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Sunday, November 27, 2011

21-My Reactions from The Period of Daniel

a-Read the story of Daniel in the Bible.
All Jews were captured and led to Babel by Nebuchad Nassr the king of Babylon. The king got a dream and no one of his wise men could interpret it except Daniel. He saw a big statue made of gold, silver, Iron and clay. Daniel interpreted it and the king praised him.
*I got high grades of finishing the high school. So I had the opportunity to join the M.T.College of Cairo. I took my file and got on the train to leave for Cairo. It was the first time for me to visit the Capital. The train ended its long journey at a square called the door of Iron or Ramses. There I saw a big statue of Ramses and I stood for a while to enjoy the view. Then I got on a bus and went to the college and delivered my papers. As my uncle Nassr was living in Cairo I took the chance and visited him home in Almaady. I spent good time with my cousins. After I joined the college a period of five years far from my town started. After the graduation my father said, this college was like a prison; if I knew I wouldn't let you join it. 
   I started my work in a teaching unit. One day they wanted to fix the big board used for teaching the Morse. No one was able to solve its problem. A fellow came to me and asked me to try with it. I agreed and I sat alone in the room to study the paths of all its wires. At the end I fixed it and they were grateful.
b-Three men put in fire:
The king ordered the three men to be put in fire. Then when he looked he saw four men walking in the fire safe. The fire didn't affect even their hairs.He said,"...the fourth is looking like the son of gods"  
*One night, I was in deep sleep and my wife hinted me by a touch,"Get up Get up!"  I opened my eyes,"What?"  In horror she said,"Our flat is firing"  I jumped from the bed," Open the window"  Heavy smoke was coming from inside. I turned on the lights on my way and followed the path of the smoke. I found out that she forgot the meat on fire until it became coal. The kitchen was very hot. I entered and closed the stove. It passed safely and it became a memory.
c-The Writing Hand:
Suddenly a human hand appeared and began writing on the plaster wall of the palace. The king saw the hand as it was writing. He turned pale and was so frightened that his knees began to shake...
*When I was seven years old I went upstairs to attend a lesson at a relative. He opened my notebook and found out that I didn't resolve a question he marked it in the previous lesson as wrong. He ordered me to open my hand to hit it by his stick. I stretched my hand but it shook and the strong hit fall on the bone of my rest. It was very painful and it became red. I saw as if the bone projected at that time. 
   When I was of 26 years old I attended the wedding of one of friends. The took many photos . One day later I visited him in his new home. And he and his bride showed me the photos of the wedding. One picture showed two hands only entering the picture from the edge. They asked, for whom those hands? I looked and replied, they are mine; I know my hands. We laughed that the body was missed in the picture.
d-Daniel in the pit of lions:
Daniel was ordered to be put in the pit of lions but the lions didn't kill him and he came out safe.
* When I was in the M.T.College as a student of second year I went out without permission. I returned at midnight. But the officer on duty was at the door and arrested me and led me to the prison cell. There I found another student from the first year. We slept on the ground waiting to be seen by the colonel in the morning then enter a final exam. In the morning I opened my eyes; I saw my fellow walking to and fro. I comforted him not to worry. He was afraid lest they forget us and don't attend the exam. He kept walking to and fro. The notion emerged in my mind that he looked like the lion of the Zoo in his cage that he always walked to and fro. The soldier called for us to go to the colonel. He asked, why did you go out and where did you go?  I as the older student replied, I went to study better outside. The colonel made the voice of the lion as he used to and said, if so return to the prison cell; go. We obeyed. My fellow was in great tension, why did you sir answer him so? they might prevent us from entering the exam.I said, I replied the truth. Again he returned to walking to and fro. After the pass of the breakfast the soldier came and said, go quickly to the exams. It passed and we succeeded.
e-Daniel was promised to rise in the end:
* After believing that I am Christ I made a book and thought that when the Pope read it he will be happy and inform all Christians and Muslims and the love comes between both tribes. I left for him in his far place in Wadi Alnatroon. I couldn't meet him but a clerk took the book and said, you can go to him in the church of the Daniel Street in Alexandria; you have no need to exhaust your self by travelling to here. Later I went to that Church in Daniel Street several times. So I think that this Pope was the second Daniel. The prophecy came true and he resurrected in a good position as the head of the church in Egypt.
                                                                                                To be continued !  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

