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Sunday, October 15, 2017

103- Coming From Death

In this new session I managed to narrate my start to my friend. I always call this start the Central Period. I said, "The actions in this Central Period, you as a Muslim can't feel it, because the story told by Quran about Jesus is different and lacks the details."
"Please leave the estimation to me," he said.
"I was in difficult mood after my mind settled on that life goes on without purpose or meaning. There is no afterlife or end judgment. As I had a theory about the wish and will I planted the wish of death in my mind believing it would come in the due time. But I thought it would be better to write my mind to leave it to my children. Soon I got papers and under the title Survival Call I started to write. I was in a hurry lest the death I wished of should come before finishing my task. My writing was full of words against God denying his existence. I urged people to stop calling God and to focus on believing on sciences and the rational thinking. This effort took about a year of writing every day.
"One night I finished a manuscript of more than 600 pages. I was very happy of it and lost my wish of death. I changed my mind about my wish of death. On the contrary I wished to live long to see my society able to publish it and read it to advance with my new ideas. I put it on my desk and went to sleep hoping of fulfilling my new wish. 
"At dawn I awoke feeling I was stabbed strongly with a sword in my heart. I felt great pain and my mind was in bewilderment of the source of it. The pain increased and became unbearable. I tried to change my position on my bed but the increase of pain prevented me from it. I kept lying on my back. I lost my breath and I was suffering the real death. Something inside urged me to call the Lord God. But what I wrote in my book prevented me from it thinking that it was nonsense to call the illusion.
"After a while it seemed that I fainted and I came out of it knowing that I had just cried loudly for the Lord God. I restored my lost breath and became able to move freely. I sat on my bed and turned on the light. The pain became bearable. My wife who was sleeping in the far room awoke and came to me. She heard my loud cry to the Lord God. I told her what happened and asked her to call my neighbor Mr. Successor to carry me with his car to Jonah Hospital of the Navy.
At the Jonah hospital the doctor put me in the intensive care room, and ordered me to put the mask of Oxygen. Soon the pain increased and the doctor wondered.  So he ordered me to be kept in the hospital to be seen by the chief of the department of the heart. From the first day I was to take some kind of bills. When the chief doctor saw me he gave orders to the assistant nurse to get the chart of my heart and other analysis.
I slept early in the night but I awoke at dawn with slight pain in the heart like before. After it vanished I returned to sleep again. This slight pain kept going on in the following two dawns.  In the third morning I got up on a noise in the department and I knew that two patients from the Navy were put in the next room. After an hour or more I got out of my room to visit them. They welcomed me to sit with them and I introduced myself to them. The first in introducing himself said,
"I am Rising in Peace. I made hard effort in the funeral of my father and got painful heart attack."
"Sorry!" I said and I looked at the other patient, "What is his situation?"
"He suffers disorder in his Twelfth (Part of the intestine)," he answered.
At this moment I distracted and my mind told me, I am the Messiah (Christ).  I wondered and returned back to my fellows. We continue the chat about the publishing and other things and then I left. At my room I thought again of that wondrous notion but I couldn't know its source. The matter seemed as if we were words in one phrase; Rising in Peace, Twelve disciples and Christ.
On the morning of Thursday the nurse said, "Your heart was found good and the doctor directs you to go to the department of Neurology in the Fig Hospital of the Navy. Your file will be transferred to it."
I understood that my case was difficult and I got down stairs to discuss it with my doctor. Alas the chief was not in his office and I met a newly graduated doctor there. I discussed with him openly but a soldier on hearing part of my sayings was incited and lost his polite and started to throw accusation of atheism toward me in going and returning. He repeated saying, the atheist will be thrown in the fire of hell.
I asked the doctor to stop the soldier but he didn't obey the doctor. I lost my control and hit him with a strong blow. The soldier fell down fainted; people crowded around us. Some were around the soldier and others were around me, "Come down! Come down!" and brought me a glass of water to drink. I was repeating the words, "He is ignorant and he is against the progress of our nation!"
I was led to the general of the hospital who blamed me and asked the colonel to see my file. The general said, "Deliver your self to the department of Neurology in the Fig Hospital."  I was happy it passed and left the hospital after greeting my fellows with peace. I took a taxi to my home to reach quickly. This is the start which seemed like the terminal of long thread.
"But all this doesn't help me to believe you are Christ," Muslim Imam said. "Please show me what you saw in these events."
"Okay, let's continue tomorrow," I said.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

