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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

41-From Where This Reaction Come?

In the year 1966, I was a cadet in the Military Technical College in Cairo. In the week end vacation I got on the train to visit the village of my birth root. The train suffered some troubles in the road and I reached the center of  the village at 11 pm. There was no traffic to the village and the long dark road couldn't be possibly walked. So I went to the police station and the policeman on the door allowed me to enter. As I was in the military uniform the chief welcomed me,
     " Yes!" 
     "I have come to visit my relatives," I said. " But the train was late and there is no means to carry me to them. Please make a phone to the mare of Coffer Naverat to tell my uncles to bring me a donkey or camel.
      "What is the names of your uncles there?" he asked.
      "The family of Al Sayed  Badawy." I said.
      " Okay, wait a little on this chair," he said. "I will communicate with the house of the mare."
      "Thanks!" I said and sat down on a long chair in the room. The chief made the phone and it seemed that the house of the mare had received the request.  The time went on very slow waiting my uncles to come with a donkey or camel. It seemed that I was very exhausted and I fell into sleep. After about two hours I heard,
      "Wake up!" said the Chief. " Your uncles at the door waiting for you."
      "Thank you very much." I said. I stood up and shook his hand," Peace be with you."
When I went out of the police station I was surprised to see my uncle Ahmed and Sobhey standing beside a car smiling toward me. We hugged each other in great welcoming. It was the first time for them to see me in the military uniform. In that time the military men were powerful in Egypt. It was the time of the president Nasser before the defeat of Egypt before Israel. So my uncle Ahmed said," Your visiting to us will rise our heads in the village. Get in the car!" 
      The car took about half an hour to reach its target. All my relatives received me with great pleasure. Some of them got up from sleeping to hug me. There were many souls in that meeting. Do I need to tell that this reaction reminds with the victorious entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In the Old Testament the prophet wrote," Jerusalem, Look! Your king is coming riding a donkey." That came true by Jesus. He instructed his friend to get him a donkey from a person he defined. Now the reaction promoted the action and the donkey was replaced by a car. It gives the inspiration that the visit to Jerusalem in this age will be with the airplane. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

40-Coincidence or Destined Plan?

Get the bible and read:
Hebrew 6:20 "On our behalf Jesus has gone in there before us, and has become a high priest for ever, in the line of succession to Melchi-Sadek.
7:1" This Melchi-Sadek ( Melchizedek ) was king of Salem and a priest of the Most High God.....
7:3"There is no record of Melchi-Sadek's father or mother or of any of his ancestors.
7:4"You see, then, how great he was. Abraham our famous ancestor, gave him a tenth of all he got in the battle.

      Ponder in that and recall the past at the time of Jesus. Herod asked the chief priests and the teachers of the law,"Where will the Messiah be born?
They answered:" In the town of Bethlehem in Judah. For this is what the prophet wrote:' Bethlehem in the land of Judah you are by no means the least of the leading cities of Judah; for from you will come a leader who will guide my people Israel.' "
     Sure you don't take the fulfillment of that holy writing as a coincidence when it happened in Jesus. Because you compare between the holy writing and the actual event. And when you inspect the books and find more points applied to Jesus you know that it was a holy program or a destined plan from God. Every thing about Jesus was written in some how in the Old Testament before his birth. His birth from a virgin was not a coincidence. His name as Jesus was not a coincidence. His healing power was not a coincidence.
     Apply the same method to the present case. 
(1) My name after the second birth became The Messiah El Sadek Salem. This is comparable with the holy writing " Jesus has become a high priest for ever in the line of succession to Melchi-Sadek. This Melchi-Sadek was king of Salem and a priest of the Most High God..."  You see that the name of Christ entered to my name to be in the line of succession of Sadek. The second name Salem which means peace defines the task. Exactly like that Jesus as a name defines the task of saving.
(2) The historical Melchi-Sadek lived in Palestine in the time of Abraham. Compare that with my living in Palestine Street in Alexandria. See how the holy writing tried to embody in the new situation.
(3)It is written, there is no record of Melchi Sadek's father or mother or ancestors. Compare this with the same case in the present that there is no record of my father or mother.
(4) Meditate in the holy writing: Melchi-Sadek remains a priest for ever, and notice the verb remains as for the present. 
     Are these points were coincidences or destined plan from God? Before you judge know that I was born for uneducated Muslim family who didn't know the bible, in a village with non Christian in it. And I am sure that if they knew that those names come from the bible they would do their best to change them. The above points come from the bible. Now come to another point from Islam from Mohamed's Talk about the return of Jesus ( Esa):
(1) Jesus ( Esa) will descend from Heaven and he will marry in the earth.
(2) Jesus will have two boys.
(3) Jesus is medium in height.
(4) Jesus is with long hair and his color is between white and red.
(5)Jesus will descend in Mahrosaht-eh which means two Mahrosaht which is an Arabic name for guarded. 
All these points came true exactly in me. The two Mahrosaht came true in this. Egypt has the famous name Mahrosaht. And the street Palestine mentioned before lies in a wide area called officially Mahrosaht. Is all that coincidence or a destined plan made by God?