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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

55- Miracle

The room of the two patients was in the second floor. The first was, A.A., one of my friends from M.T. College; the second was, Ahmed, one of my students   from the Navy College lately graduated. When they saw me they showed great pleasure and entertained me well. I too was happy to find them. They made me pass a week there easily.
I asked my ex student, who became lieutenant, about the miracle. He said,
    "My brother fell down from the fourth floor and not only survived but also his disable leg was healed too."
    "What do you mean with disable leg?" I asked.
    "His left leg was born disfigured." He answered. " It was very thin and twisted and it made him unable to walk normally."
     "When did this miracle happen?" I asked.
     "Three months ago." He replied. "He is coming today to visit me, you can ask him when he comes."
     "Of course I will do." I said.
I thought, I feel that a miracle like that is in relation with me; but how, I don't know; I must ask his brother may I get the answer.
Now his brother came and greeted us with peace.  He was a young youth, medium tall. He shook our hands. Ahmed looked at me,
      "This is my brother Mohammed whom I told you about his miracles. He can explain to you what happened with him."
I looked at Mohammed with a smile,
      "Congratulation for the miracle," I said. "Please come and sit here and explain everything in detail."
He sat down in front of me and said,
       "I kept for three days, while lying on my bed, see people standing in air at the balcony of my room. In every day they signed to me to go and join them. First day and second day I refused knowing it was dangerous to obey them. But in the third day, I decided to go to them and I walked and climbed the fence of the balcony. I didn't feel myself except after being in the room of operation in the hospital. I was looking from above and saw the doctors take something black from my abdomen. That thing was the reason of my disable leg which was thin and twisted and made me lame. "
Ahmed stretched his leg and uncovered it to let me see it.
    "It is normal," I said.  
    "Yes, but it wasn't like that before three months," he said.
  "Thanks God!" I said. "When did this miracle happen? When did you discover your leg became normal?"
   "During the recovering of my wounds in the hospital," he answered.
   "It is a miracle indeed accompanied with an out of the body experience," I said. "Thanks God"  
   "But I have to come to the hospital again and again," he said. "A new problem appeared."
I looked at him with a surprise,
   "What is it?" I asked. 
   "My pen became not straight," he answered. "And it bewildered the doctors. They thought I would need surgical operation. But I am afraid lest I should loose it."
All of us laughed. The matter appeared as a joke. 
   "God is able to heal you," I said. "However, if it can do its function it will be good."
   "Thanks God anyhow!"
                                                      To be continued.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

54- Life Is A play

Every week in the unit of Black Head I was to visit the Fig-Hospital to see about my wisdom tooth at the dentist, who couldn't know precisely the source of the disorder. That made the General think I was going for a psychic problem and got worried. His worries increased when he knew from the international news that a man claimed to be Almahdi occupied with his group the area of the Holy Cube in Mecca at Saudi Arabia. He worried lest I do something like that in his unit. So he started to be active in communicating the Fig-Hospital to decide my final case.
The news about my case spread inside the unit. One day a colonel met me inside the unit and showed his wish to speak to me. After shaking hands he asked,
"How do you see our life?"
"It is a play on a prepared stage." I answered.
"Are you going to tell that to your children?" he asked.
"The life in its essence is like a play because we lived before and we will live again doing different roles." I said and added, "As for my young children I think they are preparing to enter their roles in this life. And I can't tell them, life is a play unless after becoming mature to understand."
"Why do you think you are Esa (Jesus)?" he asked.
"It's a long story."
"Have you seen angel Gabriel?" he asked.
"No." I answered. "But I realized that I have been under the guidance of an unseen intelligence whom they called Holy Spirit."
"How did you know?" he asked. "Isn't it possible it was the Devil?"
"I have known it from the unseen help I have got to know necessary knowledge." I answered. "I am sure it was not the Devil because I call for good and I believe in God. Esa promised to come back and nothing can prevent him from it. Remember that his word never failed to do his will. You should read his story in its source the gospel. Because in Islam we learn a little about him."
"May God guide you," he said and shook my hand in peace and left.
A paper letter came from the Fig-Hospital to summon me. I went to the department of Nerve and Psychiatry and they ordered me to be kept there in a room with two patients. The atmosphere was disturbing indeed. The first patient always generated very loud voice with his breath. His body was huge as a giant and his breath shook the walls of the room. All patients of other rooms complained it. The other patient was a very thin man. He was always lying in his bed trembling with all his body. After a while they came and took the giant away.
One day, on hearing noise outside my room I came out to see what happened. A young lady died. A woman on seeing a soldier closing her room behind him said to me," How dare he to do that?", I said,"If he didn't dare to do that we wouldn't find who can bury the dead. I left the place and got up stairs to set a while with two patients known to me from the Navy. There I heard a weird story of a miracle that happened to the brother of one of them.
To be continued.