102- He Sleeps

In this session he came anxious to know how the matter started; how I believed myself to be Christ. I made coffee and offered it to him, and then I started to speak: "You know what I mean by action; but I think you should know also what I mean by the reaction to the action.
"Suppose someone in his life is stronger than you and hit you causing severe pain to you. This action will be reversed next life so that you will become stronger than him and you might hit him or he will be hit by another person. We call the latter reaction.
"Suppose someone stole something important from you; next life he will be stolen as a reaction to his previous deed. This is the main principle in the theory of reincarnation which states that to every action there is reaction from the same category.
"We here in Muslim and Christian countries deny the reincarnation and we believe that man lives one life then goes to heaven for eternal paradise or eternal hell.  Frankly most people here can't accept any belief from those who worship the cow."
"Yes, add to this there is no evidence for the reincarnation," he said. "And I wonder of you that you take it as a matter of fact."
"I didn't take it as a matter of fact; but I proved it practically," I said. "It was planed by Jesus to make all peoples come along together in the end to establish his promised kingdom allover the globe."
"Please take me to your start or to your proof of reincarnation," he said.
"You are in a hurry," I said. "You don't know we are before a huge miracle. Even the great masters of the Far East didn't proof the reincarnation like I did. No one can prove it except one; because it needs the ascension alive like that of Jesus or Elijah or Enoch.
"This work of Jesus was planned to be the final holy lesson to all the peoples of the globe to show them that they fight each other for nothing. So it was necessary for Jesus to spread his story allover the world to prepare for his second coming. In his second coming it was necessary for him to find a record for his actions in previous life to compare them with the actions of his present life.
"If he was born in a country that didn't have the record of his actions in previous life he wouldn't become able to know his past identity even if he got his past name by inspiration. That's why Jesus looked to some of his actions with others as something memorial. Also he had to make some over reactions with others to appear clear next coming."
My friend slept during my speaking and I had to awaken him. He said," Sorry! I was working hard all day."
"Okay! You can go and wash your face and I will make another coffee," I said. "I told you before, you should read the manuscript."
After he washed his face I offered the coffee and started to explain again what he didn't get and I continued.
"I lived long period as an atheist denying the interference of God in the life of people. As I was born a Muslim I read the Quran and criticized some points of it which made me became sure that it was man made. I believed that God can't make scientific mistakes. I used this as a subject to deal with among fellows in my work as to attract them to my way.
"Oh my friend! You slept again?" I exclaimed and he awoke. "Sorry lets end this session and you can come tomorrow to start fresh."
"Sorry!" he said.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

101- He Asks About Angel Gabriel

 After about a week, the Muslim Imam visited me and asked,
"I'd like to know how the matter started."
"It is clear that you didn't read the manuscript," I said.
"Sorry, I didn't have time to read it," he said. "I need a push to start. Did angel Gabriel come to you?"
"By this question I know you try to measure my case on Muhammad case. Aren't you?" I said.
"We know that Gabriel is the angel who brings the missions from God to the prophets," he said. "The knowledge about this point is very necessary to know before any thing you want to say."
"This question is a jump in the knowledge which came to me in searching my case," I said. "Angel Gabriel is among the very secrets of the holy process. Neither Christian nor Muslim of any degree knows the secret of the rising of Jesus Christ completely. I wrote the details of it in my manuscript which you got. After the rising of Jesus Christ he became able to get the shape and form he wanted. Angel Gabriel was one of the shapes and forms he used to communicate the missionaries. You know in Islam that Angel Gabriel once appeared to Muhammad among his friends in the form of a man. Do you know the talk about that incident?"
"Yes, I know," he said. "But what is the relation of that to you or Jesus?"
"That man whom Muhammad knew by Gabriel was Jesus Christ," I said.
"But no one among the learned elders of Islam had said what you said" he said.
"This knowledge was not given to any Jew or Christian or Muslim," I said. "It is a special secret for Jesus only to reveal. That's why Jesus said, no one comes to the Father except by me."
"So how the matter started with you?" he asked.
"The matter started with me by the Holy Spirit who put the name of Christ in my mind to start with," I answered. "Then I went through several actions in my life, as I was Muslim I didn't notice its relation with the actions of Jesus except after reading the Gospel."
"I didn't get what you mean by saying actions in relation with the actions of Jesus," he said.
"Any one in his life goes through events and acts," I said. "You set with me now; this is an action; you drink coffee now; this is an action; you discuss with me; this is an action."
"Now I understand what you mean by action," he said. "But I don't understand what do mean by the relation between your actions and the actions of Jesus Christ. Do you mean you became able to heal or resurrect?"
"To heal is an action and to resurrect is another action," I said. "By the way, most Christians asked me to show the same actions of Jesus. They thought that Jesus would come with the same task and they don't understand the idea of the second coming. Really I was like them before getting the new knowledge. My task is to show how man gets justice in practicing his normal life. This is the task of the End Judgment."
"Please explain the relation you saw between your actions and the actions of Jesus," he said.
"In a short period of my life I passed by a short story full of actions," I said. "When I got the gospel and read it I found out that the actions in my short story are in mysterious relation with the last period of Jesus as told in the gospel. I noticed that some actions were reversed and others came as to make me remember. So my mind jumped to the idea known in India about the reincarnation. Every action I made in my previous life has reaction in the present life. By this way man is judged by being punished or rewarded according to the nature of his deeds in his previous life."
"Please show me details to figure out this idea," he said.
"Please let us delay it to next session," I said.
"Okay Esa!" he said.
"I know you call me by Esa as a complement," I said.

