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Thursday, November 10, 2011

14-More Reactions from Jesus period

  Jesus Christ used strong actions knowing that such kind makes reactions appear more clearer in the future.   Strong actions include the over reactions to simple actions. He made that on purpose as you have realized in the action with the fig-tree in a previous chapter. In the following I will show you some reactions to the past actions which confirm that we are before one soul reincarnated for another role.
   Perfume: In the year 1980 I wanted to travel to USA to publish my work. I thought that the people there were encouraging every new thinking. So, I joined an institute to improve and refresh my English. One day I was sitting on a table with others in the garden of the building. A woman sitting beside me opened her bag and got out a glass of perfume and put something from it in the hands of the woman on her left. I stretched my hand to have some of it thinking she will give all fellows. She put perfume in my hands and I thanked her. Soon a fellow who by chance was my student in the college stood up laughing loudly and repeated toward me" Female Perfume"  I smiled during this mocking taking it as a joke to let it pass. And it passed. Sure you no the the original story in the gospel. 
   Work:After I retired on pension from the Naval Forces I kept many years studying the holy subject. When I became sure of my subject I tried to publish my work here in Egypt. But I couldn't. And I was anxious to work and earn more money to rear my family. I joined a security company as an engineer to repair the machines. Most of my fellows were retired officers. After a period of working I felt that I worked harder than them and my wages are less than what I deserved in comparison to the wages of other fellows. So I went to the manger and asked to increase my wages.He agreed; but didn't carry out his promise. I was fed up with that injustice for months then left the job. You know the parable in Mat. 20:8 about the wages.
   Divorce:I disagreed with my wife many times and I was convinced that separation was better for us both. She didn't commit adultery. But she always was in conflict with me for my thinking and for needing more money and she made me unhappy by blaming me many times that I left the Navy. I thought seriously to divorce her. Although Islam allows divorce I preferred to be patient for the sake of children. At last I knew that she was Marta the sister of Mary in the past role. She wanted Mary to help her in preparing the food instead of sitting at Jesus. But he rebuked her and praised her sister in an over reaction. You know the story.
  The Dead:My birth village contains many relatives. As I was brought up to consider the traditions I was to attend the funerals and do the duties of consolation. So a telephone comes to relatives near me in Alex. and they inform me. But lately they stopped to inform me. I went to them and blamed them that they didn't inform me and made our relatives think that I didn't consider them. They offered me excuses and promised to consider it in future. But again and again they didn't inform me. I wondered of that until I knew the secret. In the past I told some one, let the dead bury their dead and come with me.