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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

53-The Black Head

I was transferred to a small unit in an area with a strange name which can be translated to the Black Head. I was put in a small workshop to maintain the apparatuses of communications. It was clear that the General of the unit had been told by the Chief of Security a hint about me. I understood that when the head of the workshop said to me, I don't know why the General asked me to watch your behaviour. Of course the General of security told him I had claimed to be the Messiah. It meant to him that I had the disorder of the false feeling of Huge Personality.
     One day the General gathered all the workers of the unit to give a speech. Among what he said was the following inciting words:
      " The engineers shouldn't be proud that they could fix the apparatuses. They are like the little worker who maintain the small petrol stoves." 
     Soon I wanted to reply that  measuring to that description of the engineer, the captain of a ship was just a driver of a caret. But something in my mind told me, don't speak, it is a trap made for you; he wanted to catch a chance against you before all. But something very strange happened.
     Many times while looking at him I saw his head without hair at all although in reality he was with thick hair in the head. I didn't know in that time the meaning of that phenomenon. Later when I was guided by the Holy Spirit to read a book for the Lama Tuesday Lobsang Rampa I knew a great fact. 
     He explained that the highest spiritual degree required a head without hair. He considered the black headed people were ordinary people and wished to attain the degree of a lama without black hair in the head. This told me that the area of The Black Head points to my work in Tibet while being in heaven before my new birth. Thus the Spirit wanted to remind me with some facts from my past while being raised in heaven.
     Of course that made me know that the works of Rampa were made under the guidance of Jesus. And Indeed it solved a problem in understanding  my experience. Later, I will explain it.
     One day the General summoned me to his office. When I entered his office I saw the Sheikh of the unit sitting there before his desk. The General welcomed me, come and sit Abdelwahab. I entered and sat down before the Sheikh. 
     "Abdelwahab!" the general said," you are haunted by a bad spirit which makes you think you are the Messiah. I summoned Sheikh Mahmoud to dispel that spirit to enable you to return to your children and your normal life."
       " Sir, what do you want me to do?" I asked.
       "Just listen to Sheikh Mahmoud" the General said and directed his sayings to the Sheikh, " Do your work and dispel the bad spirit from him."
Sheikh Mahmoud stood up and put his mouth near my ear and said,
     " God Is Greater! God Is Greater! God Is Greater, In the name of God I order you the bad spirit to dismiss and leave Abdelwahab forever." He repeated such words several times. When he finished he returned to his seat.
      The General said to me,"What do you feel now?"
       "Sir, I will keep my belief for myself and give you the work you order me to do in the unit."
       " Now is the prayer."the General said," Lets wash and pray together. May God guide you!"
He entered to the bathroom in his office and I followed him before the Sheikh because my rank was bigger than the rank of that Sheikh. When the Sheikh finished the General stood beside me and the Sheikh stood in the front to lead the prayer of the time. When we finished the General shook my hand in peace and allowed me to leave, "May God guide you!"  I saluted him and left his office. The fellows in the workshop who were anxious to know why the general summoned me came and asked,"What did the general said to you?"