He laughed and said," You are very Intelligent." 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

100-Interview with Muslim Imam

I am going to show you an interview with a Muslim Imam from Alexandria. We met by chance and I was astonished to hear him saying I know you. I asked how and he said, "I was a little boy in your area when you were in the MT College. You didn't take notice of me but I remember very well that my mother always praised you before us and always prayed for us to be like you. The elders of the area made us look at you as a very intelligent youth.
"Now after I became a man I saw you many times in the Café playing Chess. But I was afraid to approach you." I laughed for his last phrase and we had a date to meet at the house of my Family. I said, "I am going to converse with you about a very great subject you can't imagine what it is. He said, can't you give me a hint about it? I said, tomorrow and shook hands in peace."
He came in the exact time after supper. His name is K. A. He succeeded his father, after his death, in being the Imam of a mosque. He also was belonging to the syndicate of writers. He showed his great curiosity to know the subject I promised to tell him about. I said, "Let's make coffee then start." I thought to myself, how to start. I offered the coffee and said, "I had passed with a long experience that I am the Messiah Jesus."
He said," it is the last thing I expected to hear from you. Christ Return is one of the big signs of the end. And none of the signs which must appear before him happened yet. The appearance of the one-eyed false Christ whom Jesus Christ will kill didn't happen yet. This is a direct sign in relation with the coming back of Esa."
"I discovered much in this subject," I said. "The Old Testament, the holy book before Jesus, ends with the promise of God to send Elijah. It means that the Jews were to await the returning back of Elijah as we Muslims and Christians are to await the return of Jesus. But instead of the return of Elijah they saw Jesus. This problem was among the questions of the disciples which they asked Jesus about. They asked shouldn't Elijah come first? Jesus said Elijah had come already but you didn't know."
"What do you mean?" he asked. "And where from did you get that knowledge?"
"This knowledge is in the gospels. And I mean that the problem of the one-eyed false Christ is the same. He had come and did his destined role but people didn't know."
"Who is he?" he asked.
"You wouldn't believe it," I said. "He was an international philosopher known among most cultured people here and in most countries. He led many to hell. I wrote about him in detail in my manuscript. How I was affected by his thoughts in my youth and how I got his book of his autobiography."
"I should read your manuscript," he said. "But I want to know who he is."
"This manuscript is the only copy I have," I said.
"Can I get a photo copy of it?" he asked. 
"Yes you can," I replied. "The one who made the prophecy about the one-eyed false Christ come true is called Jan Paul Sartre."
"The prophecy says Jesus will kill the false Christ. Did you kill Sartre?" he asked.
"You know that Jesus can't kill. But the killing here came true in a way no one can guess. Sartre was a big caller for existentialism which denies the after life and the end judgment. So by proving the after life and the judgment the thoughts of existentialism vanish and die. And by killing of the thoughts of a thinker the thinker is killed. The prophecy came true in that way. However you will find more details about him in my manuscript. And you can obtain his book, The Words, to know more."
"I am surprised! It is the first time for me to know that," he said.
"My subject is new to the world. It is full of surprises. No one knows we are in the Day of Resurrection and all the signs of the hour of the end happened in a way different of all expectations."
"We are in the Day of Resurrection? No, it will be a supernatural day and didn't happen yet because we are still in the material world."
"It is supernatural day for the people of the past because they were to imagine it according to the sayings of the prophets. Every generation was to deliver the same sayings to the next in a long series. But now we are in the generation of realizing all sayings in the material world," I said.   
"I am sorry, I think no one would believe it," he said.

