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Sunday, September 18, 2011

13- Heavenly Justice

     In previous notes we saw the general principle of heavenly justice by showing a little sample of actions and reactions. We came to the conclusion that God created a tool inside every soul to make man judge his self by his self. This principle is called in India teaching by Karma principle. I don't say that all in India is approved. The karma states that every action has a reaction in the new birth. And the repayment is of the same deed. So according to the Karma the master returns to be a slave and visa versa. And the rich returns to be poor; the killer returns to be killed; the beater returns to be beaten etc. He who makes good deeds returns to be rewarded. And he who makes bad deeds returns to be punished. All this show that there is judgement for our actions.
     The question which emerged in my mind was that why did not that justice appear in my destiny. Jesus was the top in faith, righteousness, good deeds and he didn't have in return to his services along his life before and after rising to heaven. The logic says he should come in the top according to Karma principle. Is the karma wrong? or do reactions come without consideration to justice. Why didn't I return among high and rich people?  Either I was not Jesus Christ or there was something wrong?
     It dawned upon my mind and I knew the reason. I carried a lot of sins from all whom I forgave in the past to purify them. They escaped the punishment and I took it not only in the past by the cross but also in the present. However I was better than those who forgave sins for others without authority from God. So if I didn't carry the sins of others I would return in the top of every thing easily. But the matter was too much.
     Also, if I was born rich or in a palace I wouldn't find any need to seek God or the meaning of existence. Such things comes from the suffering in life. So I was to suffer to get the Holy destined mission of God. A king brought a teacher to his son who would succeed him on the throne. In the first lesson the teacher hit the boy severely. The boy asked with tears why? The teacher didn't reply him and started teaching knowledge. When the son became king after his father death he summoned the teacher and asked him why he hit him and looked at the soldier carrying a sword. The teacher said, I wronged you to teach you the importance of justice and to make you a just governor.
      The Holy Spirit touched the top of my head and I saw what made me relax. I told you before that I was brought up in Palestine street. This place is adjacent to a long main street that starts with the bridge of law ( Cobry Alnamoos) and ends at the beach of Wronged ( Mazloom). This sign in the place in which I lived assured me that all my matters were destined and planned by God for the new role. The names were chosen carefully to keep the matter secret. The Arabic name Alnamoos is taken from the name of mosquitoes which is the name used in the Bible for the law. So no one could discover any fact about the role before its time.
      Something remarkable happened just before now. In the morning I intended to write this article. I then came to the PC in the evening and I was busied by the messages and forgot. But just before closing a big mosquito with loud voice approached my left ear. Such thing didn't happen before. So I wondered and closed to get rest. Then as this phenomenon happened with me from other creatures I thought and soon I remembered what I forgot. It proved to me that the Spirit of God is watching over me.  

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