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Sunday, October 20, 2013

49-Tribulation And Rapture

Let's begin with these verses from Isaiah 6:9.
"God told me to go and give the people this message,'No matter how much you listen you will not understand; No matter how much you look you will not know what is happening.' "
Why does God state that law?
God doesn't want any one high or low to know the truth except the one He sends. So many precautions were made to keep the truth of the holy process safe from the intruders. I know the truth by the Spirit of God because I am the one sent from him and I am the deputy of all people to reveal the truth hidden from them. Because of the above principle some little events were twisted to hide the secret of what is going on. So many have studied the prophecies and the signs which had come true already but couldn't know. In previous articles I showed you many of those prophecies which had come true.
     The Tribulation was one of the prophecies which excited much arguments. Some say it will happen and some say it happened. History is full of events that can be considered as tribulations. But the exact one that was predicted by Jesus Christ in Mathew 24: 29-23 should be connected with his return. No one was able to define this tribulation because the time of the coming of the Son of Man was covered. They imagined the events and tried to reconstruct them as they wished but they missed the facts. 
      The Son of Man was born in 1948 secretly as a baby. He came just after the tribulation which was the Second World War. Notice that it was the only war in history which was titled by the World War. It affected all nations of the world in different ways. It could last longer time but by the mercy of God it finished in 1945. They said 60 million souls were killed in that war; and there were economic crisis everywhere. When the war finished the rapture started and increased with the new birth of Israel in 1948. Israel was known in the bible by the Fig-Tree. So its birth leads us to come to Jesus'saying in 32."Let the Fig-Tree teach you a lesson.., to,...the time is near ready to begin" 
     In the Revelation ch.9 we read in the Arabic translation this:Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet. I saw a star which had fallen down to the earth and it was given the key to the abyss. It opened the well of the abyss and smoke poured out of it, like the smoke from a large furnace; the sunlight and the air were darkened by the smoke from the abyss."
     This picture describes the start of the war between Japan and USA. In Arabic language we pronounce the Well by Pear. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor it opened the Well of the Abyss. The atomic bombs which was thrown on Nagasaki and Hiroshima  made the sunlight disappear.
     Where is the trumpet which would announce the coming of  Jesus. It was told that he would come like a thief and that is applied to his new rebirth as a baby, that the thief can't come with a trumpet. But the trumpet is needed in his appearance in the sky. You don't need me to explain that appearance because you have known it in previous articles. But you need to know that the trumpet has been already prepared. Every mean of announcing the news like the TV and Radio contains a loud speaker ready to tell loudly " Jesus Christ is going to appear .. The show will be on air directly.."