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Saturday, December 3, 2011

22-Christ In The Revelation

The Revelation is a group of prophecies. I am going to show you how much of it came true in me. While browsing I saw that there was a competition among many, including me, who claim to be Christ. And I think that this Revelation can be a test for all of them to show how much it is applied to them. 
   1:7"Look! He is coming on the clouds. Everyone will see him" * In item 2 in this blog I showed you the tangle and how the Spirit of God solved it by enabling people to create The airplane, TV, and Satellite. This prophecy was the central task among all and it was prepared for Christ to come true. It shows that the reality sometimes is greater than the fancy.
   1:14"His hair was white as wool or as snow" * I was found by God 30 years ago; but I was to wait till I became old with white hair. I was not born knowing everything; but I was to search for the truth even after I was reminded by the Spirit that I was Jesus Christ.
   1:17"I am the first and the last."  
*One day when I was 15 years old I went to my preparatory school to get my certificate. The secretary handled it to me with broad smile,"Congratulations! You are the first of the school" I took it from his hand and looked; it is written The First. I thanked him and went home flying of the happiness. I didn't feel the long road to my home.
*After my graduation I was to join the Navy Forces. My name was put at the last of the list of a push. But in another chance I saw in the list another one after me as the last.
   4:5&6"From the throne came flashes of lightning, and thunder...In front of the throne seven lamps were burning...Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal." In another place John saw the saved people" standing on the sea of glass."                     
* I became an engineer in electronics knowing the old TV. There you see the burning lamps and the loud speakers which give thunders, and the Cathode Ray Tube which takes the glories of the lamps and transfers them to the glassy screen as pictures of people and other things. !!!
   5:5"Don't cry. Look! The lion from Judah's tribe, the great descendant of David, has overcome and he can break the seven seals and open the scroll."
*I was one of the people who felt the mystery of the existence and searched to reach God. When I finished doing all I could and went astray God found me and I received His touch,"You are Christ" When I studied the matter in that direction I knew the hidden secrets of the past.
*In the past Jesus was considered as from Judah tribe. The same idea repeated in this age in another way. The name Judah was translated to Arabic as Mohamed who became the head of a big tribe. From this tribe I was born again to make the prophecy come true.
   10:10"I took the little book from him and ate it and it tasted sweet as honey in my mouth. But after I swallowed it it turned sour in my stomach."
*This is applied to the Quran. It is sweet in the mouth and ears; but is hard to digest because of its secret code that no one could know. It tells the future in the diction of the past. That's why God said in a verse,No one can interpret it except God. The same idea is applied to my work that the reincarnation was not accepted from me by many although it was the only scientific way which proves that me and Jesus are one soul; and that who sees me has seen Jesus.
   11:8" was called spiritually Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified "
* This shows you that Christ was destined to come from Egypt. The crucifixion now is not applied on the flesh; it was applied to the soul. When they refused my thoughts they killed my soul and I tried to find other places. The failure in Egypt killed my happiness and enthusiasm to a far extent so that I am not sure of success anymore. I write for the history even now.
   12:7 " Michael and his angels fought against the dragon who fought back with his angels; but the dragon was defeated."
*In this age we saw the fall of the dragon, the fall of USSR by the efforts of the ex-president Michael. I recalled that I sent a letter to the ex-president Reign and told him that I am sharing in the war of stars. 
                                                                                To be continued !