20-The Talk of The Signs of The End (d)

Gog And Magog:
I told you in item 8 about Armageddon that God mentioned Gog and Magog in three places: The Old Testament, The New Testament (Rev.), and The Quran. In every place he showed us a different prophecy. I showed you how all came true in successive ages. The Talks about them give an idea about their huge number and they will appear in the time of the second advent of Christ. All other details in the Talks were devoted to hide the secret of that event lest the people hinder the plan of God. The truth is told in a verse in Chapter The Cave in Quran. Read it and notice its connection with me as Christ:
"They ask you about Zoo Alkarneen,....They said to him , Yagog and Magog are corrupting the earth, take in return and make a dam between us and them...Help me I will make a dam of dust between you and them. Bring me pieces of iron to enforce it. Thus it became very strong so that they couldn't ascend or penetrate it. He said, this is a mercy from God; but when the promise of God comes true it will be destroyed that my God is true...Hell is made for the infidels who closed their eyes lest they see our miracles and verses."
   I told you before that this dam of dust was the Line of Parlif which Israel made on the east of Suis Canal after taking Sinai from Egypt in 1967. This line bewildered the Army of Egypt that it was difficult to ascend or penetrate as told in the verses. But in 1973 an engineer found out a simple idea to ascend and destroy it as told in the verses. In that time I was an officer with the rank (Nakeeb) which comes from the word Penetrate and I was residing in the street Palestine which lies behind a long factory with number 73. So I was among the Egyptian army when she conquered the army of Israel.
    The highest leader of the armed forces of Egypt was the president Al Sadat. And the minister of defense of Israel was Mosh-eh Dayan who was one-eyed. His left eye was without sight. So we conclude that he was the one whom the Talks spoke of him as a fighter. He was anti Christ because he fought in false case when Christ was in the other side. So we also conclude that Al Mahdi was Al Sadat whom Christ was to work under his leadership. That was the meaning of that Christ will pray after Al Mahdi. The blessing came from Christ according to the verse in Quran,"I am a blessing where ever I be."  The mission of Al Mahdi was as known appeared when Sadat chose peace and made a treaty of peace with the people of Israel. 
   The last sign Fire emit from Yemen to lead people to Hell:
I told you before that God sometimes changes the names but keep the deed to come true. This sign came true recently and we see it happening now in most Arabic Countries. Fire emitted from Tunisia and transferred to the others making countries suffer in all directions.
                                                                                          To Be Continued !  

Monday, November 21, 2011

19-The Talk of The Signs of The End (c)

