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Monday, July 27, 2015

75- AlKhadr Teacher of Moses

The most important knowledge I has been got during researching was that Jesus kept living till he became in my body. In Islam we learned from Quran that Jesus was raised to God alive. And from the book of Isra and Mearag which describes the journey of Muhammad to Jerusalem and heaven, we learned that Jesus and John are looking like each other and they stayed in the third heaven. So no Muslim knew the truth of the phenomenon of being raised alive to God.
Now after I was trained in seeing the relation between my past and present actions I became anxious to know what happened to Jesus after being raised to Heaven, and there was no reference for it except my own autobiography. However in that time of the beginning of my experience I was busy and didn't read the Acts of the Apostles in the gospel. Later I knew from it how Jesus helped from behind the veil in spreading his mission.
The name Raised in Peace, as I narrated before, came in the beginning of my journey to remind with the fact. Also, the main street of the Bridge of Law or Bacuos got a new name for the famous historian Al Rafay which means the raised. Connecting this with Genesis I could understand that Enoch was raised to Heaven like Jesus.  
The gospel of John starts with, "In the beginning was the word and the word were with God and the word was God."  Quran tells, "Jesus is the word of God." So, I thought that the burning of my book, Survival Call, in the hospital could represent a sign for the rising of Jesus like the rising of Elijah in fire. I remembered a lesson from Chemistry about the evaporation of materials; we took it in the secondary school. It is about the conversion of the material from the solid state to vapor directly without passing in the liquid state.
I was creeping toward the truth of the past slowly and through doubt. One day I was to go to Cairo to renew the medical card of my parents; and I passed by my uncle N. Salem. As he was like a friend rather than a father to me I told him my experience in Christ. He said,
"This is why they made you retire early. It is a dangerous matter. I have a suggestion!" He waited a while to here my reply.
"Okay," I said. "What is it?"
"I know a Sufi man in Helwan," he said, "let's visit him to have his opinion in your case." As I don't mind to be searched I agreed. Before leaving the house to go on the visit he said to his wife my aunt,
"We are going to visit AlKhadr to see about the reason of Abdo change."
"Do you mean AlKhadr, the husband of A. T.?" she asked. "Why? Is he haunted by evil?"
"We will tell you after returning," he replied.
We got on the Metro and my mind couldn't stop in thinking of the meaning of the new equation made by the names. AlKhadr was a name taken from the name of the Man of God who the Sufis know for the man who met Moses and seemed wiser than him. They say he lives for ever as the teacher of Sufism. This story is told in the Quran only. But the equation was that the wife of the man we were going to visit had the same name of my wife. As I didn't believe in coincidences I believed that the equation was prepared by the Holy Spirit.
The Bible doesn't mention what the Quran mentioned. Because the Quran intended to throw light on some hidden facts that can't be known except by reaching their level. In the Bible no one met Moses as teacher to him except Yahweh the Omniscient and Omni powerful. It means that Quran wanted to reveal the truth that Yahweh was a heavenly man alive in heaven. Jesus had understood that fact so that he said, "Who saw me saw the Father." He knew very well that he played the role of Yahweh as the deputy of God.
My uncle and I met a very decent man Alkhadr. He welcomed us and showed great pleasure. My uncle said to him,
"This is the son of my brother and I came to you to see about his situation." Al khadr looked at me with tender gaze and said,
"He has a Spirit with him."
"Is it evil Spirit?" my uncle asked.
"No!" he answered. "It is good Spirit."
"What is the name of that Spirit?" my uncle asked.
"To get the name of this Spirit," Alkhadr said, "you should attend on next Friday gathering "Alhadra"
"Do you mean you can't know now?" my uncle asked.
"Everything has rules and arrangements," Alkhadr answered. "However I have strong impression that the Spirit with him is good. Don't afraid for him."
We thanked him and left and I recalled that lately my parents took my picture and visited someone like that spiritual man. They said,
"When he saw your picture he shrugged and said, 'He is good. He is good. I can't say anything about him.' "
Of course I belong to the modern world that ignores these ways. I returned to Alexandria and didn't think of attending the Friday Gathering "Alhadra" which means the attendance of God.
Later on, I read the following in the story of the great Sufi Abdul Kader Algelany. He said, "I went to the desert of Iraq to live isolated from people. There I met a man and we practiced together some ways of spiritual progress to reach the attendance of God. After twenty years of staying in the desert I knew that my fellow was Alkahdr and said to him,
"You are Alkhadr! I have known it now."
"Yes, I am," He said. "Now you are ready to teach. Return to Baghdad and find disciples to teach."