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Saturday, February 21, 2015

64-Golden Ring Vision

I returned to my Naval Unit in Alexandria. My fellow officers received me with pleasure and wanted to know everything. I knew from them that as I had spent 40 days in the hospital I should be seen by the Commission and I would be retired on pension. They were true and that was done in a few months. I didn't care if I stay in the Navy or retire. I always felt that I am in the hand of God and his destiny as stated in the holy prophecies.
After a week of leaving the hospital I recalled my book, Survival Call, and I felt sorry that I burnt it. It seemed that the atmosphere in the hospital and the cruel pills affected my nature. I tried to write again from the memory and at the end I could obtain about 60 pages of the 600 pages.  
Sometimes I was like a student under the supervision of the Holy Spirit to get a doctorate by guiding me to understand the phenomena which I met.  Sometimes I was like a man that had lost his memory and the Holy Spirit behaved like a doctor to enable me to restore the lost memory by showing me necessary events from around me. Sometimes I was like an actor under the guidance of unseen Director. 
One day I was bewildered of the meaning of the word "Skaka" in a prophecy by Isaiah in the Arabic Bible. Next day I was guided by the Spirit and bought a magazine made by UNESCO. I found in it the whole prophecy, "At the end of days they will hammer their swords into Slka" As the Arabic word Slka means Wire my bewilderment finished. It was a surprise for me to feel the long hand of the Holy Spirit. The matter appeared as if He felt my bewilderment about a biblical word and managed to reveal it in UNESCO' Magazine in Geneva for me.
That event made me pay attention to the events of the whole world. Later on, after years, I got the English Bible and understood that Skaka in the Arabic Bible is correct and it means the blade of the plough which the farmer uses in planting. "At the end of days the nations will hammer their swords into ploughs." So I knew that the mistake was made on purpose as temporary.
One day, I saw a mysterious vision; I saw a big golden ring filling the inner screen of the closed eyes and there were two tiny stars inside it. I thought it might represent the first cell with divided nucleus. But next day while I was walking I saw a book about the stars at the tram station and I bought it. While reading I saw a circular galaxy with two tiny stars similar to the big golden ring I had seen before in the closed eye. The name of that galaxy is r-r Alsiliak.
My imagination went very far to interpret my vision so that I believed that my spirit had come from inside that galaxy. I concentrated again and I got the golden ring again. It came that time filled with a big Golden Star. And after a while the big Star dissolved and was replaced by a human face which lasted a second and dissolved to let the Big Star appear again. In the same manner I received countless human faces. I had the impression that the chain of faces which I saw was historical persons.
Later on, I heard of the famous General of Sudan who was called Sware Al zahab which means the Golden Ring. He made a revolution against the system of governing in Sudan. As the Golden Ring is something used for marriage, it seemed that the Holy Spirit used it to make me pay attention to the ancient description about the marriage of Heaven with earth, or that Jesus is the groom of peace sent by Heaven to the Earth.  
I noticed that there was relation between my subject and the famous names all over the world. There was a famous player of football called Al Khateeb which means the Betrothed. There was a famous artist by the name which means the waves as a sign to the waves of light I described before. There was a famous name which means light etc.