The getting down of Esa(Jesus):
In the beginning of my searching for the truth of the inspiration which told me I am the Christ I asked a fellow Christian about the second advent of Christ. He said, At the end of time Christ will come in the sky to abduct the church to him. I asked him, What do you mean by the church? Do you mean all the buildings with their people?  He replied, Yes. I wondered of that answer because I had not read in Islam anything like it. Really when the inspiration came to me I was very far from all religions so that the idea of the coming of Jesus from the sky which was taught to us early was missed in the memory. If it was in the memory I wouldn't accept the notion. When my fellow surprised me with his claim I had to search for its root in the parts of the gospel which I didn't read yet. I found it in a letter to Paul,"We will meet Christ on Air."
   One day I heard the workers on TV speaking about a meeting on air. Immediately I understood that God enabled people to create the TV for making that prophecy come true. However the idea of getting down from heaven in Islam is told but not stressed. Come now to some of the talks and keep in mind the idea of selection which God uses in making the prophecies comes true:( All Talks are taken from the book 'Permission of Telling What said of the Getting Down of Jesus'  by The Muslim Imam Anour Shah from Kashmir.' ) I ask my Christians not to hate adding Islam to your knowledge.
 "Esa(Jesus) will get down from heaven. When you see him know him by these signs: He is medium tall, his color is between white and red, his hair is long and smooth, he is with two uniforms, and his head looks wet without water."  The verse in Quran tells," Jesus is smart in the world and in the after world."
*The memory of that came when I finished the period of the new students in the military college. While we students were standing in lines by the new uniform the officer of the company came and passed before us and stopped at me and said,"Very Smart!"  I said,"Thanks sir!" and restored the attention with a hit from the foot on the ground. In the Revelation John saw a man with white hair. He saw Christ as an old man. So the Quran tells," Jesus speaks in childhood and in old-hood." This destined the appearance to be in the old age. One day a friend greeted me from a far distance before meeting me on the street. He said, I thought your head was wet; it seems that the white hair shines in the sun and makes it as wet. The two uniforms are the civil and the military uniforms of Egypt. So all came true.
 "While the false christ is doing his deeds Jesus will get down at the light-house east of Damascus, in two Mahrosaht putting his palms on two angels. The infidel will die if he meets the wind of his spirit which ends at the horizon. He will seek the false christ and find him at Bab Lode and kill him."
   *I told you before in item one that I lived in Palestine Street. This street lies in a wide area by the name Mahrosaht. Also Egypt is famous by the name Mahrosaht. So the two Mahrosaht came true. The getting down at the light-house came true. I lived in Alexandria which is a sea port and has a light-house. As an officer in the Navy I visited that light-house several times at the Navy Base. So you ask about the east of Damascus. It can come true by visiting it later. Its sign came as a name of a shop in my area. As Christ can't be a killer so the deed of killing is mysterious. Sartre who was supposed to be killed by Christ made a good book named The Existence and Nonexistence. According to his idea the thinker dies when his thinking dies. So when people realize that God exists and He judges the deeds the existentialism dies and its author dies too. The idea of the two winged angels was approached. I started when I was a major with two golden eagles on my shoulders. 
 "Jesus will get down a just governor"
   " When Jesus gets down he will marry in earth." 
   " He will have two boys
   " He will pray after Al Mahdi "
   * To be the governor of the world is the mission of Christ in this age. The marriage came true. The two boys came true. The praying after Al Mahdi will be explained in a next sign. It is not like most teachers thought. 
                                                                            To Be Continued ! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

18-The Talk of The Signs of The End(b)

