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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

20-The Talk of The Signs of The End (d)

Gog And Magog:
I told you in item 8 about Armageddon that God mentioned Gog and Magog in three places: The Old Testament, The New Testament (Rev.), and The Quran. In every place he showed us a different prophecy. I showed you how all came true in successive ages. The Talks about them give an idea about their huge number and they will appear in the time of the second advent of Christ. All other details in the Talks were devoted to hide the secret of that event lest the people hinder the plan of God. The truth is told in a verse in Chapter The Cave in Quran. Read it and notice its connection with me as Christ:
"They ask you about Zoo Alkarneen,....They said to him , Yagog and Magog are corrupting the earth, take in return and make a dam between us and them...Help me I will make a dam of dust between you and them. Bring me pieces of iron to enforce it. Thus it became very strong so that they couldn't ascend or penetrate it. He said, this is a mercy from God; but when the promise of God comes true it will be destroyed that my God is true...Hell is made for the infidels who closed their eyes lest they see our miracles and verses."
   I told you before that this dam of dust was the Line of Parlif which Israel made on the east of Suis Canal after taking Sinai from Egypt in 1967. This line bewildered the Army of Egypt that it was difficult to ascend or penetrate as told in the verses. But in 1973 an engineer found out a simple idea to ascend and destroy it as told in the verses. In that time I was an officer with the rank (Nakeeb) which comes from the word Penetrate and I was residing in the street Palestine which lies behind a long factory with number 73. So I was among the Egyptian army when she conquered the army of Israel.
    The highest leader of the armed forces of Egypt was the president Al Sadat. And the minister of defense of Israel was Mosh-eh Dayan who was one-eyed. His left eye was without sight. So we conclude that he was the one whom the Talks spoke of him as a fighter. He was anti Christ because he fought in false case when Christ was in the other side. So we also conclude that Al Mahdi was Al Sadat whom Christ was to work under his leadership. That was the meaning of that Christ will pray after Al Mahdi. The blessing came from Christ according to the verse in Quran,"I am a blessing where ever I be."  The mission of Al Mahdi was as known appeared when Sadat chose peace and made a treaty of peace with the people of Israel. 
   The last sign Fire emit from Yemen to lead people to Hell:
I told you before that God sometimes changes the names but keep the deed to come true. This sign came true recently and we see it happening now in most Arabic Countries. Fire emitted from Tunisia and transferred to the others making countries suffer in all directions.
                                                                                          To Be Continued !