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Thursday, February 9, 2017

98- The List

Here is a list of glories which happened accompanying the return of Jesus. I showed them in previous chapters and I show them now in one place. In Christianity you celebrate the Tree of Christmas as a symbol to the coming of these glories. You decorate this tree and get many presents as a sign to that fact. In Islam you marry by calling a sheikh called Al Mazoon to write the contract of marriage and the list of the things which the groom brings for the home of marriage as a sign for the coming glories. It considers the whole earth as the house of the Lord.
The List:
1-                       The airplane was made to enable Christ to come flying through clouds as stated in the prophecies. Notice that every airport contains a Loudspeaker to announce the coming of the planes; it embodied the prophecy about the announcement of the coming of Jesus from sky by a trumpet.  
2-                       The TV was made to enable the people in limited area to see Christ while flying through clouds.   
3-                       The Satellite was made to enable all eyes to see Christ while flying through clouds.
4-                       By the TV the meeting with Christ on air is ready to be done. This point is important to Christians who know the prophecy made by Paul in his letters.
5-                       The battle of Armageddon awaited by Christians had already come true by the war of 1948 between Israel and the Arabic countries surrounding Israel. It ended by the triumph of Israel as a miracle from the Lord. Because Israel (Tree of Fig) represents the last sign which Jesus mentioned about the end and his new coming.
6-                       The fall of stars as a prophecy among the signs of the end came true by the spread of the electric lamps on earth. It made the nights of the cities as with fallen stars.
7-                       The penetration of the boundaries of skies and earth as prophesied in Quran came true by making the Spaceships.
8-                       The bombs were made to make the saying of God that He can blow the mountains came true. The atomic bombs made the sun and moon disappear when they were thrown on the two cities of Japan in 1945. The prophecy came true.
9-                       The promise of Christ to come like the lightening flash, which fills the world at once, is the cause of creating all means of communication and propagation of the news.  
10-                 The UN was made as a preparation for making the Super High Government of the Globe. The perfection of its job is the realizing of the Kingdom of God on earth.
11-                 God said in the Quran that He is quick to compute. That's why people could create the Computer.
12-                 Believing that God is Omniscient is the cause of having all Net Webs like Google which can bring to people all knowledge in every field in heaven and earth.
13-                 The promise of the eternal life in the afterlife came true by seeing the famous stars of people acting even after their death. Also the teaching of the return of Jesus proves the eternal existence of the self.
14-                 There are more glories you can deduce by yourself by reading the Holy Books. In the Revelation to John you can find the air-conditioning, the washing machines, the fighting planes, the cannons and the tanks.
15-       The car, tram, and train were created because Jesus said, I am coming quickly.