The Rise of The Sun From The West: This sign makes some teachers think that one day they get up from sleeping and find that the sun instead of rising from east rises in the west. They don't know that the Spirit usually uses a secret way to utter a prophecy. So they say it didn't happen; but I say it happened as follows: God led people to discover America and discover that the earth is like a ball. He also made people point to the people of America as western people. So the man who sits at the edge of the Far East knows that the Sun rises from America which lies at the west. Sure this is better for the prophecy to come true rather than the change of the poles of the globe. Because that change is very dangerous to all living beings.
The False One Eyed Christ:There are several talks about the false christ which describe his call against God and faithful people. Many says it didn't happen yet. They don't know the secret ways of God. So I say he had come and done his role but you didn't know. Please see the following talks:
Samrht Ben Gondob said that the prophet said,"The hour of the End won't appear until you see thirty liars; the last one will be the one-eyed." 
Abu Saayed said that the prophet said," The false christ will be Jewish; he won't have children; and he won't enter Mecca and Madenht. He will be one-eyed that his right eye will be seen but it will not see....He will have people from different tongues. He will have the picture of the paradise as green and with water, but the picture of the hell as black."
Noas said" One day we were at the prophet and he spoke of the false christ in terms of low and high till we thought he is a type of trees. So we left for a time then returned back to him. He said,"He is a youth with little body..his eye is without sight. If you see him read the first verses of the Cave in his face. He will come from an area between Syria and Iraq and he will fight to the left and right. Be patient faithful people and fight him back."
Samrht Ben Gondob said that the prophet said,".....The hour will not come until thirty liars appears and the last of them is the false one eyed who his left eye is missed..."
Abu Saayed said that the prophet said,"He comes when it is prevented to him to enter the outer roads of Madenht and a man goes out to him and says,"I witness that you are the false christ whom our prophet spoke of. This man is the best man in the world, or among the best."
"...He kills the man then animates him. But the man says,'Now I know for sure you are the false christ.' and he says to the people,'He is untrue." ...
Albahly said that the prophet said,"...the false christ will have a paradise and a hell. But his paradise is hell and his hell is paradise."
Hozyfht said that the prophet said," The false christ will come with a fire and a river. The one who falls in his fire must be rewarded and be forgiven, but the one who falls in his river must be punished."
* Of course there are a lot of Talks in this sign. I showed you some of it to tell my idea. As a rule deduced from the example of the past God usually chooses from all details what He likes to embody to be in compromise with the main task. Study how this worked in the period of Jesus Christ.
   These prophecies as I found out came true in two fields: the thinking and the fighting. Jan Paul Sartre made the thinking part come true. He denied God and initiated the Existentialism which makes man behaves as he likes without care to the next live. The thinkers before him that prepared the road to existentialism made the talk of thirty liars come true. The talk of the fire and water which he offers to people are represented in his call for freedom and responsibility. The people who followed him believing in freedom as the main idea in his call lost and were unable to be in compromise with the society. But the people who caught the responsibility as the main idea of his call lived in compromise with the society and were rewarded. A lot of people from every where were affected by his call and followed him. In his book,"The Words" you read:
"A membrane appeared on my right eye and made me one eyed. I was a liar. I had discussions with the Holy Spirit. I worshiped the idol of Pharisee."  He didn't have children as the Talk mentioned. And he was Jewish by being belonged to the Pharisee who were against Jesus.But as the prophet said about him in terms of low and high I saw Sartre as a high thinker. He had high points and low points.  
   The other false christ described with the left one eyed man and would fight the faithful to the right and left will be shown in a next sign. 
                                                                                To be Continued.

Friday, November 18, 2011

17-The Talk of The Signs of The End

   We will see ten prophecies made by Mohamed in the Talk(Hadith) of the big signs of the hour of the end. His disciple Hozyfht said,"The prophet passed by us,'what do you study'""We study the hour of the end."  He said,"It won't come before you see ten signs: The Smoke, The False Christ, The Dapht, The rise of the sun from the west, The descend of Esa(Jesus), Yagog and Magog , three collapses: one in the east, one in the west and on in the Arabian countries; And the last sign: The emission of fire from Yemen that leads the people to the hell."
   * In the following I will show you some principles to understand how the prophecies come true. These principles are applied to all religions. So I say that all these signs have come true, but most of teachers say no it didn't happen yet. They say so because they don't know the principles which God follows to make the prophecies come true. Let's see that:
   The Smoke:This sign is taken from a verse in Quran,"Await the day when the sky sends smoke; this is torture for the people; they will pray God to remove that torture saying we are faithful." 
   Most of teachers think that this smoke will come over the whole earth. I say if that happened all people will die without seeing the other signs. The principle is that the destroying prophecy comes true in samples. So you can say the smoke came true by several events like that of : the atomic bomb; the disorder of the Nuclear Reactors; the emissions of huge factories; the emissions of volcanoes; the custom of cigarette; the firing of piles of plants and woods..etc I was reminded by this sign early before marriage. In my area there was a factory of potter which used to emit black smoke that tortured the people of the area. And they complained in vain.
   The Dapht:This sign is taken from a verse in Quran,"When the saying comes down over them we will get a Dapht(apparently a huge beast) out of the earth to speak to them that the people were unfaithful."
   I told a cultured Muslim, this sign came true by the Radio that speaks and we understand its sayings. He said, no this Dapht is a living beast that walks on earth as its name implies. I said, isn't the Radio better for people than getting an animal to speak then die? He said, the matter is not the better or the worse, it is that God said something and He is able to do it in the promised time. I couldn't continue with him. In the following I will show you the description told in other talks of Mohamed.
   "It has the length of sixty arms; it can't be surpassed or escaped".. It is applied to the transmission and the length of the wave.
   "It's chest reaches the Yemen when its tail doesn't come out yet from Agiad." ..It is applied to the nature of the wave that it has a chest and tail at its station.
   "It has all colors and there is long distance between its two horns."..It is applied to the aerials which the broadcasting station uses to send the transmission to far places.
   "Its voice is like the voice of the donkey."..It is applied to the loud speaker built in the Radio or TV.
   "It will come out with the ring of Solomon and the stick of Moses."...It is applied to the tricks used in the voice and pictures."
   The memory of that came to me when I was in the preparatory school. I found in the library a book that enabled me to make the Crystal Radio. Later I became an engineer in the same field. 
                                                                              To be continued!

