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Saturday, January 30, 2016

89- Saint Germain

A man called Saint Germain appeared in the period of Renaissance and many wrote about him what needed long contemplation. Was that man Jesus in disguise? From an essay in Wikibidia I quoted the following:
*As one of the ancient wisdom Saint Germain is credited with near god-like powers and with longevity.
*Sometimes he is called Ascended Master like Jesus; known in France in the 18th century as great adept.
*Many groups honor him as a supernatural being. He is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, and to inspire people by telepathy among others.
*He is said to telepathically influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius.
*Some sources write that his name is not familial, but were invented by him. He reminds us that the art and true nature of energy movement is simple physics. He is here to assist in humanity transition from "Old Energy" of force and duality into the new energy, which is expansional and accessible with ease.
From a book by the title, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, I quoted the following about Saint Germain:
*They detected him in many European Countries and its courts.
*He had been living in France, on the most familiar footing with the French king, Mme. de Pompadour, M. de Belleisle and others. He had been granted an apartment in the castle of Chambord and had made a certain figure in the country.
*In December 9, 1745, he is said to have been in England for two years and had confessed that he was not passing under his real name, while refusing all information as to his origin and identity.
*He revisited Paris about 1757 and according to Madame de Genlis her father was a great admirer of his skill in Chemistry.
*In April 15, 1758: Writing to Frederick the Great Voltaire mentioned Saint Germain, "who will probably have the honor of seeing your Majesty in the course of 50 years. He is a man who never dies and who knows everything."
*He is reported at St. Petersburg in 1763, "played a great part in the Russian Revolution."
*1763 he was at Brussels, as appears in a letter of Graf Karl who regarded him as the most singular man whom he had ever seen, affirms that he witnessed his transmutation of iron into a metal as beautiful as gold, his preparation and dying of skins, silk, wool, etc. all carried to an extra ordinary degree of perfection, as also his composition of colors for painting. There is no need to particularize further considerable evidence exists for the fact that Saint Germain had signal skill in Chemistry.
*Between 1763 and 1769 he was said to spend a year in Berlin, where he became acquainted with Abbe Pernety who was a considerable figure in Hermeticism and High Grade Masonry.
*We hear of a Countess Von Gergy, who met him at Venice in 1710, looking about forty five years, and fifty years later she talked to him at the court of Louis XV, no older to outward seeming by a single day. When she said that he must be a devil he was seized with a cramp-like trembling in every limb, and left the room immediately.
*It is said he died on February 27th, buried on March 2nd, 1784; but there are reports show that he appeared after that. He attended the Masonic Congress at Paris in 1785. Mrs. Cooper Oakly saw him with her own eyes at the execution of Marie Antoinette and several events such as, on the eve of the murder of the duc de Berri in 1820. It seemed as if he attended his own funeral.

To be sure that Jesus played the role of Saint Germain I should find reactions related to past actions in my autobiography, as I did in previous chapters.
The first thing which attracted my attention was that Saint Germain was brilliant in Chemistry and he taught many people in Chemistry. That brought to me the memory of a very strange incident from the period of my high school. Once, the teacher led us the students to the laboratory of Chemistry to examine us. We got the materials, the testing pipes and the paper of questions to mix the materials and record the results.
When the time finished the teacher passed by all students and looked into their papers and questioned some of them. But when it came to me he didn't look at my paper or question me and gave me the full mark. Of course he did so knowing that I was a superior student not only in Chemistry but also in Physics. Voltaire whose name came in the quotation was a scientist whom we studied in Physics in high school. It seemed that Saint Germain had a hand in teaching him.  As I was very active students in my schools I can say that all that period was reaction to the growing activity of science.
I recall that, once I was carrying a book of Philosophy, borrowed from the library, among some friends and the teacher of maths joined us. On seeing the book of philosophy in my hand he said, "Why? You should be busy only with your subjects."  Politely I said, "Sir, I don't lack studying my subjects." He smiled and said, "I know. I will appoint you to represent me in the class in the Day of Teacher." "Thanks sir!"
I recall that in the day of joining the high school I was sitting with my file on a chair and a student came and sat down beside me. We were waiting our roles in offering our files. The student spoke with me,
"I am from Riad Preparatory School," he said.
"I am too from Riad," I said.
"They say that the one who is the first of Riad is Abdo," he said. As I know I was the first of Riad two successive years I enjoyed listening to him.
"They say he is brilliant," he added. "And he is able to solve any mathematical problem without paper and pen."
"You don't know Abdo," I said, "Do you want to see him?"
"I am anxious to see him," he said.

