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Monday, August 10, 2015

76- Gap in Discussions

There were always gap in the discussions with others either friends or relatives. Whenever I told anyone of them I am the promised Messiah he picked a point from his general knowledge to prove his denying viewpoint. Although I felt the shortage in their background I enjoyed the discussion.
My firm friend S.M., who accompanied me in my studying journey till we graduated from the same college as engineers and officers, said, "I had experience with you. You always change your interests. You keep busy with something then you leave it in a short period. So I am sure that you will leave that claim soon. Once you were busy by Yoga; it took long interval from you; once you were busy by painting; once you were busy by writing stories; once you were busy by philosophy."
 Now I wish I can tell him that I have spent more than thirty years busy with it. He had immigrated to USA to work in the field of engineering there.

My friend M.H., who was living in the adjacent house of my parents, was an exception. He believed me without any discussion. As he didn't have background in religions he didn't argue with me. I don't appreciate that way. There is no meaning in believing without investigating some points.
I distinguished him as the reincarnation of Napoleon but I didn't tell him my thought. One day while visiting my parents they told me he died. God bless his soul. Next visit a woman from his relatives  met me on the street and consoled me, "I know he was like brother to you." I said, "Did he suffer a disease?" She said, "No, he slept at night as usual; in the morning they came to his bed and found him putting his arm on his chest like that.", and raised her hand on her chest exactly like the famous picture of Napoleon.
Later on, while reading the Revelation to John I stopped at Ch. 9:11. "They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon: in Greek the name is Apollyon which means The Destroyer."  I noticed that the name Abaddon points to my name Abdo and the name Apollyon points to the name Napoleon. The letter N at the end of Abaddon was cut and pasted to the front of Apollyon to give Abdo and Napoleon. It embodied in the historical General of France who invaded the world. In this age the verse embodied in making the houses of our parents adjacent to each other and I got the military career but my friend was excused from the military service.

My cousin A.Z., who was like brother to me, reminded me with some of the Quran and tried to convince me that Mohamed was the last prophet. He Showed big resistance to my subject, and finally said, "If you succeed with others I will stand with you.", and narrated something from his Islamic experience. He said,
"When I was in the interval of preparatory school I joined the group of a man that called himself Al Mahdi. I loved him and attended all his meetings with his disciples. But one day I saw him coming out of the public market carrying the vegetables and bread. His appearance as a man struggling in carrying his things in the hot weather made me change my idea of him. I saw he was just a man. I lost my admiration to him and stopped to follow him."
I laughed to hear that and said, "Don't you know that Mohammed was a trader and the public market was his field of buying and selling? It means that if you attended Mohammed age you would deny him."
"No, If I was there I would stand beside him," he said.
"Okay," I said. "You mean that as I am familiar to you, you can't get the required effect to respond to me on that level. People usually put the ancient holy persons in a high level as if they were not humans."
"No, not that," he said. "Ali the cousin of Mohammed approved him immediately without hesitation. That I can't do. I can't believe you are a prophet."
"Okay!" I said. "Never mind!"

One of the fellow officers, in the Navy College, entered my office with angry look and stood in front of me, while I was sitting behind my desk, and raised his closed fist against me, and said,
"How do you dare to say you are Christ? Stop that lest I should kill you."
"Respect yourself!" I said with decisive diction. "Watch your mouth and go out of my office."
"Our prophet (Prayers and Peace on him) ordered us to read on your face the first verses from The Cave. Listen to me!"

He recited the verses from Quran and left. Later on I read the instruction of Mohammed in this point. But it tells that this should be done in the face of The False Christ not Esa Christ. It means that he thought I was the false Christ. In that time I was still in my old character not like Jesus and I was ready to quarrel with him by hands although he was higher in rank than me. But it passed peacefully. Later I will show more of these types.