"This is not a subject to get all of it in one session. You must get all details to study and digest to reach my same view point. Let us postpone all to a next session," I said. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

99- Interview With Chief Priest

I would like to write about my interview with the Chief Priest of Magma Allah Alkhamseeny, Samuel Mashrky.  In the end of 1981 I picked his book, My Journey to America. When I read it I was very pleased that he connected the return of Jesus with the return of Israel.
He wrote about the talk of Jesus about the signs of his coming and stopped at his saying, "Let the fig-tree teach you a lesson, when its branches become green and tender and it starts putting out leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things you will know that the time is near, ready to begin. Remember that all these things will happen before the people now living have all died."
He explained how Israel was symbolized in the OT by the fig-tree and how it was destroyed in 70 AD then it came to life again in 1948. And he added that the generation which saw that sign of the return of Israel won't pass away before seeing the return of Jesus Christ. It will be a very exciting event that will shake the world. Some people gave different numbers of years to interpret the span of the generation. But he thought that the span of generation is about 40 years.
I read all that in his book and I wondered that he was very true because I already was searching how I was Jesus Christ. His writings came in my way as something to confirm me. But I didn't know yet how he could reach that conclusion because I was in the beginning of long study of the bible. I said to myself, "Maybe the man is gifted spiritually and he can recognize me when I meet him."
I took the address from his book and traveled soon to Cairo. I reached at his church in the morning. At the door I saw him coming out. We shook hands with peace and I said, "I have come from Alexandria to discuss with you." "Sorry I am going now to attend the funeral of a member of the church" "I need five minutes only." He then said, "Okay let's get in the church." 
After sitting I reminded him with what he wrote about the connection between the return of Jesus with the return of Israel. He replied, "Many have studied this point and came to the same conclusion." It seemed that the man couldn't recognize me spiritually as Jesus and continued to repeat what he wrote in his book. I couldn't stay longer and I stood and shook his hand. His boy showed his regret that he didn't turn on the recorder and said my master was fluent in this interview. I thanked them and left.  
After a few days I sent him a message disclosing to him that I am the Christ' Return. He returned the message by gifting me a book he had published; it is to defend the lordship of Jesus. He didn't discuss with me directly my proclamation I am Jesus' Return.  I sent him another message to thank him and to tell him not to change what he wrote in his book in next edition.
Sure he didn't conclude that my birth was in 1948 with the birth of Israel. And I needed time to grow to reach the destined fact according to prophecies.
Later on, I understood his problem and the problem of all Christians. Even the chief priest couldn't trust the conclusion which he got by deep study. Christians have some ideas about the coming back of Jesus from heaven in a supernatural way. They fixed these ideas in their minds from different sources and they are unable to accept another although the natural coming I had explained is better for the benefit of all humanity.   

Thursday, February 9, 2017

98- The List

Here is a list of glories which happened accompanying the return of Jesus. I showed them in previous chapters and I show them now in one place. In Christianity you celebrate the Tree of Christmas as a symbol to the coming of these glories. You decorate this tree and get many presents as a sign to that fact. In Islam you marry by calling a sheikh called Al Mazoon to write the contract of marriage and the list of the things which the groom brings for the home of marriage as a sign for the coming glories. It considers the whole earth as the house of the Lord.
The List:
1-                       The airplane was made to enable Christ to come flying through clouds as stated in the prophecies. Notice that every airport contains a Loudspeaker to announce the coming of the planes; it embodied the prophecy about the announcement of the coming of Jesus from sky by a trumpet.  
2-                       The TV was made to enable the people in limited area to see Christ while flying through clouds.   
3-                       The Satellite was made to enable all eyes to see Christ while flying through clouds.
4-                       By the TV the meeting with Christ on air is ready to be done. This point is important to Christians who know the prophecy made by Paul in his letters.
5-                       The battle of Armageddon awaited by Christians had already come true by the war of 1948 between Israel and the Arabic countries surrounding Israel. It ended by the triumph of Israel as a miracle from the Lord. Because Israel (Tree of Fig) represents the last sign which Jesus mentioned about the end and his new coming.
6-                       The fall of stars as a prophecy among the signs of the end came true by the spread of the electric lamps on earth. It made the nights of the cities as with fallen stars.
7-                       The penetration of the boundaries of skies and earth as prophesied in Quran came true by making the Spaceships.
8-                       The bombs were made to make the saying of God that He can blow the mountains came true. The atomic bombs made the sun and moon disappear when they were thrown on the two cities of Japan in 1945. The prophecy came true.
9-                       The promise of Christ to come like the lightening flash, which fills the world at once, is the cause of creating all means of communication and propagation of the news.  
10-                 The UN was made as a preparation for making the Super High Government of the Globe. The perfection of its job is the realizing of the Kingdom of God on earth.
11-                 God said in the Quran that He is quick to compute. That's why people could create the Computer.
12-                 Believing that God is Omniscient is the cause of having all Net Webs like Google which can bring to people all knowledge in every field in heaven and earth.
13-                 The promise of the eternal life in the afterlife came true by seeing the famous stars of people acting even after their death. Also the teaching of the return of Jesus proves the eternal existence of the self.
14-                 There are more glories you can deduce by yourself by reading the Holy Books. In the Revelation to John you can find the air-conditioning, the washing machines, the fighting planes, the cannons and the tanks.
15-       The car, tram, and train were created because Jesus said, I am coming quickly. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

