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Monday, September 12, 2011

12- The Meaning of Our Existence

     The best minds are those who search the meaning of our existence. They read and meditate in the wonders of the creation and direct questions to The Creator. Sometimes they get answers and sometimes not. However from my spiritual experience I came to understand something about our existence as human beings. The root home of our souls was in the unseen dimension. So the start happened in heaven. We were souls living without flesh. God the creator willed that we embody in flesh and enjoy new experience. And when we die the souls return to the unseen dimension. They stay there anxious to return and repeat the living in flesh. But there are rules for the return. These rules control the suitable time for every soul to return and get a flesh.
     So some returns quickly after the death and some stays many years. It depends on the load they carry in their souls. Here is the idea of designing the holy religions which contain promises, prophecies, and stories. When man busies his heart with these things he hangs to it to come true. He becomes loaded with somethings which need longer time to be prepared. He stays many years until the situation on earth becomes ready for him to practice his load. The principle tells that man is to be born again if he dies carrying a wish which he couldn't fulfill during his life. By the holy books all the promises and prophecies and stories become unfulfilled wishes in the soul. And the soul should wait for the due time to return and fulfill them.
     So the people who studied the promise that Christ will come through clouds are the same who returned in flesh and invented the airplane. Others of the same level returned connected with this activity in factories, airports, business and traveling. The same is applied to all other promises from God. The people who didn't busy themselves with the holy activities their souls go to heaven unloaded. They are like bankrupt without no great thrift in their souls. These returns to live in trifle activities and get low wages.
      The secret of this principle was hidden from people to grant their serious cooperation with the head of the human kind, Christ. He was the first who initiated that project. So all hopes were connected to him. This explains his parable about the mustard seed, and explained his parable about the farmer who plants seeds, and explains the parable of how the earth automatically brings the fruit. Christ who loaded all was to await the appearance of all fruits of his words, promises and prophecies. That's why he was to stay longer time than others.
      Behind the veil all souls live an aware of time in a place looking like a temple with many doors for entering and going out. The rising of Christ alive makes him the only conscious soul in heaven. Other souls stay in a state of unconsciousness. With his heavenly power he sees all the dead and alive and whenever he sees that there is some soul or a group of souls able to fulfill some of his promises he leads them to embody in flesh and supports them on earth to succeed by his power. This is the general outlines of our existence.