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Sunday, November 26, 2017

105- The Stage Preparation

It seemed to me that there was no difference between the theory of the Spirit and the Collective Mind. So I tried to add a new chapter to my manuscript Survival Call to add my viewpoint that I am necessary to the society as selected by the Collective Mind. After writing a few papers I stretched on my bed to get some rest. Suddenly I heard a voice in my inner ears as coming from earphones, "Peace upon You Abdel Wahab!"  I paid attention to listen to more instructions. But I got nothing by the voice. I stood up annoyed, "Why do you call me Abdel Wahab after you insisted with me that I am Christ?" I got no answer in voice but I got the idea that I should read the gospel before writing any thing.
When I read the gospel of Matthew I wondered that the start of my events at dawn was imitating the end of the story of Christ in some how. The stab in the heart, the great pain, the inability to move to the right or left side and the loss of breath or the feeling of death and the shouting for God contrary to my previous ideas were some events that had some similarity with the events of Christ on the cross such as the stab in his side, the pain and the shouting for God and the inability to move on the cross.
 Jesus spoke of his destination early before being crucified by pointing to the miracle of Jonah.
"Sir, we know from the Quran which is the word of God that Jesus was not crucified but you speak like Christians saying he was crucified.  We know in Islam that God raised Jesus to him in heaven and put Judas Iscariot in his place on the cross. If you tried to show that your events were imitations to the events of the cross it would be the events happened to Judas Iscariot," my friend said.
"In that period I was in the beginning of trying to understand my own events not considering any other religion," I said. "Later I was to go through the Islamic sayings and I knew better than Muslims do. So let's go on gradually without jumping over the real events and I will show you all that bewildered you," I replied and continued.
It seemed to me that the stage were prepared for me that in the Jonah hospital I was met by the miracle of rising by having the name of my companion Rising In Peace after three days. Also the companion of the Twelve reminds with the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. The hitting of a soldier reminds by the soldiers who hit Jesus. So it seemed to me all previous events were to remind me by the events of Jesus. But the event of the soldier reminds with the opposite. I was to think why this event was reversed.
Jesus spoke of the Tree of Fig and its memory came by going to the Fig Hospital. There I suffered great pain to remember the action of Jesus when he cursed the fig tree and made it dry at once. The reaction was painful so that I kept several months suffering the dried muscle of my right jaw. Jesus made the fig tree dry because he didn't find in it fruits to eat. So my suffering was related to eating. My dentist was called Charity or Righteousness but it seemed he behaved opposite to the meaning of his name. But the doctor whom I was healed by his advice was called Esa (Jesus).  
If I was Judas Iscariot why should I suffer that action of Jesus? Judas didn't curse the fig tree. If you read the Quran well you won't find the name Judas Iscariot. However I will explain to you the idea of the Quran perfectly. Now let's think of the meaning of all that. Some events came to imitate or remind and others came reversed. Assume the Indian belief about the reincarnation is true you can understand that now Jesus was born again or this is the next life of Jesus.  Why I Abdo should suffer the wrong reactions of Jesus' actions?  What is the relation between both of them?
The answer should be that the spirit of Jesus reincarnated as Abdo. One spirit made both bodies one after another. It means that the spirit of man carries his actions before leaving the world then gets new birth by another name in another environment to practice the reactions of previous actions. It means also that Jesus had several roles before his birth as Jesus. That's why he said, "Before Abraham I was." 
I wondered that Jesus spoke of his rising as similar to the rising of the serpent by Moses. Where the similarity is and what did he mean? Of course Jesus didn't point to himself as a serpent. He considered the action of rising or the rising as a verb. Later I could see that the holy verbs of the holy past had a way to embody in the human life. All the holy stories written before the birth of Jesus had its effect in his show.
When you meditate deeply in my events you see how Justice worked. A soldier hit Jesus by a spear in his side and left; no one questioned him and he went home pleased with what he had done. The reverse happened; after I hit a soldier I was released from the hospital and I got out happy that it passed without punishing. But the event of the fig tree was different but I believe it went on according to Justice that the role of Jesus was designed for him to be completely righteous. It was against the righteousness to curse the tree. However that event and the like were helpful in showing the facts of Justice in the theory of reincarnation; every action has a reaction.
Let's continue next session!

