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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

94-Mechanical Cosmos

 "Say walk in the earth and see how the creation started," God says in the Quran.  I have read most of the thoughts of the scientists in that point. The theory of the starting soup seemed interesting. But something was missed in all theories; the unseen guidance. Their must be something more than the chemical particles. Their must be something which had defined the forms of all beings. The big golden ring which appeared to me in the closed eyes appeared in the time when I was very busy with that subject. It started having two tiny stars similar to the picture of the cell during the division of the nucleus. It was followed by a big star fish. So I thought that I as a living being started in that path.
I noticed that the flowers appeared as the embodiment of the sun. And I thought that there must have been a medium between the sun and earth to form the countless shapes of flowers. What the nature of that medium. I contemplated much in it. Something mechanical was behind the appearance of all forms and the universe seems as a huge cosmic machine full of gears that entered the creation of every living thing. On the light of this thought the theory of creation in the bible seemed as a sketch not dealing with the details.
The DNA has made a revolution in thinking that can't be ignored. All living things have DNA, starting from the plants to man. It showed that the theory of evolution should be dealt seriously. How this code started. How it brought the picture of the sun by the unknown medium to be all these flowers. Sure this subject needs unknown background necessary to understand. The first inspiration for solving this problem came to me in the following picture. A child is playing by the pebbles of soap. He put the ringed wire in the liquid then he gets it out and blows with his mouth in the ring and many pebbles come out.
Lately I obtained a rotating lamp which throws many colored shapes on the ground. The prisms in the cover of the lamp convert three colors inside into different limited shapes. It seems that the same idea in a way started in the beginning of creation. Thinking that the airplane and TV appeared from the holy promise of Christ to return flying from sky and be seen by all eyes, I knew the origin as words of different nature. These words came from a man in connection with unknown dimension called by God. He said the words and planted them in the hearts of people. What law behind that process?
When we reflect this understanding to the problem of creating the flowers can it help in solving the problem? The medium here is called the Holy Spirit and the consciousness of Christ. But what was there before the consciousness of Christ. We can understand that the Holy Spirit is a permanent medium. We can call it the spirit of the universe. And it is directed permanently to create things according to its contents.
Also all clues show us that behind the veil there is a level which represents the source of knowledge and creation. When man ascends to that level in the way Jesus did, i.e. by being absorbed in heavenly light, he becomes able to reach these knowledge and power of creation. And he becomes able to communicate this power to others. By the help of this phenomenon man learned the languages and how to write them.
Let me show you some remarks related to me. I noticed that the name Yasua (Jesus) was pronounced in Arabic with letters from right to left. So the start is (a) and the end is (Y). The English can't understand it because the letter (a) doesn't represent exactly the first Arabic letter. So in Arabic it is Aesy but we write it as Esa.  
I told you before about the Souk Street in Bacus which starts from the Bridge of Law and ends with the sea Mazloom (Wronged). Now I noticed that this street has a little inclination to the left before reaching the sea. You know I spent my childhood in that street. But after I married I left to live in Janaklise. There I lived in a street not long like the previous. But it contains an inclination to the left exactly like the previous street. It goes straight and has an inclination before its end. It seemed that there was something mechanical in creating both streets. In the previous area there was a rare name of man called Korkor whom the letters to me came to him. In the new area the same name appeared for a man called Korkar having a pharmacy in front of my house. The difference in the construction of both names makes (o) changes to (a).
In dealing with the numbers in my life I noticed the following. I was born in the 6th month, day 10. And the place in which I lived before marriage was behind 73.  These numbers are very great in the life of Egypt. They celebrate the 6th of October as the memory of the victory on Israel in 73. And they celebrate the 10th of Ramadan for the same occasion. Also 6th month is great in the history of Israel when they won the war against Egypt in the so called the war of the six days in 67.
The name Janaklise sounds in Arabic like (Came like a thief) which is an idea in the gospel. And there is a verse in the Quran says, "The throne of your lord will be carried by eight" I noticed in relation to that verse that when I joined the MT College I was in the push 8. I joined the company 9. And after I married I lived in flat 8. This idea shows the meaning of the carrying that I got the job to earn my life and got the flat to marry in. Good job and good flat in better area and good wife. Lately I noticed that the word (carry) is in the word Mobile which has spread among people.

I told you before how the verse, "God is able to blow the mountains."  was behind the creation of bombs. And I told you before how the verse, "You can't penetrate the boundaries of sky and earth except by an authority." was behind the creation of spaceships. Now you notice that the minarets of the Muslim mosques are looking like rockets.  All these remarks prove that something mechanical is behind the whole creation.