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Friday, November 11, 2011

15-More Reactions from Jesus Period (2)

   By careful investigation in my autobiography I found out that some actions generated more than one reaction. And the machinery of generating these actions started early before the Central Event described in previous items. Also they were orientated on different places on the axis of the time of life. As follows:
   Golgotha: You know that Jesus had been crucified in Golgotha. The memory of that name and the approach to the events that had happened there came early in my Childhood. When I was less than 3 years old, my family was living in a rented room, on the ground floor in a house owned by a relative called Abu Solomon. One day I left the room without the attention of my mother. I walked in the long corridor leading to the front door of the house. At the end the basket of trash attracted my attention. I saw something in the trash eatable. I took a piece of it and put it in my mouth. Soon I cried loudly and wept.It was very bitter. It appeared as if I filled my mouth and throat by needles and bolts. My mother hurried up to me,"What?"  When she saw a shell of Golgatha( Kind of Vegetable like potatoes) she understood and carried me to the room. She made me a glass of water mixed with sugar. After drinking it I came to rest. This became a complex in my life that I hated to eat it even after becoming of old age and even it was cooked. 
   Vinegar:In Jesus story you read,"A soldier soaked a sponge in cheap wine, put it on a stalk of hyssop, and lifted it up to Jesus lips" The memory of that event appeared when I was about 5 years old. My mother left for the village to visit her ill mother and left me for the care of my grandmother. One day my grandmother prepared the breakfast from broad beans and bread. When I tried it I couldn't continue. It was very bitter. She tasted it and said,"I mistook the oil for alcohol" It became an event to speak about between us and laugh. 
   Columns:When I was in the high school vacation I joined the work in a company for cleaning the beaches of the seaweed. One day a truck came and carried a group of us to the chief building of the factory. At the door there were a pile of long and heavy Columns of Wood. They ordered us to carry it to a place inside the fence.  The distance was very long and I hardly carried one of the column. But I carried it lest they think I was not a man or weak. While I was moving I passed by a group of girls sitting at the side of the road. They said,"He could carry the column. Why did they say he couldn't"  I didn't pay attention to them. But I guessed that someone spoke of me to them. Is there any doubt that this was an approach to the event of carrying the the wood of the cross?
   Carpenter:When I was about 13 years old I found a circular disc of wood on the roof I took it to the ground and started to make it as a table with long legs. That day was a complex. My father got angry that it made me not attend the lunch. He shouted loudly for me to stop it and come to have lunch. I had to obey and completed the task after lunch. This table is still standing so far. Also after the Central Event I could make a word rope to use it for the left over things.It means the incarnation of some job in the past.