with the start of Islam. I narrated before how I knew that Jesus had played the role of Gabriel to Mohammed and dictated the Quran to him. Now I am going to show more.
I had a friend, in my childhood, living in a house facing my house, called Gameel. Several times his parents showed conflict with my parents and once I quarreled with him. Jameel's father was a worker in the factory of copper. One day he told me that he worked among big ovens for melting copper and was liable to suffer the high heat everyday.
While watching a film about Islam I noticed that there was a woman called Aum Gameel (Jameel's mother) and she was the wife of Abu Lahab the uncle of Mohammed that was against Islam. The name Lahab, in Arabic, means strong fire. Abu Lahab was very active in fighting Mohamed and his followers. Quran mentions his name in a Surah warning him to suffer much in the hell in the day of resurrection.
When I was a little boy I made a dart for throwing small stones. One day I put a grain of rice and shot it against a boy in the area. For my astonishment the boy cried loudly as if I shot him with a big stone. Not before I entered the secondary school I could understand why the small grain of rice gained strong effect. The velocity gave the little mass kinetic energy which made it stronger than reality.
The grandmother of that boy looked like a woman I saw, in the book of history, from the countries of Pont (Ethiopia). The boy was famous among other boys by the name Pont. I could find that this event resembled the historical event known to Muslims as the year of the Elephant, in which a king from Ethiopia, led his army to destroy Alkabath of Mica, but God made birds from sky throw them with stones and defeated them.
There is a Surah in Quran about that event by the title, The Elephant because they accompanied an elephant with them to help in destroying the holy cube (Alkabaht). This historical event happened in the same year in which Mohammed was born. It meant that God prepared that event to approve Mohamed and the holy cube.  Mica became the New Jerusalem as told in the Revelation to John.
While I was in the M.T. College I attended a meeting with Badr the commander of the company and its cadets. The fellow cadets complained of me to the commander. For my astonishment he replied to them, "Don't complain from Abdelwahab, he is the best man in your push. Badr reminds Muslims with the first war between Muslims and the infidels of Mica. Muslims were little in number but they could get over the infidels who were in large number. There is a Surah in Quran about the role of God in that war of Badr.
In the beginning of joining the M.T. College, in the period of new cadets, I was liable several times to be punished by the older cadets, by ordering me to rotate many times, around the tall shaft of flag in the ground of the battalion at noon. Later I could understand that the event was to remind with the holy ritual of rotating around the Holy Cube in Mica.

All those events proved to me that Jesus, who was raised to heaven, was living among Muslims, under the veil, in the first period of Islam, and he was behind the creating of Islam as a branch from Christianity with another name. I noticed that Jesus Christ never said he was angel Gabriel, but always the people whom he appeared to them gave him the names they thought and he didn't object. It is like when many people liked to call me by Mohamed and I didn't correct them.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

