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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

33- Christ Behind The Veil

The rise of Christ to heaven is the greatest mystery in the human life. It is a spiritual phenomenon no one knows its importance except Christ. In the Bible the phenomenon is mentioned in several positions and it was mentioned in the Quran as the rising to heaven. But no one could understand how it works or what its benefit. I am the only one who can speak of it according to the truth because I am Christ who had passed by that experience. When a man rises to heaven he passes through some changes. His human body is replaced by a spiritual body keeping his own consciousness. He lives behind the veil without need to eat or drink or breathe. He becomes able to go to any place at will. He becomes able to control the human walk to any direction by his authority on any thing. He doesn't feel the time passing. He lives the total freedom but controlled by his own promises and prophecies. He lives able to be seen or unseen at his will. 
    The ultimate fact about this phenomenon is that one from the humans who experienced their lives goes behind the veil to help them fulfill their wishes and desires by his heavenly authority. In that position he offers the people with every thing they wanted to progress in the direction of his purpose as recorded in his promises and prophecies. I got two reactions to describe all that. When I was a cadet in the M.T. College we had a professor of Math called Meek which is a symbol to Jesus the meek. This prof used to enter the section with sheets of problems and spread them on the cadets then go in front of the section and set on his chair. Then he chose a cadet to come to the blackboard to solve the problem. When the cadet succeeded in solving the problem or not he ordered him," Get down"  The matter appeared that he accustomed to that expression. But it seemed as if he asked him to get down from above to the ground. Anyway it means that when Christ was in heaven he was to choose who could solve the problems of the promises and prophecies. 
   Also I had a cadet friend able to write the lectures from the mouth of the lecturers very well. We decided he and me to study together. He was to read and I was to listen to him. By this way we could succeed easily. This example showed me that it was necessary for Christ to hear his people during reciting the gospel or the Quran. They were to remind him every day by his words that he couldn't return to live in flesh before fulfilling all his promises and prophecies. So you see that we are before a great building task. They always reminded Christ behind the veil that he would come again on the clouds. And he used his power to choose the people who could solve this problem. They thought of inventing the airplane and he by his power agreed them," So be it!"  All inventions came to existence just like that. 
   The raised one is interested in one more task. He knows that getting a flesh to start the life from childhood means to forget all the past lives. So he makes some efforts to prepare for reminding himself with his past. For that purpose he chooses some of his lovers to record some of his appearances in different places under different names. When he comes in flesh he can compare the reactions with the actions in those appearances and becomes sure of the subject.  That's why I know that I played countless roles in different countries after rising to heaven to prepare the world for the End Day.