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Saturday, November 19, 2011

18-The Talk of The Signs of The End(b)

The Rise of The Sun From The West: This sign makes some teachers think that one day they get up from sleeping and find that the sun instead of rising from east rises in the west. They don't know that the Spirit usually uses a secret way to utter a prophecy. So they say it didn't happen; but I say it happened as follows: God led people to discover America and discover that the earth is like a ball. He also made people point to the people of America as western people. So the man who sits at the edge of the Far East knows that the Sun rises from America which lies at the west. Sure this is better for the prophecy to come true rather than the change of the poles of the globe. Because that change is very dangerous to all living beings.
The False One Eyed Christ:There are several talks about the false christ which describe his call against God and faithful people. Many says it didn't happen yet. They don't know the secret ways of God. So I say he had come and done his role but you didn't know. Please see the following talks:
Samrht Ben Gondob said that the prophet said,"The hour of the End won't appear until you see thirty liars; the last one will be the one-eyed." 
Abu Saayed said that the prophet said," The false christ will be Jewish; he won't have children; and he won't enter Mecca and Madenht. He will be one-eyed that his right eye will be seen but it will not see....He will have people from different tongues. He will have the picture of the paradise as green and with water, but the picture of the hell as black."
Noas said" One day we were at the prophet and he spoke of the false christ in terms of low and high till we thought he is a type of trees. So we left for a time then returned back to him. He said,"He is a youth with little body..his eye is without sight. If you see him read the first verses of the Cave in his face. He will come from an area between Syria and Iraq and he will fight to the left and right. Be patient faithful people and fight him back."
Samrht Ben Gondob said that the prophet said,".....The hour will not come until thirty liars appears and the last of them is the false one eyed who his left eye is missed..."
Abu Saayed said that the prophet said,"He comes when it is prevented to him to enter the outer roads of Madenht and a man goes out to him and says,"I witness that you are the false christ whom our prophet spoke of. This man is the best man in the world, or among the best."
"...He kills the man then animates him. But the man says,'Now I know for sure you are the false christ.' and he says to the people,'He is untrue." ...
Albahly said that the prophet said,"...the false christ will have a paradise and a hell. But his paradise is hell and his hell is paradise."
Hozyfht said that the prophet said," The false christ will come with a fire and a river. The one who falls in his fire must be rewarded and be forgiven, but the one who falls in his river must be punished."
* Of course there are a lot of Talks in this sign. I showed you some of it to tell my idea. As a rule deduced from the example of the past God usually chooses from all details what He likes to embody to be in compromise with the main task. Study how this worked in the period of Jesus Christ.
   These prophecies as I found out came true in two fields: the thinking and the fighting. Jan Paul Sartre made the thinking part come true. He denied God and initiated the Existentialism which makes man behaves as he likes without care to the next live. The thinkers before him that prepared the road to existentialism made the talk of thirty liars come true. The talk of the fire and water which he offers to people are represented in his call for freedom and responsibility. The people who followed him believing in freedom as the main idea in his call lost and were unable to be in compromise with the society. But the people who caught the responsibility as the main idea of his call lived in compromise with the society and were rewarded. A lot of people from every where were affected by his call and followed him. In his book,"The Words" you read:
"A membrane appeared on my right eye and made me one eyed. I was a liar. I had discussions with the Holy Spirit. I worshiped the idol of Pharisee."  He didn't have children as the Talk mentioned. And he was Jewish by being belonged to the Pharisee who were against Jesus.But as the prophet said about him in terms of low and high I saw Sartre as a high thinker. He had high points and low points.  
   The other false christ described with the left one eyed man and would fight the faithful to the right and left will be shown in a next sign. 
                                                                                To be Continued.