78- Phase of Bless

In Quran Esa (Jesus) said, I am blessed where I am. In the gospels Jesus said, you won't see me again unless you say blessed him who comes in the name of the Lord." I noticed it came true applied to Egypt as the country I was born in. And by tracing my life after rising I found out most places which were blessed by the attendance of Jesus.
As for Egypt I was born in 1948 and in less than four years the Nasserian Revolution rose and Egypt became a republic country. And she restored her freedom from the English Imperialism. The history tells that successive movements rose, along a century, to make Egypt get her freedom from the English Imperialism but failed.  These movements didn't succeed except after my birth. The Nasserian Revolution refreshed the people and their wills to progress.
President Nasser ended the contract of Swiss Canal and three heavy weighted countries attacked Egypt for it, but it passed and they couldn't restore the Canal. I was a child at the time and I walked with others in demonstrations to shout against Eden the prime minister of England.
The High Dam which was a dream to the Egyptians became a fact. It helped in saving the villages from the abrupt floods and helped in creating the factories which needed electricity.
In the year 1966 I was accepted in the Military Technical College. In the year 1967 Israel attacked Egypt and conquered her army and took Sinai. The matter seemed as if my joining the military life in a college was wrong. By the way, later I found out this event written in a prophecy by Isaiah; it tells, "In the End of days a third from Egypt will be for Israel." It was a dilemma for Egypt and rapture for Israel. In 1968 I started to have the salary of a lieutenant officer that made me able to enjoy myself. 
In 1970, when I was in the fourth year, Nasser the president of Egypt died and President Sadat succeeded him and along a year he was faced by resistance from his opponents. In the year 1971, May 15, in the day of my graduation as an Engineer Officer Sadat succeeded in gathering all his opponents and put them in prison. He called that day The Revolution of Correction. It seemed as if my becoming an officer was a happy incident that reflected on my President. Also it was the necessary correction to bless the Armed forces by winning the victory on Israel. I explained it before in the subject of Al Mehdi.
I joined a military unit in the Navy Forces. After a few months my orientation in the unit was modulated so that I became higher than some officers who were thought to be higher in rank than me.  In 1973 I was promoted to a Captain with three stars on my shoulder. And in the same year I betrothed a girl and made the primary agreement of marriage and offered the gold present to my fiancĂ©e. My relatives, friends, and neighbors celebrated me. In the same year the war of 1973 between Egypt and Israel happened and Egypt won the victory. The Egyptian Army made a great victory on all measures.
Notice that Sadat in those days appointed the great musician Abdul Wahab the maestro of the national song.  And he always said in his speeches to the public a prayer from the Quran, "God gift us a mercy from you, you are Wahab."  The word (gift) in Arabic language is (hab) from which the name of God as Wahab is derived.
In 1980 I was made to retire from the Armed Forces because I said I am Christ. It seemed wrong from the Military Forces that in the year 1981 Sadat was killed during celebrating the victory of 1973. I noticed that whenever the crisis happens in a day of celebrating it means the anger of God.
In 1981 Mubarak (Means blessed) became president and embodied the saying of Jesus, "You won't see me again unless you say, blessed him who comes in the name of the Lord." Most Arabic countries restored their relation with Egypt after long cut during President Sadat. In the beginning of his presidency I was very happy to notice the embodiment of my past saying in his name. Whenever he met people they shouted to him, (With souls and blood we redeem you Mubarak) so that I interpreted it to my favor. I thought he will carry my new mission to the whole world to embody the meaning of the prophecy. But long time passed and he disappointed me.
During the time of Mubarak I suffered a lot on all levels. All doors of publishing my book were closed. The newspapers refused to publish for me. My pension of retirement was very low.  Once I was at Cairo Air Port and the police arrested me and I was kept in there several ours, then I was delivered to a prison there then they delivered me to the national security in Alexandria, which delivered me to a police station until my father came and delivered me. This didn't disturb me because I knew it was some misunderstanding. I was sure that the office of his secretary didn't show him my letters to him. His system started to decay on all levels.
In 2011 the revolution rose and Mubarak was forced to leave the presidency. In one of my letters to him I wrote, it is not necessary for the Army to make the revolution. It appeared as a prophecy and it came true. He was succeeded by President Mursi. The situation didn't improve but it became worse. Nothing changed in my situation and I guessed that the new system of Islamic brothers impossible to allow me to publish my work as Christ. The decay continued.
In 2013 The Revolution of June 30, rose and Cici became President. Now we are in the President CiCi time.
However, all countries were applied to different crisis because they should deliver me the tenth I deserve as in return to their gains from my efforts in inventing and discovering and making this modern civilization. At least I should have a special airplane as it came from my promise to come from sky.

77- Spiritualizing The Lust

Let's explain something in this age which I call spiritualizing the instincts and lust. The slogan of the snake which is drawn as a circle that his head is biting his tail has a deep meaning. It represents the situation of people in every age. Every new movement made by God starts and increases gathering a remarkable number of people leaving behind the people who refuse it. With time passing the wheel of Justice makes the people who started the movement reincarnate in leading situation. Then the people who were left behind reincarnate to follow what they refused before and become the tail of the historical movements. The people who represent the head come to a new way of living different from their old living. The reincarnated spirits don't like to repeat the same old living. That often creates disagreement and fight between them.
Quran expressed this case in the verse, "You denied it so you will be committed to it."  So the people who started Christianity as the head returned to ignore it either by being in another religion or by getting a leading position in it as a wage. The same is applied to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism etc. In this age the rule seemed very dangerous because of the increase of the number of people and the sharp difference between the activities of the head and tail. The instructions which the tail carries from the past are hated from the head that likes to go with new instructions which collides with the old instructions. It is clear that the old life is enemy to the new life. The saint who reincarnates as a king forgetting his past totally hates to live as a saint again. The king and saint are different totally in the nature of their life.  
As the new life became working according to the promises given in the holy books it seems natural to its people. The TV which came from the promise that all eyes will see Jesus Christ in his return became an essential thing in the life of people. In the beginning when this TV appeared the leaders of religions attacked it and advised people to ignore it thinking it comes from the Devil to make the believers spend their time far from the prayers and the religious studies. The truth is that the TV came as a solution from the Holy Spirit to solve difficult puzzles in the Holy Books. These puzzles lie in many verses and prophecies as wishes from the believers to be realized by God.
Let's see what the TV realized from these prophecies. It made most people sit at it long hours; it was the necessary tool to await the return of Jesus on the screen which looks like the sky. The puzzle of the promised meeting with Jesus on air, as Paul prophesied is to be done on the screen of TV. Notice that in the beginning of inventing the Radio and TV they described the live programs by the meeting on air. 
The verses which tell about the news of the wars and disasters find their realization on the TV, that's why we have lots of space channels which deal with the news of the world. They are to embody the promise of the coming of Jesus like the lightening flash which fills the whole world. All the people whose works are connected to the TV came from the ancient people who believed in God and his promises.
The promise to the faithful and sincere people to live forever in eternal world came true by seeing the famous people after their death on the TV as if they didn't die. And you can see them any time on the TV screen. They conquered death like their master. Also, my explaining to the reincarnation from my own mission helps in showing that every soul lives eternally. The past life controls the present life which controls the future life. 
When you see the destruction caused by an Earthquake you see it in detail on the screen of TV. It embodies the prophecies told in the holy books about the End of Time which is not the end of the material world but the end of a holy project.     
The people who work on films and serials create new situations for living as if they embody the promises of the way of living in Paradise and Hell. Many live with the instruction of the city of cinema. They don't consider the old holy laws. They dance, drink, kiss and appear naked without feeling any shame, and hate who tries to impose the religious instruction on them. They represent a cast different from the public people.

