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Friday, November 18, 2011

17-The Talk of The Signs of The End

   We will see ten prophecies made by Mohamed in the Talk(Hadith) of the big signs of the hour of the end. His disciple Hozyfht said,"The prophet passed by us,'what do you study'""We study the hour of the end."  He said,"It won't come before you see ten signs: The Smoke, The False Christ, The Dapht, The rise of the sun from the west, The descend of Esa(Jesus), Yagog and Magog , three collapses: one in the east, one in the west and on in the Arabian countries; And the last sign: The emission of fire from Yemen that leads the people to the hell."
   * In the following I will show you some principles to understand how the prophecies come true. These principles are applied to all religions. So I say that all these signs have come true, but most of teachers say no it didn't happen yet. They say so because they don't know the principles which God follows to make the prophecies come true. Let's see that:
   The Smoke:This sign is taken from a verse in Quran,"Await the day when the sky sends smoke; this is torture for the people; they will pray God to remove that torture saying we are faithful." 
   Most of teachers think that this smoke will come over the whole earth. I say if that happened all people will die without seeing the other signs. The principle is that the destroying prophecy comes true in samples. So you can say the smoke came true by several events like that of : the atomic bomb; the disorder of the Nuclear Reactors; the emissions of huge factories; the emissions of volcanoes; the custom of cigarette; the firing of piles of plants and woods..etc I was reminded by this sign early before marriage. In my area there was a factory of potter which used to emit black smoke that tortured the people of the area. And they complained in vain.
   The Dapht:This sign is taken from a verse in Quran,"When the saying comes down over them we will get a Dapht(apparently a huge beast) out of the earth to speak to them that the people were unfaithful."
   I told a cultured Muslim, this sign came true by the Radio that speaks and we understand its sayings. He said, no this Dapht is a living beast that walks on earth as its name implies. I said, isn't the Radio better for people than getting an animal to speak then die? He said, the matter is not the better or the worse, it is that God said something and He is able to do it in the promised time. I couldn't continue with him. In the following I will show you the description told in other talks of Mohamed.
   "It has the length of sixty arms; it can't be surpassed or escaped".. It is applied to the transmission and the length of the wave.
   "It's chest reaches the Yemen when its tail doesn't come out yet from Agiad." ..It is applied to the nature of the wave that it has a chest and tail at its station.
   "It has all colors and there is long distance between its two horns."..It is applied to the aerials which the broadcasting station uses to send the transmission to far places.
   "Its voice is like the voice of the donkey."..It is applied to the loud speaker built in the Radio or TV.
   "It will come out with the ring of Solomon and the stick of Moses."...It is applied to the tricks used in the voice and pictures."
   The memory of that came to me when I was in the preparatory school. I found in the library a book that enabled me to make the Crystal Radio. Later I became an engineer in the same field. 
                                                                              To be continued!