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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

43-Reactions From Jesus Resurrection

In 1971 I had been a cadet of fifth year in the Military Technical College. I was about to be graduated as an officer engineer in the army. The date of graduation show was defined to be after a month. I went outside the college and bought the yellow cloth and delivered it to a tailor. After taking my measures the tailor appointed a date for the proofs to be after ten days. But in the day of going to the tailor for the proofs I fell in troubles with the general of the cadets. He through misunderstanding for the respect demanded to teach me a lesson. He showed great anger and ordered me to be put in the prison cell. I stayed in this prison cell alone isolated from the events of the college. I thought he would release me next day but it seemed that he forgot me. 
     After nine days in the prison I was released. I was anxious to go to the tailor to finish the proofs on the yellow cloth. But in the same day in the evening the general of the cadets summoned all cadets of fifth year to stand at his office. He came and stood before our lines and said,
      "The Navy Forces wants ten officers from your push. I gathered you here to choose only ten from among you to join the Navy. By joining the Navy you will be registered on their pushes and wear their white uniform. The priority to apply is for those who come from Alexandria. Those who want to apply are to stay here to get their names and the rest are to dismiss."
     As I was from Alexandria I was very happy with these news and I applied for the Navy Forces. I thought of the tailor whom I missed his date of the proofs on the yellow cloth. In the evening I went to the tailor. When he saw me he said,"Sorry I didn't work on your cloth yet. I was very busy."
     "Thanks God," I said. "I have come to say that I will be an officer in the Navy and I will get you the white cloth instead of the yellow cloth. But please don't pass the date this time because the time of the graduation is very near."
     "Okay," he said. " As soon as you get me the white cloth I will work on it. Come to me after three days to make the proofs."
      "Do you know anyone who can buy my yellow cloth?" I asked.
      "Sorry!" he said. 
      "Never mind I will go to buy the white cloth now." I said and left him " Peace!"
      In the college a fellow cadet came to my chamber and asked me to sell him my yellow cloth. I sold him the cloth with the same price with which I bought it. I looked at this incident as a lucky incident that I didn't loose anything. In the appointed date the tailor was ready and finished the proofs. Also he delivered me the white uniform in the appointed date.
     To attend the show of celebration I invited my father and uncle. We agreed to meet after the military show outside the college. They watched the show but they couldn't make notice of me. After the show I got upstairs and changed the yellow uniform of the show and wore the Navy Uniform. I looked from the wide glassy window down at the street and saw my father, uncle and cousin. I waved my hand to them and they waved theirs to me. Then I got down. They hugged me saying,"Congratulation!" 
      "We watched the gate," my uncle said. "And no one came out of it with white uniform except you. Why?"
         "There are small number with white uniform." I said. "I hurried to meet you."
     "We noticed the soldiers at the gate congratulating you," my father said. "They didn't do so with others.Why?"
         " I am famous in the College." I replied and we walked and got a taxi to visit the family of my uncle.

     It is clear that the reactions to the resurrection of Jesus had come in symbolic way. The white cloth represents the life after resurrection. However there is another reminding reaction that happened earlier. When I was in the first year in the college I went to my family in Alexandria in the week end. Knowing that one of my uncles was killed previous month I asked my family about the situation of his family whom he left behind.  My sister said," While I was sitting in this room studying I raised my head and saw uncle Abu Sual standing at the door looking at me and disappeared in a moment. 
      "It means you have seen his spirit." I said.
      "He looked the same as we used to see him during visiting us."
      "Did you see him in the police uniform or the civil uniform?" I asked.
      "I think he was in the civil uniform."
      "He had loved you since you were a baby." my mother said. 
      "It is strange that you were not sure of his uniform." I said.
    "He didn't stay long." She said. "He appeared for a moment and disappeared before noticing everything  But I remember his gazing toward me."