97- Revelation of 1989!

I was at home feeling bitterness that all whom I communicated with my letters or manuscripts didn't respond. I was in very bad mood and the inspiration came to me to write the following Revelation. And I wrote it and sent to Al-Ahram Newspaper and after a while I sent it to the Pope of Egypt. Soon I noticed that the events of the world became colored in somehow with what I wrote.  However, it brought to me relaxation after long tension.
Read and Relax!

The great master entered the assembly room. The attendants gave him a big hand; then made a noise and spoke to each other. Did they want to make him pay attention to his subject which he knew very well? They were wrong; they hadn’t read Faraby and the independent personality.
It seems that the master is upset today. He is thinking of leaving the teaching to wander in the streets and sell watermelons; sometimes he thinks that it would be better if he sold Tomatoes, Brinjal, and Marrow. He wants to enjoy his own voice when he sings," Curlew of art and its Bulbul doesn’t find who consider him." He has a lot of Sardines, but the people of Abukoom refuse to buy. It became a good meal for cats. He started to sell cucumber and carrots, and became the master of insects and troubles on a large scale.
The Chief El-Nahas refused to take part in that play. He preferred to eat beans mixed with clover and straw, and so he became very fat, and found himself suitable to manage the cafe and present tea to customers. No one could surpass him in that till now.
When Dainty entered the café he found the Wiper of shoes playing Chess in two methods; the medical and the technical. He knew that the patients had special methods to play, called the medical Chess, to make them relax. But the technical didn’t have who encouraged.
When the cannon of breakfast of Ramadan were set, the donkey complained that God disliked his voice although he was his creator. In fact I saw in the street a donkey drawing a heavy chariot sincerely; when he saw me he brayed loudly, and I laughed.
I wondered to see writing in the left column about the donkey. I said, may God be praised for his wonderful arrangement.
The matter didn’t last long; Einstein interfered and judged it, and played with the owners of the supermarkets. He made a decision that they wouldn’t get the lesson of the cosmic field. The communists revolted because of their leader Onassis; they shouted there must be an end for this comedy. But Feuerbach volunteered and erased the writing gladly and said, not bad.
Arsine Lupine the funny thief made a very strong attack in Chess, so that he made James Bond greatly surprised. The lion was very happy and couldn’t control his laughing; his appetite was opened to eat the elephant. The rabbit interfered and said, One day the fox appeared. Then he changed his mind and said, The Devil is preaching.
The bat was troubled and entered the bedroom; he found out Rukampaul and David Hume sitting with the big wolf, studying the movements of the planets and stars. The moon got into the dialogue, but his opponent told him not to complicate the matters. The central intelligence convinced the UN that the embassy of Israel is in Ras Alteen.
The men of the remote control predicted the axis. It was impossible to touch the affairs of the rich. Mahmud asked them, have you read the newspapers today? They replied, we are the community of, The Bread Is First, and Egypt is above anyone. The detective heard it and hoped of the return of the past days. He said to his fellow, this is the communist and the son of the communist. But it wasn’t proved that he belonged to any direction. What can we do? He must be mad.
Samson the tyrant, then, came and went to the platform and looked from the highest and ordered the wind to blow to animate the mice, cats, and dogs. The white dog that was among them, whose eyes were like the seeds of the watermelon, shouted loudly and the boundary of Saturn vibrated and showed a great wealth.
The ant which is a world in space, turned to be the revolution by the power of the powerful. The maker of the gaseous drinks wondered and said the Hexes invader must be driven away. So a big revolution set out in the planet of Sad Bala. The great scientists were not pleased with that revolution.
They stood up and drew the breath from cigarettes and pipes. It seemed that the smoke played with their minds. Soon Nietzsche set his bomb; I have come to preach the coming of the Superman. Peace must be in the Middle East between Israel and Philistine. I said to him, what’s wrong with Jaser Arafat? Why don’t you like him? Depend upon God and take a deep breath; take inspiration and exhalation and do it.
