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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

92- Humor And Romancy

I was asked among friends, Does God has sense of humor? I wondered that a question like that occurred to someone. However I recalled two points from my story in which God showed me his sense of humor. The first incident is taken from the saying in the Revelation to John; Look I am coming like a thief. It came true when I was born without any propaganda in 1948 just after the birth of new Israel this age. The sense of humor in this part is that my father was a policeman. It seemed as if the one who was to come like a thief was to fall in the hand of a policeman. So how can’t we say that God lacked the sense of humor?
Also, in the Revelation we read about the 144000 people who will be with Christ when he comes and stands on Mount Zion. In this part the sense of humor appeared in that I retired from the Navy Forces of Egypt and my first pension was 144 pound, (14400 piaster or 144000 meleem). It would be incredible if God wanted to say that money now is more important or there was no importance for the standing on Mount Zion. Even that seems as a joke because most Christians look at Mount Zion as a very holy thing.
However no one asked the question, Is God dreamer or romantic? With respect to the people of this age I call for something very romantic and impossible. The Arabic author Altonesy who translated the book of, The Protocols of Zion which dealt with the subject of the international government stopped long at the idea as a superstition impossible to come true. So my task to initiate the international peace by the same idea seemed difficult.  
I thought that the enmity between Arabs and Zion was behind the opinion of the author. I couldn’t believe that the political union of all peoples is bad idea to be refused by a cultured author. I believed that he refused the idea because he thought that the awaited international ruler would be from Jews. Besides, the ways announced in the book of Zion for reaching that goal were offensive not only for the Arabs but also for all nations.
In my case the matter is different. I was from Egypt and I never contacted any Zionist. I thought if Altonesy knew that the international ruler would be from non Jews he wouldn’t refuse the idea. However in speaking of my nationality I found out that in my previous life I lived in all countries. I served all nations as one unit by my holy accomplishments. People were given the fruits of the kingdom exactly like they are given the rain. No nation was prevented from having the airplane or TV or Satellite or cars or Bombs. I didn’t ask for using forces to unite the peoples of the globe. I always think that people have free choice for their ways of life.
In the old world peoples were forced to unite under the power of the invader but I don’t recommend that way. I like them to choose it by their own will through high ideas and through convenience.
Perhaps I seem romantic or dreamer in the eyes of people, but I believe that mindful people should live according to the given facts.  For example: I was a Jew from Israel in a previous life and sacrificed my self to save my people as a very sincere citizen. In this age I reincarnated in Egypt and lived as a sincere citizen sharing my people their hatred to Israel and I became an officer in the army of Egypt which fought Israel. Can that be a ceremony to help the enemies to understand that the reincarnation of man doesn’t consider the enmity? You live now hating the people of some country or their religion and next life it is possible to be born among those you hated.
The disagreement between Palestine and Israel is the greatest problem of the Middle East. It is continuous headache in the area. The Reincarnation showed me that the people of Palestine are mostly from the Jews of previous lives. Their use of stones in fighting was something to remind them with the triumph of David on Goliath the leader of Palestine in the past.  So the people of Israel and people of Palestine should consider these facts and come along together as old and new Jews.
 Am I a dreamer to think that all the Arabic people should unite with Israel and rise as one nation? The devil convinced all to keep in hatred and wars forever. In Quran we read that God says to the Jews, if you return we return too. And now the return of Israel makes that verse come true. Can’t we accept the will of God to please him? 
The Reincarnation seemed to me like the law of Ohm for Electricity. It solves all human problems. Any complaint has a reason in previous lives. The man who complains of his poverty must know that he was rich in his previous life and didn’t consider the poor. The man who complains of his weakness must know he was strong in his previous life and abused his strength with others. The Wheel of Justice is rotating continuously and brings the up to down and the down to up.
The Reincarnation is the law of justice. Every action has a reaction. Some people wondered that God would judge man by eternal Paradise or Hell due to one life only. Reincarnation showed me that man gets multi birth in flesh, and every once is fair reaction to its previous. The thing which man missed in this life man will get next life. So it is better for man to live his role and to do his duty as given to him without adding wrongs to it.

By Reincarnation we know that man judges himself by himself.  Every action has reaction from the same category. The belief in God and his mercy and forgiveness helps in decreasing the severe effect in the reactions of bad actions. So the people who followed the previous prophets of God in the past reincarnated in lucky situation this age.