Monday, November 14, 2011

16-Reaction from the period of Mohamed

   This item is intended to show you the role of Jesus Christ the raised in heaven in the time of the initiation of Islam. However the reactions from the period of Jesus didn't finish yet. From the period of Mohamed I got many reactions which proves that I had been living there. In the autobiography of Mohamed you read,
"Mohamed was sitting with his friends when they saw a man that came and sat before him. He appeared strange to them and the signs of travel didn't appear on him. The man didn't say the greetings of peace and didn't look at any one of the attendants. He approached Mohamed and sat down before him making his knees touch the knees of Mohamed then asked him,"What is Islam?" " Islam is to witness that no god except God, and Mohamed is his missionary"  "What is faith?" " Faith is to believe in God, His angels, His books, His missionaries and the last day."  "When will the hour of the end happen?" "The one who is asked about it doesn't know it better than the one who asked."  The stranger said," You have said the truth", and left as he came.
   The friends of Mohamed asked,"Who is the man?"  He replied,"This was angel Gabriel; he came to teach you  your religion."  You should wonder of that event. Mohamed used to see Gabriel but his friends didn't see him before. It was the only time that they saw him. This event generated a reaction with me which proved that I was that Gabriel. One day after being an officer in the Navy I was met by the phenomenon of hypnotizing and I wanted to search its truth. I asked many libraries about a book in hypnotism and didn't find it. After hard search  I could find one book only in a far library. It was authorized by an Egyptian doctor in 1946. His way was to sit before the medium and make his Knees touch the knees of his medium. I tried this method. One day I was sitting with my cousin and a friend and I told it to them. My cousin wanted to submit as a medium. I used the method with him. For my surprise my cousin didn't sleep but my friend who was watching the process was the one who slept. 
   I explained the process to a friend in the Navy Unit. Immediately he called for a soldier and tried it upon him. He succeeded and the soldier slept. He then asked him about his brother who had been abroad. The soldier gave him the answers. Later I asked my friend about the answers and he told me not all his answers were true. My brother sent me a telephone which made me know he was not always true. We laughed together and I said, the author of the book spoke of this too, that sometimes the medium in wanting to satisfy the hypnotizing master says any thing.  To be continued.

Friday, November 11, 2011

15-More Reactions from Jesus Period (2)