Schopenhauer who took long time studying the crisis of the Middle East said, the solution is in the hand of America, and America is in the hand of Zionism, and Zionism is the tyrant chicken who creates the snakes in the hot countries and makes a hole in the Ozone Layer in sky.
Beethoven ascended up to the roof and set his gaseous tones, and all were cheerful, shouting the invader should get down. Pakh cut his ear because of that which had been taken by sword should be restored by sword. The tanks went forward to the yard of the palace Abdeen and asked the king to resign. The people of Bolak, Hadarah, Chicago, and Hawaii felt pleased.
The chief of the cosmic masonry shouted; give a big hand to the cobweb the chief of the two lands and the carrier of the two crowns, who is in relation to Manna. But, it seemed that he made a mistake; he hadn’t consulted the magazine of the exact time, and the magazine of planets.
Al-Ahram newspaper is a national foundation serving the poor people of China. Here the students of schools recited the song, the bear fell in the well and its owner is a pig. The mountain gave birth to a mouse; and the mouse ran fast and hid in the ear of the donkey; he will not come out from there until the day of resurrection.
The old as well as the younger were surprised and went on studying the signs, but they couldn’t find any sign in relation to that description. All is false and there is nothing new under the Sun. They claimed that every person says that he receives news from Mars is Schizophrenic. Another guy added might it come from the Devil. The other one put his hand in his wallet saying, to steal the mad is right, but the doctor said, no, the correct is correct.
Freud entered and explained his democratic subject. So it became clear that the monkey evolved from the chicken and the goose can eat an elephant, and the elephant can be put in the handkerchief. The poets appreciated this kind of sayings and the cavalier shouted, all are cowards and the world is on the palm of the Devil. Columbus could discover America and the Australian ghost. He was the son of a high cast people and the descendent of Sherlock Holmes and AL-Hadad.
Subsequently the cocks shouted with the cats and foxes denying each other. The lions get down in the yard to say poetry, but the computer which had the news gave his orders to all the counters of light and water. The descending counting has begun. Justice is going to be done. Doesn’t God judge for his chosen men and isn’t He easy with them?
When the story finished the chiefs Antony Quinn and Fareed Shouky laughed and said, hadn’t I said that Marrow was more delicious than Brinjal? Krishna said we should play on two strings. Hermes said, but we should play on three strings. Akhenaton took the flame and ascended up calling for union. But the men of Amen realized that he would cause them much loss in their goods. They warned him; soon fire and sulphr got down from heaven and destroyed the people of Ad, Samod, and Loot.
A new fine food has appeared to existence; pastry of the feast and the salted fish of Sham AL-Neseem. But the orders stated not to eat Gargeer because of Gareer and Abu Hadedah. Aum Kulthoom sang, ‘Is it justice that they set their lions and tie my lions. However she was a good woman.
The cavalier doesn’t like except to eat the Romanian cheese and the super cigar. If the trees of Roman dried they would become green next season. The world is fine, but they don’t see that. We don’t know what Paranoia is, or we know but we forgot; who that doesn’t forget? The masters Alder, Young and Shevardnadze were tired of that forgetfulness and decided to cut their relations with the hypnotism. But Mesmer who had great experience in making the crosses objected and his viewpoint was right. There the slaves made a revolution by the help of their leader Spartacus.
William Jims then could explain his religious experience after he had spent long time in playing Backgammon and Chess. Since then he felt relaxed and heard a big hand from the people. The electronics have been manufactured and the DNA as well as the sugar-canes has been exported.

Since Hitler created the false adverts and Micaville created the petroleum lamp and the analysis of signature, the true dressed in the false and the false dressed in the true. The people of the district of monkeys discovered the solution of the problem which had bewildered the whole world. And they enjoyed the walking on the pavement and eating the superstitions.