They perform and sing for love and dance as a way to spiritualize the instincts and lusts. They don't consider the old morals planted in childhood. They celebrate the marriage by singing and dancing of semi naked women as a trial to enable the new couple forget the shame planted in childhood. The people who were destined to live in paradise due to their good past lives were given the free life and they consider the art and sport as a way for spiritual progress. They prefer to listen to music and see a film or museum rather than to do the religious rituals.  In hell the simple sins can cause lots of troubles. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

76- Gap in Discussions

There were always gap in the discussions with others either friends or relatives. Whenever I told anyone of them I am the promised Messiah he picked a point from his general knowledge to prove his denying viewpoint. Although I felt the shortage in their background I enjoyed the discussion.
My firm friend S.M., who accompanied me in my studying journey till we graduated from the same college as engineers and officers, said, "I had experience with you. You always change your interests. You keep busy with something then you leave it in a short period. So I am sure that you will leave that claim soon. Once you were busy by Yoga; it took long interval from you; once you were busy by painting; once you were busy by writing stories; once you were busy by philosophy."
 Now I wish I can tell him that I have spent more than thirty years busy with it. He had immigrated to USA to work in the field of engineering there.

My friend M.H., who was living in the adjacent house of my parents, was an exception. He believed me without any discussion. As he didn't have background in religions he didn't argue with me. I don't appreciate that way. There is no meaning in believing without investigating some points.
I distinguished him as the reincarnation of Napoleon but I didn't tell him my thought. One day while visiting my parents they told me he died. God bless his soul. Next visit a woman from his relatives  met me on the street and consoled me, "I know he was like brother to you." I said, "Did he suffer a disease?" She said, "No, he slept at night as usual; in the morning they came to his bed and found him putting his arm on his chest like that.", and raised her hand on her chest exactly like the famous picture of Napoleon.
Later on, while reading the Revelation to John I stopped at Ch. 9:11. "They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon: in Greek the name is Apollyon which means The Destroyer."  I noticed that the name Abaddon points to my name Abdo and the name Apollyon points to the name Napoleon. The letter N at the end of Abaddon was cut and pasted to the front of Apollyon to give Abdo and Napoleon. It embodied in the historical General of France who invaded the world. In this age the verse embodied in making the houses of our parents adjacent to each other and I got the military career but my friend was excused from the military service.

My cousin A.Z., who was like brother to me, reminded me with some of the Quran and tried to convince me that Mohamed was the last prophet. He Showed big resistance to my subject, and finally said, "If you succeed with others I will stand with you.", and narrated something from his Islamic experience. He said,
"When I was in the interval of preparatory school I joined the group of a man that called himself Al Mahdi. I loved him and attended all his meetings with his disciples. But one day I saw him coming out of the public market carrying the vegetables and bread. His appearance as a man struggling in carrying his things in the hot weather made me change my idea of him. I saw he was just a man. I lost my admiration to him and stopped to follow him."
I laughed to hear that and said, "Don't you know that Mohammed was a trader and the public market was his field of buying and selling? It means that if you attended Mohammed age you would deny him."
"No, If I was there I would stand beside him," he said.
"Okay," I said. "You mean that as I am familiar to you, you can't get the required effect to respond to me on that level. People usually put the ancient holy persons in a high level as if they were not humans."
"No, not that," he said. "Ali the cousin of Mohammed approved him immediately without hesitation. That I can't do. I can't believe you are a prophet."
"Okay!" I said. "Never mind!"

One of the fellow officers, in the Navy College, entered my office with angry look and stood in front of me, while I was sitting behind my desk, and raised his closed fist against me, and said,
"How do you dare to say you are Christ? Stop that lest I should kill you."
"Respect yourself!" I said with decisive diction. "Watch your mouth and go out of my office."
"Our prophet (Prayers and Peace on him) ordered us to read on your face the first verses from The Cave. Listen to me!"

He recited the verses from Quran and left. Later on I read the instruction of Mohammed in this point. But it tells that this should be done in the face of The False Christ not Esa Christ. It means that he thought I was the false Christ. In that time I was still in my old character not like Jesus and I was ready to quarrel with him by hands although he was higher in rank than me. But it passed peacefully. Later I will show more of these types.