   By careful investigation in my autobiography I found out that some actions generated more than one reaction. And the machinery of generating these actions started early before the Central Event described in previous items. Also they were orientated on different places on the axis of the time of life. As follows:
   Golgotha: You know that Jesus had been crucified in Golgotha. The memory of that name and the approach to the events that had happened there came early in my Childhood. When I was less than 3 years old, my family was living in a rented room, on the ground floor in a house owned by a relative called Abu Solomon. One day I left the room without the attention of my mother. I walked in the long corridor leading to the front door of the house. At the end the basket of trash attracted my attention. I saw something in the trash eatable. I took a piece of it and put it in my mouth. Soon I cried loudly and wept.It was very bitter. It appeared as if I filled my mouth and throat by needles and bolts. My mother hurried up to me,"What?"  When she saw a shell of Golgatha( Kind of Vegetable like potatoes) she understood and carried me to the room. She made me a glass of water mixed with sugar. After drinking it I came to rest. This became a complex in my life that I hated to eat it even after becoming of old age and even it was cooked. 
   Vinegar:In Jesus story you read,"A soldier soaked a sponge in cheap wine, put it on a stalk of hyssop, and lifted it up to Jesus lips" The memory of that event appeared when I was about 5 years old. My mother left for the village to visit her ill mother and left me for the care of my grandmother. One day my grandmother prepared the breakfast from broad beans and bread. When I tried it I couldn't continue. It was very bitter. She tasted it and said,"I mistook the oil for alcohol" It became an event to speak about between us and laugh. 
   Columns:When I was in the high school vacation I joined the work in a company for cleaning the beaches of the seaweed. One day a truck came and carried a group of us to the chief building of the factory. At the door there were a pile of long and heavy Columns of Wood. They ordered us to carry it to a place inside the fence.  The distance was very long and I hardly carried one of the column. But I carried it lest they think I was not a man or weak. While I was moving I passed by a group of girls sitting at the side of the road. They said,"He could carry the column. Why did they say he couldn't"  I didn't pay attention to them. But I guessed that someone spoke of me to them. Is there any doubt that this was an approach to the event of carrying the the wood of the cross?
   Carpenter:When I was about 13 years old I found a circular disc of wood on the roof I took it to the ground and started to make it as a table with long legs. That day was a complex. My father got angry that it made me not attend the lunch. He shouted loudly for me to stop it and come to have lunch. I had to obey and completed the task after lunch. This table is still standing so far. Also after the Central Event I could make a word rope to use it for the left over things.It means the incarnation of some job in the past.   

Thursday, November 10, 2011

14-More Reactions from Jesus period

  Jesus Christ used strong actions knowing that such kind makes reactions appear more clearer in the future.   Strong actions include the over reactions to simple actions. He made that on purpose as you have realized in the action with the fig-tree in a previous chapter. In the following I will show you some reactions to the past actions which confirm that we are before one soul reincarnated for another role.
   Perfume: In the year 1980 I wanted to travel to USA to publish my work. I thought that the people there were encouraging every new thinking. So, I joined an institute to improve and refresh my English. One day I was sitting on a table with others in the garden of the building. A woman sitting beside me opened her bag and got out a glass of perfume and put something from it in the hands of the woman on her left. I stretched my hand to have some of it thinking she will give all fellows. She put perfume in my hands and I thanked her. Soon a fellow who by chance was my student in the college stood up laughing loudly and repeated toward me" Female Perfume"  I smiled during this mocking taking it as a joke to let it pass. And it passed. Sure you no the the original story in the gospel. 
   Work:After I retired on pension from the Naval Forces I kept many years studying the holy subject. When I became sure of my subject I tried to publish my work here in Egypt. But I couldn't. And I was anxious to work and earn more money to rear my family. I joined a security company as an engineer to repair the machines. Most of my fellows were retired officers. After a period of working I felt that I worked harder than them and my wages are less than what I deserved in comparison to the wages of other fellows. So I went to the manger and asked to increase my wages.He agreed; but didn't carry out his promise. I was fed up with that injustice for months then left the job. You know the parable in Mat. 20:8 about the wages.
   Divorce:I disagreed with my wife many times and I was convinced that separation was better for us both. She didn't commit adultery. But she always was in conflict with me for my thinking and for needing more money and she made me unhappy by blaming me many times that I left the Navy. I thought seriously to divorce her. Although Islam allows divorce I preferred to be patient for the sake of children. At last I knew that she was Marta the sister of Mary in the past role. She wanted Mary to help her in preparing the food instead of sitting at Jesus. But he rebuked her and praised her sister in an over reaction. You know the story.
  The Dead:My birth village contains many relatives. As I was brought up to consider the traditions I was to attend the funerals and do the duties of consolation. So a telephone comes to relatives near me in Alex. and they inform me. But lately they stopped to inform me. I went to them and blamed them that they didn't inform me and made our relatives think that I didn't consider them. They offered me excuses and promised to consider it in future. But again and again they didn't inform me. I wondered of that until I knew the secret. In the past I told some one, let the dead bury their dead and come with me.