"I am he," I said. As soon as I said this the fellow stood up and stretched his hand to me with congratulation and shook my hand with warm and great feelings. Later on we became good friends in the high school and he became a doctor in medicine. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

88- Lama From Tibet

Now I am going to make you live with me in the atmosphere of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. I found two books for him among the books which my American sister in law left before leaving Egypt. The author insists that he tells true story but he doesn't mind that the reader can take it as imaginary story. I myself, when I read them, I found out several points in relation with my own experience and in the end I became sure that Jesus was behind preparing him and his masters the Lamas whom he mentioned. Follow me:
He was told by the spirit of his masters that he was destined to make a hard task for the Heavenly Kingdom. This expression as a Christian makes us pay attention, that although he and his teachers were Buddhists they spoke the language of Jesus Christ. The task itself is unique but it comes parallel to my own experience. His task was to get the body of another man who had left his body voluntarily.  So the spirit of Rampa replaced the spirit of an English man. Rampa left his body in a coffin in Tibet and lived by the body of an English man in London. He found difficulties in managing the new body but at last he could continue with it to write about his task.
My own experience shows a similar point. I explained in first chapters that my name which I was born with is Abdo El Sadek Salem.  And in the Letter to Hebrew, it is written that Jesus has gone behind the veil and has become a high priest for ever, in the line of succession to Melchi Sadek King of Salem. Melchi and King are titles; the English translator included a title in the name as Melchizedek. Putting aside the titles compare between the text and my present situation.  Jesus replaced Abdo and took the name of his father Sadek and grandfather Salem.
This replacement is in somehow similar to that which happened by Ramba when he continued his life by the body of the English man who had hated his life. The difference is remarkable. Rampa entered a body that didn't rotate the reactions of his actions in previous lives. But Jesus entered a body not strange to him; he found out that it had rotated the reactions of his own past lives since its birth in this age. I showed you before how the reactions from Jesus story happened in the childhood of Abdo. Add to this that Abdo was born under the Sign of Gemini which is described by the two brothers. It seems that two spirits as twin brother use one body. That's why the replacement happened without any side effects in the health state which appeared in the experience of Rampa.
In his book, the Cave of the Ancients, Rampa shows us how the old lamas prayed in their temple.  They always started with the words, "Hear the voices of our souls." As I had heard a voice in the beginning of my experience saying, Peace be Upon You, I could know that those prayers were the origin of it. The prayers came true and I heard the voices of the spirits which had prayed. It means that Jesus, while being in heaven, was the guider of that creed of Lamas in Tibet.
In these prayers they also say, this is world of illusion or this is the world of dream. And in those days I was in illusion indeed unable to accept that I lived before and I was Jesus. The subject took from me many years to come out of the illusion. I progressed under the guidance of inspiration.
There was a primary sign about the story of Rampa in my boyhood. The group of boys, who used to play with me in the vast area which was before the house of my father, included a boy called by all boys (The English).  They called him so because his face was reddish. So I deduced that he was the reincarnation of the English man whom Rampa used his body to continue his own heavenly task.
One night I deduced it and wrote about it. In the morning, while I was standing in a street waiting for a bus a man passed by me, and told me that the bus wouldn't pass in that street that early time. I said, oh yes I remembered the new instructions of the traffic authority. I thanked him and asked, don't you recognize me?  He said, sorry! Who are you? I replied we were friends in boyhood when we called you by the English. He said they were happy days. After he left I thought, sure he was the Rampa man. 
I was given another sign about the direct teacher of Rampa, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, in the beginning of my experience. The Navy officer who accompanied me to the commission in Cairo was named Al Gyar. He stood with me before the three Generals of the commission.

I noticed also that the book of Brunton and the book of Rampa had come from the same source. The Egyptian adept who named himself Ra Mak Hoteb spoke about Tibet and India showing his awareness with the spiritual activities there. That Egyptian adept said he walked in all countries and sure he was Jesus who was able to go any where in an instant.  He was to teach others some subjects before his incarnation again to learn them after his reincarnation.  If you asked me who was Jesus in the story of Rampa I would say he was the Indian who attended as a guest to test Rampa, and he was the old guider in heaven after the death of the teacher of Rampa.