Monday, November 20, 2017

104- High Sensitivity

When I became at home I went to the bathroom to have a bath. On my naked body I saw some red points and I guessed that the old fungus (Tinia) returned. I got out to get a smear made by a doctor called Lazar. As soon as I caught the bottle of the smear the notion "I am Christ!" jumped in my mind. To that I said, "No! I have just beaten a soldier in the hospital; Christ can't do that."   After taking the bath I went to the kitchen and ignited the stove to make some tea. While watching the fire the idea of the hell as known in the holy books emerged in my mind. I took the glass of tea and went to my room where I left my manuscript on my office. I looked into it and I was pleased with it.
My wife and children returned from their schools and we spent happy day together. On Friday I was feeling fine and healthy; so I decided not to go to the Fig hospital as recommended before. I decided to go to the Navy College to resume my work. At night I started to feel increasing pain in my right jaw. I couldn't sleep until dawn; I had to take a taxi to go to the hospital. The doctor refused to receive me because I didn't have the official form (Ornic). I told him that I was transformed from Jonah Hospital but he didn't listen to me. I was angry; and I went to the Chief General and he welcomed me and said, "Don't worry I will write you a form to be seen by the doctors of Abdomen, Dentist and Neurologist." I thanked him and greeted him.  
The Abdominal Doctor saw me and said "You have nothing in disorder." The Dentist prescribed a medication for my gum and asked me to return to him at the end of the week to take off my wisdom tooth. The Neurologist said, "Your file has reached us; what happened?" I told him much and he wrote on a paper before him, Paranoid. And then he asked me to stay in his department. I followed his orders and I went with a soldier to my room in another building. There I was alone and the notion "I am Christ!" attacked me many times. I wondered and thought, "Is this from the collective mind of the society which suffers the separation of Christians and Muslims? Or does the spirit of Christ exist contrary to my belief in materialism? Does the Spirit of Christ live and he tries to connect me?"
Assuming that the Spirit of Christ was with me at the moment I directed a difficult question hoping to get a convincing answer. "Why did God create the world? What is its benefit to him?" I paid attention to get an answer.  The only words that came to my mind was, "No one before has got the answer of this question." So I was disappointed.  So I was to research the assumption of The Social Collective Mind. That mind in theory contains all the minds either on the level of consciousness or unconsciousness. Every mind is like a neuron cell in the brain of the living being. This Collective Mind selects the people who fit to lead the masses.  All minds are connected by unseen medium that transfers the ideas among them. I believed in the power of Telepathy among all people at that period.
After spending a weak in the Fig-Hospital I decided to follow the notion I am Christ. I made that decision on the morning of Thursday. Soon I felt pleasure and strength. I thought that the Collective Mind was pleased with me so that it provided me with that healthy state. Immediately I went to the Chief of the Department of Neurology, "Sir, I am very will and I want to leave the hospital to return to my work." The Chief smiled and agreed. Before leaving the hospital I passed by the Dentist and he took off my wisdom tooth.
Next week I started to feel pain in my right jaw.  Its muscle started to be rigid and inelastic. I was unable to eat easily because moving the muscle of the jaw caused pain. I returned to the Dentist in the Fig Hospital. It was another one and he thought there was something wrong in taking off the wisdom tooth. So he dug in the gum ignoring my pain and prescribed an antibiotic. After finishing the antibiotic the muscle returned to its rigidity. So again I was to visit my doctor in the Fig Hospital. He repeated the same procedure and the same antibiotic.
I started to see red spots on my skin. For my surprise I could see human faces drawn in these red spots. These red spots always appeared with a sting in my skin allover my body. But the sting in the middle of my two palms and left leg was severer. I worried and I went to the doctor to explain it. He advised me to stop taking the antibiotic and prescribed for me to take the anti sensitivity.  I asked, "What if the rigidity of the jaw returned?" He replied, "Return to me."
This period of suffering continued for months. One day while I was under the cruel hand of my doctor another doctor came at the door of the clinic. My doctor explained to him my situation in English. The guest doctor said, "Let him put a piece of cotton in the wound to be healed slowly." By this the mercy started. In a few days the wound was healed and I had no need to complain of my jaw.
"Let's continue next meeting," I said to my friend.
"Until now I couldn't …" My friend the Imam said.

"I know, be patient," I said.