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Sunday, August 14, 2011

11-Wonders of Reincarnation

I found out that some people of the past whom I dealt with in the role of Jesus Christ reincarnated in relation with me again but in a different aspect. For Example: Judas Iscariot became one of my relatives. He lived in Cairo and in the time of being in the college their he offered me great help. The matter appeared as if the reincarnation changes the enemies to be lovers. However those who were firm friends and followers got high positions in the societies. Their relation with me were cut. They became presidents and high rank people who did not come in touch with the common people.
The priest who accused Jesus by blasphemy returned as one eyed man, poor, and uneducated. Also he faced troubles with my father while renting a flat in his house. Marx the leader of communism returned as a common Muslim and a trader. The philosopher Hegel returned as a relative living in my birth village. He and Bergson and Schopenhauer are relatives to me living in the same village. They had jobs in the government and little land to plant. But they are poor in money.
The disciple John who described Jesus by a sheep in the Revelation became a president. But his lower lip appeared thick as something to remind him with the mouth of the sheep. Peter the disciple returned in a rich family and succeeded in becoming a minister then he became the chief of the UN then retired. The remembering of the past persons is very difficult. But I know by the analysis of actions with a hint from the Holy Spirit who knows every thing.