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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

50-New Last Supper

In 1979 I was a major in the Navy College. On the day of duty all workers went their homes but I stayed with a few. In my department a friend came to my office,
     "What about your book Survival Call?"
     "I made some changes in it," I said.
     "Like what?" he asked with a smile.
     "I discovered that the faithful people are on the right path."
     "Didn't we discuss that point before and agreed that they believe in the illusion?"
     "I found out, I am Christ whom they await."
     "This is lie," he said with cold mood and left. We were in afternoon and I didn't see or meet him again till Supper. I did all the works of my duty day all over the college and saw many fellows but him.
When the trumpet of Supper set its sound I went to the yard of the cadet gathering. The chief of cadets saluted me and offered me the counting. There was no remarks and I gave him the order to dismiss them to have the Supper promising to have the breakfast with them in the morning. He saluted me and turned on his feet and shouted for them to dismiss to the Meas. 
     I walked to the Meas of officers to have my supper with them. There I found all the officers of different ranks sitting on a long table waiting for the dishes of food to be introduced. I sat on my chair at the middle of the table saying to them, "Good Evening!"  The friend from my department was sitting in the other side of the table facing me. He smiled to me and I asked him,"Where were you?"  and he replied,"I made long round in the college."  I was satisfied with this answer. We started to deal with our food. When I finished I moved to sit on a chair waiting for the tea according to the usual custom. The friend came and sat beside me and opened a talk,
      "You told me you are Christ; how this came to your mind?"
     "It came as an inspiration in the beginning." I replied. " And I made long search about it till I could find the logic of it."
     "What logic in claiming you are Christ?" he asked.
The colonel of the day of duty, while standing carrying his glass of tea interfered and said,
     "I heard you saying you are Christ. Are you Christ?"
I felt that the friend from my department had told him before about my claim. He was absent to inform about me. I replied the colonel,
     "Yes, I am Christ"
     "How did you know?" he asked."Did Angel Gabriel come and speak to you?
     "I got the inspiration inside my brain accompanied with signs around me." I replied.
     "Are you able to say it before the general of the college?" he asked.
     "I am able to say it even before the blue Ginny." I replied. 
The colonel stopped asking and left us intending to show me to the general in the morning. My friend stood up and left me. I finished my tea and left the Meas alone.
      In the morning the general of the college summoned me to his office. In this interview it was decided that I was dangerous to stay among the team of the college and mix with the cadets. It was decided to move me to another small unit in the Navy. 
Later I noticed the relation between my picture in that last supper in the college and the picture of the Last Supper of Christ as made by Leonardo Davinci who painted Christ among his disciples as a prince among princes or high rank persons sitting on a long table and wearing silk clothes. The picture appeared to be as a prophecy to what would be in the future of Christ'S Return.