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Sunday, November 27, 2011

21-My Reactions from The Period of Daniel

a-Read the story of Daniel in the Bible.
All Jews were captured and led to Babel by Nebuchad Nassr the king of Babylon. The king got a dream and no one of his wise men could interpret it except Daniel. He saw a big statue made of gold, silver, Iron and clay. Daniel interpreted it and the king praised him.
*I got high grades of finishing the high school. So I had the opportunity to join the M.T.College of Cairo. I took my file and got on the train to leave for Cairo. It was the first time for me to visit the Capital. The train ended its long journey at a square called the door of Iron or Ramses. There I saw a big statue of Ramses and I stood for a while to enjoy the view. Then I got on a bus and went to the college and delivered my papers. As my uncle Nassr was living in Cairo I took the chance and visited him home in Almaady. I spent good time with my cousins. After I joined the college a period of five years far from my town started. After the graduation my father said, this college was like a prison; if I knew I wouldn't let you join it. 
   I started my work in a teaching unit. One day they wanted to fix the big board used for teaching the Morse. No one was able to solve its problem. A fellow came to me and asked me to try with it. I agreed and I sat alone in the room to study the paths of all its wires. At the end I fixed it and they were grateful.
b-Three men put in fire:
The king ordered the three men to be put in fire. Then when he looked he saw four men walking in the fire safe. The fire didn't affect even their hairs.He said,"...the fourth is looking like the son of gods"  
*One night, I was in deep sleep and my wife hinted me by a touch,"Get up Get up!"  I opened my eyes,"What?"  In horror she said,"Our flat is firing"  I jumped from the bed," Open the window"  Heavy smoke was coming from inside. I turned on the lights on my way and followed the path of the smoke. I found out that she forgot the meat on fire until it became coal. The kitchen was very hot. I entered and closed the stove. It passed safely and it became a memory.
c-The Writing Hand:
Suddenly a human hand appeared and began writing on the plaster wall of the palace. The king saw the hand as it was writing. He turned pale and was so frightened that his knees began to shake...
*When I was seven years old I went upstairs to attend a lesson at a relative. He opened my notebook and found out that I didn't resolve a question he marked it in the previous lesson as wrong. He ordered me to open my hand to hit it by his stick. I stretched my hand but it shook and the strong hit fall on the bone of my rest. It was very painful and it became red. I saw as if the bone projected at that time. 
   When I was of 26 years old I attended the wedding of one of friends. The took many photos . One day later I visited him in his new home. And he and his bride showed me the photos of the wedding. One picture showed two hands only entering the picture from the edge. They asked, for whom those hands? I looked and replied, they are mine; I know my hands. We laughed that the body was missed in the picture.
d-Daniel in the pit of lions:
Daniel was ordered to be put in the pit of lions but the lions didn't kill him and he came out safe.
* When I was in the M.T.College as a student of second year I went out without permission. I returned at midnight. But the officer on duty was at the door and arrested me and led me to the prison cell. There I found another student from the first year. We slept on the ground waiting to be seen by the colonel in the morning then enter a final exam. In the morning I opened my eyes; I saw my fellow walking to and fro. I comforted him not to worry. He was afraid lest they forget us and don't attend the exam. He kept walking to and fro. The notion emerged in my mind that he looked like the lion of the Zoo in his cage that he always walked to and fro. The soldier called for us to go to the colonel. He asked, why did you go out and where did you go?  I as the older student replied, I went to study better outside. The colonel made the voice of the lion as he used to and said, if so return to the prison cell; go. We obeyed. My fellow was in great tension, why did you sir answer him so? they might prevent us from entering the exam.I said, I replied the truth. Again he returned to walking to and fro. After the pass of the breakfast the soldier came and said, go quickly to the exams. It passed and we succeeded.
e-Daniel was promised to rise in the end:
* After believing that I am Christ I made a book and thought that when the Pope read it he will be happy and inform all Christians and Muslims and the love comes between both tribes. I left for him in his far place in Wadi Alnatroon. I couldn't meet him but a clerk took the book and said, you can go to him in the church of the Daniel Street in Alexandria; you have no need to exhaust your self by travelling to here. Later I went to that Church in Daniel Street several times. So I think that this Pope was the second Daniel. The prophecy came true and he resurrected in a good position as the head of the church in Egypt.
                                                                                                To be continued !