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Monday, November 14, 2011

16-Reaction from the period of Mohamed

   This item is intended to show you the role of Jesus Christ the raised in heaven in the time of the initiation of Islam. However the reactions from the period of Jesus didn't finish yet. From the period of Mohamed I got many reactions which proves that I had been living there. In the autobiography of Mohamed you read,
"Mohamed was sitting with his friends when they saw a man that came and sat before him. He appeared strange to them and the signs of travel didn't appear on him. The man didn't say the greetings of peace and didn't look at any one of the attendants. He approached Mohamed and sat down before him making his knees touch the knees of Mohamed then asked him,"What is Islam?" " Islam is to witness that no god except God, and Mohamed is his missionary"  "What is faith?" " Faith is to believe in God, His angels, His books, His missionaries and the last day."  "When will the hour of the end happen?" "The one who is asked about it doesn't know it better than the one who asked."  The stranger said," You have said the truth", and left as he came.
   The friends of Mohamed asked,"Who is the man?"  He replied,"This was angel Gabriel; he came to teach you  your religion."  You should wonder of that event. Mohamed used to see Gabriel but his friends didn't see him before. It was the only time that they saw him. This event generated a reaction with me which proved that I was that Gabriel. One day after being an officer in the Navy I was met by the phenomenon of hypnotizing and I wanted to search its truth. I asked many libraries about a book in hypnotism and didn't find it. After hard search  I could find one book only in a far library. It was authorized by an Egyptian doctor in 1946. His way was to sit before the medium and make his Knees touch the knees of his medium. I tried this method. One day I was sitting with my cousin and a friend and I told it to them. My cousin wanted to submit as a medium. I used the method with him. For my surprise my cousin didn't sleep but my friend who was watching the process was the one who slept. 
   I explained the process to a friend in the Navy Unit. Immediately he called for a soldier and tried it upon him. He succeeded and the soldier slept. He then asked him about his brother who had been abroad. The soldier gave him the answers. Later I asked my friend about the answers and he told me not all his answers were true. My brother sent me a telephone which made me know he was not always true. We laughed together and I said, the author of the book spoke of this too, that sometimes the medium in wanting to satisfy the hypnotizing master says any thing.  To be continued.